Creating a Garden Oasis


A garden can be many things; a social space, a source to grow organic produce, an alfresco dining room. But one purpose that has perhaps been overlooked in the past, and one that holds new meaning in a world of changing environmental considerations, is the garden “oasis”. 

Picture the scene… You step out into a garden after a particularly strenuous day, immediately you’re presented with a vivacious abundance of plant life, intricately placed around a peaceful, outdoor environment. Exterior wood features accompany the space, adding practicality and a timeless sense of style. In short, all (wood, nature and otherwise) are intermingled to create a garden oasis that welcomes you in and offers you a space of solitude to breathe, relax and unwind. 

Sounds desirable? We think so too, but just how might you go about creating such an outdoor space? As always, we’re here to offer our guidance.

Before we begin, it’s crucial to plan thoroughly, it all starts with paper and a pencil. Take the time to assess the practicality of your project, paying mind to your goals and desires. Always take notes and utilise the space you have at hand, making adjustments when and where necessary. 

Relaxation Area

Creating a fitting and rewarding relaxation area can be seen as paramount for the garden oasis style. Indeed, such an area is highly commonplace in the average garden. Whatever the main purpose of your garden, a relaxation area provides the means to do just that, relax. 

By separating and establishing your relaxation area, you give it its own sense of identity. Garden furniture and other forms of seating are essential for truly enforcing the purpose of this space. After all, why have a garden if not to properly enjoy it?

To ensure the longevity of your relaxation area (and contribute to the health of your garden oasis theme), we suggest taking steps to protect your garden furniture. A product such as Barrettine Furniture Oil can be utilised to aid new, untreated and weathered garden furniture. A natural blend of oils and resins penetrates the wood to leave a finish that’s both water and weather resistant.

Wooden Plant Shelves

Plant shelves are a fantastic way to store your outdoor plants. They create space, whilst their upright and often tall stature means they are great for plants that do better off the ground and in direct sunlight. Their mobile positioning also adds great versatility.

By acting as a proud display for your garden plants, they add a certain aesthetic charm. Like a bookshelf for books, they’re ideal for tidying and decluttering an outdoor space, which can only contribute to peace of mind.  

It’s worth noting, however, that in direct sunlight, your plant shelf will face detriment from UV rays. If left untreated, the wood will grey and discolour, its integrity compromised. Osmo UV Protection Oil provides a safe pair of hands that will ensure your plant shelf is protected from the sun as well as weathering and any marks or scratches from your plant pots. 

Organic Fencing 

Fencing is often a mainstay of the modern garden, particularly in more built-up areas with terraced or semi-detached housing. Fencing offers an efficient way of establishing and privatising your outdoor space. 

What I can really allow for, though, is a showcasing of creativity. Gone are the days of simple, dull fencing. Pallets, bamboo and other materials can all be utilised to create original and quirky alternative fencing in the modern garden.

But here we’ll look at organic fencing. By interweaving your plant life with your fencing you can create a beautiful, natural aesthetic that goes hand in hand with your garden oasis style. To further compliment the theme, we suggest turning to Cuprinol Garden Shades. This exterior paints range of eclectic colours will add style, depth of character and durability to your fencing. 

Practical Needs

With all this, though, comes the need for practical storage; a space to store your garden applicators, spare plant pots, garden tools and more. Otherwise, clutter will reign free and compromise the nature of your garden oasis.

A shed provides just the means to achieve this goal. Customarily practical in size and purpose, their presence adds to a garden aesthetic, rather than detracting from it. Like all exterior wood, however, they require protection and can be prone to damage from organic components, as well as sun damage and weathering. 

Turn to Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment to get the job done. Its clear formulation will complement the natural character of the wood whilst also offering excellent protection from water ingress and UV rays; Special biocides will additionally protect from mould and algae growth.

Final Thoughts

These tips are aimed at any garden size, so it’s really down to you how and if you wish to employ them. 

Our range of high-quality treatments are designed to complement a broad range of exterior projects and we’re always on hand to assist your needs. In just a short time, you can be walking into your garden oasis, with a smile and peace of mind to accompany you.   

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