Ronseal: Out With the Old and in With the New


Ronseal is a widely known brand in our industry. Their “it does exactly what it says on the tin” slogan is recognised considerably in the world of wood finishing, referencing their reliable reputation. Their range of products is equally extensive, designed to accommodate an in-depth variety of interior and exterior projects. 

Of their leading products is a wide array of decking treatments, from stains to cleaners and preservers. At their core, is an understanding of what makes decking tick. Essentially, their range of treatments provides everything necessary to handle and revive both new and old garden decking. 

In consideration, what better occasion is there to cast a spotlight on two such products in particular? In the hopes of providing you, our readers, with some valuable insight this summer. 

Fully realise your decking retreat this summer. Credit to: Ronseal

Ronseal Quick Drying Decking Oil

Right off the bat is Ronseal Decking Oil. Original in its design and wholly reliable, this water-based, decking oil is truly the ultimate product for the Ronseal brand. It offers superb protection from weathering and foot traffic, with a formula that nourishes softwood and hardwood decking to reduce timber warping, swelling and splitting.

Ronseal Quick Drying Decking Oil is rainproof after just 90 minutes following application, and recoatable in 20. 

Representative of high-quality wood oils, this product will enhance the natural grain and character of the wood. It’s ideal for those looking to protect and revitalise their wooden decking in the long term. The application of this tried and tested product bestows a natural aesthetic that exudes class. In short, your decking will quickly become the showpiece of the garden.   

Decking offers a relaxing retreat in the garden. Credit to: Ronseal

Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil

Like a truly great film sequel, Ronseal Ultimate Decking Oil takes the resounding qualities of its original and refines them, offering something new and exciting. Derived from an alternative, water-base, Ronseals follow-up decking oil constitutes excellent value for money, offering up to twice the durability as its original counterpart.

Special, unique UV filters will also ensure your decking is protected from sun damage, expertly preserving its sense of colour in the long term. A superb repellency against water is also evident. A rainproof status is achieved in just 90 minutes following application, a full 30 minutes faster than its original counterpart.

One unfortunate reality of weathering is its ability to remove natural oils from treated wood over time, diminishing its finish. Fortunately, Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil is specifically designed with an awareness of this issue, actively replacing any natural oils that were previously lost. The nourishment of your decking, therefore, is a long-term guarantee.

Ronseal Ultimate Decking Paint

Ronseal’s water-based decking paint is designed to reinvigorate decking and bestow a tone of vitality. Application of this product will include a lease of life, creating a garden paradise of sorts that will help transform your garden into an idealistic summer retreat. 

Should there be a need for any renovation, this product will smooth down any rough surfaces, fill any visible cracks and lockdown any splinters lurking around your decking. Once applied, it will resist foot traffic on those social gatherings in the sun. Additionally, you’ll receive excellent durability against weathering, ideal for the otherwise unruly British weather. 

A range of attractive colours, such as Deep Blue and Willow, provide a vibrant sense of style and comfort to your decking. Ronseal Ultimate Decking Paint offers a safe, reliable pair of hands that will ultimately transform your garden aesthetic, once more validating the brand’s familiar slogan.

Beautiful decking space with class and character. Credit to: Ronseal

Final Thoughts

Ronseal’s dense variety of decking treatments will spruce up your decking to a standard you can be proud of this summer. That’s satisfaction guaranteed. 

No matter which finish you ally with, Ronseal has got you covered. All it takes is a consideration of practicality and of your stylistic desires. Ultimately, that strong decking aesthetic you aspire to is merely an application away.

Need help with your decking?

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