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With a focus on product application, design and technical advice, Liberon is a well-established brand of woodcare products within the UK. Since 1912, the company has been manufacturing high-quality treatments for protecting and restoring wood and other materials.

In line with its success, the company holds an active consideration for sustainable production. They aim to reduce their use of resources as much as possible and their range of products is mainly derived from natural ingredients. They are one of only a small number to be awarded the European Eco-Label.

All in all, Liberons products meet the requirements of modern consumers. A number of their leading products contain highly advanced technology. Their collective expertise has helped the company to consistently expand its product range to include new areas and innovative materials.

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Liberon Decking Oil 

In 2010, the company introduced the first decking treatment to contain nanotechnology in UV filters. This technology effectively prevents UV rays from inducing grey patina and breaking down the wood, whilst simultaneously repelling any surface fading.

Considered the “best on the market” by a number of our customers, Liberon’s decking oil is derived from a blend of high quality, hard wearing oils that offer fantastic coverage and enhance the natural beauty of the timber. It’s also considered highly effective at reviving weathered and greying decking

Ultimately, this product’s highly durable qualities are ideal for nourishing and protecting timber decking against foot traffic, general wear and tear and the worst of the British weather.

Where to Use?

Although primarily intended for use on decking, this product holds multi-purpose capabilities. It’s also highly suitable for use on fences, sheds and even hot tub surrounds. In short, it’s an ideal go-to for a number of exterior projects. 

Photo credit to: Liberon

How to Apply

Liberon decking oil can be easily applied by either a brush, roller or spray system, depending on your preference. Always be sure to do a test area beforehand to assess the suitability of your product.

Ensure that your decking is free from dirt and debris before applying. Additionally, stir the contents of the tin well before and periodically during use.

For softwood decking, apply a generous coat with your chosen applicator. Allow it to penetrate the surface for 15 to 30 minutes, then apply the second coat without waiting for the first to dry. Continually apply further coats of decking oil, until the timber no longer absorbs. Wipe any excess with a lint-free cotton cloth and allow it to dry for 24 hours before using your decking.

For hardwood decking, we suggest the use of a lint-free cotton cloth to very thinly apply the decking oil. It is imperative that any excess oil then be wiped off thoroughly with an alternative, clean cloth. 

In terms of maintenance, we recommend applying 1-2 coats as part of a yearly routine to thoroughly protect the finish and ensure the longevity of your decking. 

Photo credit to: Liberon

Need help with your project?

For more information about Liberon products and their uses, contact our team of resident experts who are always on hand to help with project advice and product recommendations. Alternatively, see our FAQ page which covers many of our most commonly asked questions.

We love to see before, during and after photos of any wood finishing project. If you would like to share your project pictures with us and our followers, you can either send us some photos or share on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram pages.

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