How to Maintain — Osmo Polyx Oil


In this video Jay from Wood Finishes Direct will explain how to maintain Osmo Polyx Oil.

Hard Wax Oil FAQ

Is it OK to apply oil a couple of days after the first coat?

This is entirely dependent on the product. Some products have wax in their recipe which hardens after a few days. This is a part of the protection so it can repel water and other spillages. If this is the case you might struggle to apply the second coat after a longer period of time after the first coat.

Can you use Osmo Polyx Oil on kitchen worktops?

Osmo Polyx Oil is resistant to water, dirt, wine, coffee etc and is microporous, so will not crack, peel or blister. A better option could be Osmo Top Oil that is specifically formulated for kitchen worktops and is available in a range of finish types including clear matt and satin, natural, white, acacia and more. Osmo oils are very easy to apply, maintain and patch repair.

How to Maintain Osmo Polyx Oil transcript. 

Hi I’m Jay from Wood Finishes Direct, In this video I’m going to be letting you know how best to clean and maintain the Osmo Polyx Oil range. As with all hard wax oils, this really couldn’t be easier, so let’s jump straight in.

We all like to keep our homes clean and tidy. However, don’t undo all your hard work by using a regular household cleaner as this can strip The Osmo Polyx Oil Range! Luckily they have a solution for this, in the shape of the Osmo wash and care.

If your wooden surface is looking a bit tired and worn, you will be relieved to know it’s a really easy fix! Osmo liquid wax cleaner is the answer to your problems.

Specially designed to refresh and regenerate oiled finishes, simply add a small amount to a lint-free cloth or mop. Apply to the wooden surface thinly and work into the area that needs to be refreshed.

For deep stains, scuffs, wear and minor scratches, lightly abrade the affected surface with a finishing pad,  simply apply another coat of the topcoat you chose into the affected area, it really couldn’t be easier.

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