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Picture the scene. After a fairly barren run of iffy, typically British weather, you wait patiently for clearer skies and warmer temperatures. In anticipation, your thoughts turn to the garden and what you hope to achieve in the coming months of summer. 

With particular interest, you study the garden aesthetic; the essence of any prosperous garden. We all want ours to be majestic, but a cohesive garden relies on a sense of versatility and direction. Fortunately, you’re not alone in this quest.

A wealth of products on the modern market offer multi-purpose qualities that can be of great benefit. From preservers to treatments to paints, there are options aplenty for achieving your goals. Colour and protection come as a package deal these days; a winning combo, built to ensure you attain the look and aesthetic you strive for this summer. As always, we’re here to guide you through it. 

We all strive for a garden aesthetic with style. Credit to: Cuprinol

Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment 

Ideal for: Sheds and Summerhouses

Wood preservers help to prevent the degradation of wood over time. If you consider that treatments ensure protection from weathering and UV damage, then preservers provide resistance against algae, fungi and wood-boring insects, the most common causes of wood decay. 

As opposed to the use of creosote and insecticides in the past, the domestic wood preservers of today are generally safer for humans, animals and the environment. Due to tougher legislation, most wood preservatives on the market are now based around similar formulas. They’re ideal for exterior wooden structures, such as sheds and summerhouses.

For those looking for protection alone, clear preservers help to retain the natural appearance of the wood. Coloured versions, however, act as a dual-purpose wood preserver and stain. Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment is one such treatment that offers these features and more.

Deeply penetrating and UV resistant, the preserver is aided by fade-resistant colour pigments that protect against sun damage. Upon application, this product is also harmless to beneficial bumblebees and plants when dry, perfect for those who hope to entice wildlife into their garden. 

Barrentine Wood Protective Treatment is, in essence, an environmentally friendly preserver made with a consideration of the complexity of wood and the natural world. The shades it offers, such as Golden Brown and Summer Tan, are naturally themed shades that encourage an overall organic theme in the garden. 

Wood preserver goes equally well with garden furniture. Credit to: Barrentine.

Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Stain

Ideal for: Decking

Decking stains work by using a colour pigment to transform the natural colour and appearance of the wood. They seal the surface of the deck in a varnish-like coating, protecting the wood from weather elements and foot traffic.

Using a decking stain will provide good coverage and assured durability from your decking. The colour pigments in play will also reduce the amount of UV exposure the wood sustains, protect the timber from losing its newfound aesthetic. 

An example that’s ever-popular in our range is the Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Stain. Its anti-slip qualities are derived from special microbeads that improve the grip of decking, making them safer for foot traffic. In addition, there’s also the trusted durability against weathering. 

Their range of colours dry to a semi-transparent finish. Deep, luxurious tones, such as Cedar Fall and Hampshire Oak, provide class and charm. These characteristics work wonders for the aesthetic of decking and really solidify the decking as the centre stage. 

Whether built for social space or reclusive comfort, that’s ultimately what decking stands for. It’s the central hub of the garden; the place where the magic happens. Applying this product helps to bring a sense of character to your decking, one that you can really show off and enjoy. 

Elevate your garden this summer with a quality decking stain. Credit: Shutterstock

Cuprinol Garden Shades

Ideal for: Furniture and Fencing

Exterior paints provide the means to rejuvenate almost any exterior structure or surface. Along with a splash of colour, they offer a level of protection against weathering and UV damage. Similar to wood stains, a surface layer of paint sits on top of the wood and prevents moisture from penetrating and damaging the grain of the wood. 

Because of their practicality and ease of use, they’re an ideal choice for those seeking a way to protect and enhance their garden aesthetic. Most modern exterior paints can attest to a level of durability against weathering 

A paint synonymous with this time of year is Cuprinol Garden Shades. Applying this paint provides a rich coverage that allows the natural texture of the wood grain to show through. The end result is an attractive aesthetic that gives rise to a sense of vitality in the garden.  

Shades like Seagrass and Country Cream are just two of many. These are summery, elegant shades; the kind you can imagine having a quaint, family picnic around. That’s a scene to envy, but it’s what springs to mind with this product; it’s an aesthetic your whole family can enjoy.  

Better still, your finish is well taken of. Excellent durability, and an offer of up to 6 years of protection, make Garden Shades an investment that lasts.

Cuprinol Garden Shades is ideal for revitalising tired garden furniture. Credit to: Cuprinol

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