Osmo 3032 Offer – Maintenance Edition


Among other factors and truths, 2020 can be defined as a year of uncertainty. What is perhaps unprecedented, however, is the increase in the presence of our homes in our daily lives. The reasons are palpable, but what it’s seen is a shift in our habitual routines and the way in which we spend our time at home.

Working from the comfort of our homes has been employed more regularly as a preferable solution to working on-site, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. As a result we find ourselves practising a more proactive home lifestyle. This is all relative, of course, but what’s certain is an increased presence in the home will invariably lead to an increase in foot traffic, and this is especially true for homes occupied by families!

The realities of this pandemic and the enhanced significance we’ve placed on hygiene, have consequently led to a more rigorous cleaning schedule. Increased cleaning and use of anti-viral surface cleaners have an unforeseen knock on effect, an increased need for maintenance.

The proper maintenance of wood (something we care deeply about) is vital for ensuring its condition and lustre. An increase in foot traffic means those homes with wooden flooring will likely see scuffs, stains, and general signs of wear and tear begin to appear more frequently. And the same can be said for other wooden surfaces in the home, such as worktops and doors. In short, to get the most of of your wooden surfaces, maintenance will have to happen more often.

Luckly, Osmo, has an array of products created with care and designed specifically to ensure the healthy condition of any interior project you wish to apply it to. Osmo Polyx Oil is a solvent-based, high-quality hardwax oil. A blend of natural waxes work quintessentially to ensure not only instant resistance, but a durability that will endure as your floors experience more foot traffic than usual. It’s an oil that’s suitable for any interior wood projects, making it an all-round requisite to ensure a sense of rejuvenation in your home. 

In terms of aftercare, or if you’re simply seeking a quality cleaner for the maintenance of an already oiled or waxed interior project, Osmo has got you covered. Their Liquid Wax Cleaner restores the appearance of worn surfaces as well bolstering their durability, while its ability to tackle easy, and more resolute stains, is of a superlative level. Steering away from the oil side of things, the Osmo Spray Cleaner is a simple to use, water-based cleaner that’s equally as effective for cleaning and moisturising wood. In turn, providing its finish with protection from wear. Boasting low V.O.C, it’s quick-drying in nature, meaning it can be applied as a last, effortless step in the maintenance of your chosen project. 

As a leading wood finishes company, we understand the passion you have for your home, and we understand the need for proper wood maintenance. It’s aspects such as these that drive us as a business and determine the products we wish to endorse. In whatever capacity you wish to tackle wood maintenance in your home, rest easy in the knowledge we have you covered, now and always.  

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