How To Preserve a Fence Panel So it Will Last! – Ronseal Total Wood Preserver.


Are you looking for a High Quality, Great Value Wood Preserver? Then The Total Wood Preservative from Ronseal is an ideal solution. A suitable Preservative for both rough and smooth timber. Coming in a clear version that is suitable to be used on interior and exterior projects and a coloured version that is suitable for exterior use only

Ronseal Total Wood Preserver Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ben O’Reilly From Wood Finishes Direct and Welcome to the Product Test and How to Video Guide in this video i’m going to be trying out The Total Wood Preservative from Ronseal. It’s a great preservative treatment that helps prevent, rot, decay, woodworm and fungus that can cause discoloration such as blue stain.

The coloured Ronseal Total Wood Preserver comes in black, green, light brown and dark brown. It is suitable for both rough sawn and smooth planed timber alike. However, it is only suitable for exterior use. It has a slight wax content which helps with water run off. However, if you want increased durability and weatherproofing, you will have to use a suitable clear exterior wood oil.

Today, however, I will be applying The Ronseal Total Wood Preserver in clear, this one is not just suitable for exterior work it’s actually suitable for interior jobs as well. It again can be used on rough sawn and smooth planed timber, this one however, does not contain any wax, so that means its not just suitable for wood oils, it can also be used with surface finishes as well, for example varnishes and paints.

Firstly i’m going to be applying to this rough sawn fence panel here, just make sure that any area to be treated is free of any other finishes and is clean and dry. I will be using The Ronseal Fence Life Brush, its large head and soft bristles are great for applying paints, oils and preservatives. When applying the Ronseal Total Wood Preserver, take special care, make sure you wear protective equipment, and do so in a well ventilated area. firstly, mix the preservative well, and pour into your paint tray. Then to apply brush it on in long even strokes and work a plank at a time.

After you have finished applying make sure you do clean your brush out immediately with white spirit.

I left it 24 hours before applying another coat, and it hasn’t changed the colour of the wood at all. You will need to do a minimum of two coats, 3 for best protection. The Ronseal Total Wood Preserver is a high quality low cost preservative, thats great for rough sawn and smooth planed timber alike. A full list of products featured and used in this video is available in the description on youtube, also if you have any questions or would like some advice feel free to get in touch by phoning the phone number or emailing the email address on screen now. Also if you liked this video and would like to see more unique content then simply subscribe, like and comment on any video you like and of course, always do a test area.

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