Interior Design Trends to Keep an Eye On this Autumn


Autumn promotes a sense of calm and comfort. The leaves of trees turn to striking shades of red, yellow and orange in anticipation of the winter to come and everything seems to generally slow down a touch. The days may get a little shorter and temperatures will steadily drop, but that’s no reason to feel dismayed.

Autumn has a lot to offer the modern homeowner. Taking influence from the world outside, where leisurely Sunday walks in the woods are a national pastime, it’s entirely possible to recreate that atmosphere in the home. The safe space of our own four walls becomes significant once more as we begin to spend more time inside, relaxing in our living rooms and finding solace in the day to day comforts of life.

Bearing this in mind, we have selected our top 5 interior design trends to keep an eye on this Autumn. There’s sure to be something to tickle your fancy. We’ve also added some fitting product recommendations that embody the tone and intention of the corresponding design, as well as the season itself. 

Warm, Earthy Neutral Colours

So to kick us off, what screams Autumn more than warm and earthy tones? The kind of colours that make you feel whole and comforted, the perfect atmosphere to kick up your feet and relax. You can surely expect to see neutral colours at play, think reds, yellows and oranges (just like those autumn leaves). This is a time to reestablish the interior space.

A product to truly replicate those colours? Earthborn Lifestyle Emulsion Paint, of course. Shades like Can-Can and Flower Pot are ideal for reflecting those warm, earthy tones. Moreover, this paint is eco-friendly with a water-base that’s ideal for busy domestic areas, such as hallways or your living room.  

Nature Inspired

We’re not just saying house plants (though these are always an attractive and beneficial addition to the home) but about bringing the outdoors into more aspects of the home. Shorter days and the absence of summer shouldn’t hold you back from realising this style. 

Take the influence of nature and apply it in your decorations, your furnishings, the furniture and in the general atmosphere. It can be something as simple as an autumn foliage pattern dotted here and there, or a grander design that encompasses more space. Trust us, there’s a lot to work with here.

Continuing that natural theme, it’s only right to suggest Osmo Polyx Oil, a high-quality product derived from a blend of natural oils and waxes. Osmo’s trademark product brings the best out of wooden surfaces all over the house, from furniture to children’s toys. It’s tough, durable and easy to maintain on the road ahead.

Modern Cottage/Farmhouse

Here we are again, with that theme of cosiness. The cottage/farmhouse trend is back with a bang this autumn, and for that exact reason. It encompasses this theme with a very modern dynamic. 

This mellow and much more delicate style takes a much more traditional method to design and is inexplicably reminiscent of classic English cottages. You know the ones, simple, neutral designs; exposed beams, wooden floors and the like. For the full effect, you could even experiment with some dutch doors, reclaimed wood or slate designs. 

So if what you seek is a product to truly harness that aesthetic, we have two recommendations that are sure to please. Manns Classic Oak Stain is perfect for oak and other hardwoods, while Manns Classic Pine Stain works just as well for softwoods. Whichever your preference, each product offers superb colour depth and grain clarity.

As an overcoat product, we suggest applying Manns Extra Tough Interior Varnish. It works superbly to provide strong, lasting protection to your stained surface. It will dry to a non-yellowing finish and even contains antibacterial properties, making it ideal for food contact surfaces.

Bespoke Furniture 

Bespoke and artisan-made furniture is fast becoming a staple feature of the modern home. Whether that be an elegant dining table, or a simple, charming coffee table, the benefits are there for all to see. They appeal to homeowners looking for a piece with character and made with a considerate hand. 

In contrast, the downsides of fast furniture are quickly becoming apparent. There’s less of a focus on identity and quality, more on function and practicality. And that’s not to mention the issues with sustainability. Read our blog on Artisan Furniture for a more in-depth discussion on the pros and cons. 

Vintage Decor 

We’re all prone to keep one eye on the past. A number of more recent trends, particularly over the last few years, have moved steadily away from a strong, contemporary style and into a more timeless aesthetic, one that often encompasses vintage decor.

This could be seen as a throwback to design of more artistic intention, where style and craftsmanship was a leading consideration. These were designs intended to stand the test of time.

Taking influence from this, we can see distinct colour schemes and the use of antiques and repurposed materials. Consider the space on offer, marrying elements of vintage decor with a minimalist aesthetic works well to promote an uncluttered room aesthetic. 

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