Post Kent County Show Blues


Our time at the Kent County Show

We have never attended a trade show before, so we thought as our success begins to grow, we should spread our wings! We reserved our place at the Kent County Show back in February, which seemed so long away at the time. But time flew by and before we knew it we were in sunny June!

Welcome Home

We decided to break from the norm and instead of just laying out our wares in the traditional market stall style, we decided to create an installation mimicking a house, each section representing a room or an element of the house. All of our team put 110% of their hard work into the creation and organisation of our stand. From painting to building and everything in-between.

We painted miniature terracotta pots in 50 different colours, showcasing our paint ranges. We finished miniature beehives with vibrant and of course bee friendly wood oils, created three different flooring sections, comprising of exterior decking, interior pine floorboards and a simple OSB (the successor to traditional plywood) floor. We oiled, stained, waxed or varnished every single piece, with products from our ranges of floor and decking finishes.

Through the course of the show we gave away hundreds of goody bags which included samples from suppliers and heaps of information about the products we sell.

We even made a giant Jenga for everyone to play with, and treated it with Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment, which went down a storm with youngsters and adults alike. We even had an interactive demo station for everyone to try out our products to see which they liked best.

We were so lucky to have an amazing three days with great weather, surrounded by wonderful stalls and visited by fantastic customers!

Everything in our stand was hand painted and crafted, which we have now re-purposed in our shop in Folkestone.

So, if you have a wood related DIY project in mind, interior or exterior, and need free expert advice, come and see us in our shop and put one of our “wood wizards” to the test! Or you can just come down for a nose and see our labour of love in person.

Wood Finishes Direct would also like to say a big thank you to donations from Austin Sloan signs and Wild for Flowers who made our stand a little more appealing.

For a little insight into how we made the stand watch this video.

Thank you to everyone who visited, helped or was involved!

The Wood Finishes Direct Team


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