A Brief Overview of Hard Wax Oil


Homes that feature real wood finishes such as soft and hardwood flooring, kitchen worktops and furniture are gaining appeal. With more of us choosing natural materials in our homes over modern materials, wood care products have seen a revival. Designed to protect and enhance the natural beauty and texture of wood, there’s a growing demand for wood care products that are derived from natural ingredients.

fiddes hard wax oil
Fiddes Hard Wax Oil

After being used to sterile looking, wipe clean laminate surfaces, people often have questions and concerns about returning to real wood floors and kitchen worktop surfaces. This is completely understandable, especially when children could be crawling over floors or in the case of kitchen work tops, eating food that has been prepared on them.

In reality, getting the look you want in the kitchen and on wooden floors, that is hard wearing, easy to maintain and above all safe is probably quicker and easier than you may think. Ticking all the right boxes, Hard Wax Oil is tough and hard wearing and completely food and child safe when dry, perfect for busy household flooring and food preparation surfaces.

One of the most versatile and easy to use products for these types of projects, Fiddes Hard Wax Oil comes in a variety of sheen levels including matt, satin and semi gloss finises. Easily applied with a lint free cloth, paint brush, floor applicator or sponge, Hard Wax Oils penetrate into the surface of wood. Here, the unique blend of waxes and oils oxidise with the air in the surface of the wood to form a highly durable and protective barrier that is water and dirt resistant. Once applied and fully dried, Hard Wax oils can be gently buffed to further increase the sheen level if required.

Hard Wax Oil Uses

Perfect for most types of wood, Hard Wax Oil can be used on a wide variety of wooden surfaces including wooden floors, doors, children’s toys, wooden furniture, food preparation surfaces such as chopping boards, wooden cooking utensils and more. For upkeep and maintenance, simply clean the area before applying a thin coat of fresh oil. Areas that have become worn or damaged such as high traffic areas on flooring can be easily restored with a light sanding and a re-application of the hard wax oil.

So if your dream is of a farm house kitchen with real wooden floors and worktops, but were afraid of the care and upkeep – don’t be. Caring for and maintaining real wooden surfaces with a Hard Wax Oil is probably a lot quicker and easier than you think.

There are now a wide range of Hardwax Oils on the market from established and newer brands, in both clear and coloured formulations that stain and protect the wood in one. To ensure that you get the right hard wax oil for your project, we recommend getting several hard wax oil samples and testing them on the wood to be treated. Just like testing paint on walls, this will confirm what the product will look like ones completed on the wood to be treated.


  1. Hi, looking to oil my log cabin interior walls made of untreated spruce. Would you recommend using this, please?


    • Hello Danny,

      This is a common question, is there a benefit to treating the interior of a Log Cabin and the answer is yes, we often use these spaces as an extension of our homes and so they need to be cared for in the same way.

      What you use to apply to your Log Cabin Walls depends on the look you want to achieve and oils are a good place to start. Osmo Polyx Oil is a clear oil that will protect the wood, darkening a little and enhancing the grain to give a natural look and feel, or you can add a coloured oil, Osmo Polyx Oil Tints if you are looking to change the appearance a little, still with a natural look and feel that allows you to see the grain of wood.

      There are lots of other option available and if you are looking for something else, please fee free to get in touch with the team via our contact us page.

      Kind regards Samantha.

    • Hello,

      I would say as long as the wax is stored in an airtight container at room temperature is will store for a number of years, in either glass, metal or plastic containers. Although bare in mind that all waxes have different ingredients and will be different in how long it lasts. For any further advice please feel free get in touch via our contact us page and speak to one of our friendly advisers.

  2. I am trying to find the composition list for Fiddes Hard Wax Oil, but cannot find it anywhere. Does it contain solvents and if so, what type and quantity, and if it completely off-gasses when it cures.

    Thank you very much!


    • Good Afternoon Jesus,

      Thank you for getting in touch with your enquriy a safety Data Sheet is available on the website Fiddes Hard Wax Oil , however we do not have a list of ingredients and volumes with this particular product. It is a solvent based oil that take around 4- 6 hours to dry.

      And for further information you could contact Fiddes directly on 029 2034 0323 or email finishes@fiddes.co.uk

      Kind Regards Samantha

    • Good Afternoon Joseph,

      Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. Many of the Fiddes and Osmo products are food safe and can be used for wooden bowls and mugs. The application is still two very thin coats as this will give a durable and moisture repellent finish. I would say that liquids left in contact with the finish for long periods, such as juice fizzy drinks or alcohol left in the bottom of a cup over night for example, may well stain or mark. However for general use, once the oil has cured it will give an effective moisture repellent surface.

      Durability could also depend on the type of wood you are using, hard woods are less willing to accept oils and for these you may be better with the Osmo Wood Wax Finish Extra Thin which is more suited to tight grain woods, but is equally as durable.

      Test area are always advised and application must be to bare wood that is prepared the requirements of oil application.

      I hope that helps and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to let me know.

      Kind regards Samantha.


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