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Osmo is a foremost producer of high-quality wood products with a modern, global presence. Founded in 1878 in Neheim, Germany as a dealer of building materials, the company grew to solidify its status as a specialist of wood in the years that followed. 

By 1976, Osmo had achieved success with the production of colour and garden products, going on to develop the first generation of wax and oil-based finishes in 1980. Osmo UK came to our shores only a decade later.

Their ethos is born around a philosophy of products that are beneficial for people and the environment. Wood is treated with care and value as a natural construction material, merging with colour to create a lasting, beneficial connection. Their use of refined, natural sources creates durable oil and hard-wax finishes that ensure your interior and exterior wood stays protected for years to come. 

Osmo products can be used on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces.

Osmo Polyx Oil 

Osmo’s renowned product is a definitive statement of their expertise within the world of wood finishing. Conceived in 1995 as ‘The Original Hardwax-Oil’, this premium-grade product grants extreme versatility for the interior of the home. It’s perfect for wooden floors, furniture, worktops and more. 

You will find that Polyx Oil is easily maintained, providing a highly durable finish that’s scratch resistant and water repellent. Pick it up in a range of sheen levels that grant a beautiful, natural aesthetic to bring out the best in your wood.

Osmo Polyx Oil Raw

Osmo’s statement product with a twist. Raw has been specifically designed with white pigments to preserve the natural aesthetic of lighter coloured timbers such as Oak and Pine. It works by avoiding the “permanent wet look” produced by clear wood oils and varnishes to produce a lovely, untreated finish.

It’s also worth noting that Osmo Polyx Oil is available as a Tints version, offering the same level of unrivalled protection in an alluring range of shades.

Osmo Polyx Oil Tints on display.

Osmo UV Protection Oil

The quintessential product for treating your exterior wood this summer. Created in 2009, it’s Osmo’s leading product of their exterior range. Its use provides a foundation and topcoat in one, granting superb durability against weathering. 

Like all Osmo products, it’s easily applied and should be used to treat vertical wood surfaces that suffer exposure to UV rays. Factor 12 filters will ensure your wood stays pleasing on the eye, unmarred by traces of a grey, discolouring patina. Moreover, special biocides will protect your wood from algae and fungal attack.  

UV Protection in use, ideal for vertical surfaces. Photo credit to: Home on the Grove

Osmo Country Colour

Continuing in the garden range is Osmo Country Colour, a product that even sounds outdoorsy. Designed as a paint-like, colour finish, it’s produced from an oil base that’s completely free of preservatives.

Its microporous formula is dependably weather and UV resistant, guaranteeing a quality finish that holds up to the elements. Shades are available in an eclectic range from Nordic Red to Light Ochre. 2 coats will dry to an opaque, satin finish that won’t run the risk of peeling or flaking in summers to come.

Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel (6609)

Think of this as the curveball, a unique product offering something a little different. Amid all this talk of damaging UV rays, there’s a solution. Osmo’s power gel is a biodegradable wood reviver specifically designed to restore the natural character and aesthetic of weather-damaged wood.

This product works its magic by penetrating the wood to remove the grey patina that it’s developed over time. In the process, it will allow the wood to reclaim its natural tone. Moreover, it can be used to treat a wealth of exterior surfaces, providing excellent value for money. 

Osmo’s reviver gel in action. Photo credit to: Abbey & Lyndon

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    1. Hello, just a quick question, I have used Osmo country colour (charcoal) and oil wood stain (cedar red) on some outdoor furniture I have made, both look really good. I am just wondering if there is a product I could put on top of these to stop any potential future scratches. Something similar to the polyx oil but for outdoor use? Many thanks, Craig

      • Good Morning Craig,

        The Country Colour is a finish in its own right and should not require anything applied over the top of it. It is a durable finish and very weather resistant. In fact the wood is very unlikely to accept any further treatment applied over the top as with two coats of the Country Colour the wood will be saturated.

        If there is anything that we can help you with or if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact us Page.

        Kind regards Samantha.


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