Springtime Special Offer: Osmo 420


*** This offer has expired – All promotional 3Ltr tins have been sold and have now reverted back to the standard 2.5Ltr tin size. Watch out for future Osmo promotional tin offers! ***

Spring is around the corner, and I for one cannot wait for birdsongs, blooming flowers and an inviting upturn in warmer temperatures. Mother nature is getting ready to come back in all her glory, and offers us all an opportunity to embrace the outside world once again. So as these frosty nights of winter turn to the resplendent afternoons of spring, it seems only fitting to bring you a special offer to commemorate the changing of the seasons. 

To celebrate this we have partnered with Osmo to offer all our customers a 20% extra free on all tins of Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra (420 Clear). That’s 3 litres of this high-quality product for the price of only 2.5 litres! With this truly unmissable saving, you have the potential to treat an extra 10 square metres of exterior wood in your garden this spring!  

To give you some specifics, Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra (420 Clear) is a professional-grade, wood oil that’s absolutely ideal for protecting exterior wood from the detrimental effects of UV exposure. A combination of natural oils, waxes and resins offer superb and lasting durability against the impact of weathering, such as the warping and splitting of timber. Offering versatility and ease of appliance, this product also works to ensure no cracking, flaking or peeling to your treated surfaces.      

So dust off your gardening gloves, slip on your work boots and take advantage of this incredible special offer. After a year of becoming over-familiar with the same old four walls of our homes, there’s surely an extra incentive to embrace a brand new garden season, and all the positive attributes it has to offer us.

Photo credit to: @homeonthegrove

*** This offer has expired – All promotional 3Ltr tins have been sold and have now reverted back to the standard 2.5Ltr tin size. Watch out for future Osmo promotional tin offers! ***


  1. How long will Osmo UV last on wood treated with this product, also will it last longer than Sikkens Cetol HLS plus thank you for your help

    • Hello Michael,

      Thank you for getting in touch with your question. The answer would be no, the Osmo will not last as long as a Sikkens product will, on a vertical surface. However the Osmo has the benefit of being far easier to maintain over time, as an oil it penetrates the wood, this means that it will not peel and flake, just simply wear naturally, how quick will depend on exposure to the elements.

      The great thing about an oiled finish is that you do not need to sand or strip to refresh, you can simply clean the area and apply a fresh thin coat when it is needed. This will refresh the appearance and the level of protection to the wood. The Osmo gives a more natural overall appearance to the wood compared to the Sikkens.

      The Sikkens is a very durable product and will last for around 5 plus years if well maintained. So like all surfaces a regular clean and check, any nicks or chips to be repaired promptly to avoid moisture being able to get under the Sikkens.

      Moisture is the main culprit for wood damage and both will repel effectively, it just depends on what look you want to achieve and the level of maintenance you want to put in.

      If you need any further help and advice please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page.

      Kind regards Samantha.


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