The Big Brush Issue – Synthetic Vs Natural Paint Brushes – What Brush To Use.


Deciding what brush to use can make all the difference in the quality of finish on your projects. Luckily this helpful video will point you in the right direction.

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Brushes Video Transcript

Hi I’m Ben O’Reilly from Wood Finishes Direct and welcome to the product test and how to video guide, in this video I’m going to be solving the riddle of natural vs synthetic brushes, when to use them and why.

Natural Bristle Brushes.

The Mako Natural Bristle Woodcare Brush is a really unique designed high quality brush, thats made for use with wood oils and other low viscosity woodcare products such as Preservatives and Stains. They have microscopically hollow bristles that essentially suck the product up like a straw and disperse it at a really nice consistent rate. When using natural bristle brushes with water based finishes you will find that they suck the water in the finish which causes the bristles to clump. So when you apply it, it will leave you with brushstrokes and imperfections in the finish.

When using solvent based finishes make sure you clean the brush out thoroughly after use, otherwise it will shorten the lifespan of your brush.

Synthetic Bristle Brushes.

The Marshall 401X Pro Synthetic Brush is a specially designed brush, for use with thicker finishes for example varnishes and paints, its specially tapered bristle edge is designed to limit the amount of drips and limit over application while holding a lot of finish, which helps limit the amount of trips back and forth to your paint tray.

Ultimately if it’s water based or a thicker finish, go for the Marshall Pro 401X Pro Synthetic Brush and if it is Oil or a less viscous finish, for example a preservative or stain go for the Mako Natural Bristle Woodcare Brush. This is just one of the many questions you need to ask when deciding what applicator to use. For a full list of applicators visit this page here, and you will be able to have a good look and read through and it’ll help you decide what applicator is perfect for you. If you have any questions just phone the phone number or email the email address on screen now. Also if you liked this video and would like to see more unique content then simply subscribe, like and comment on any video you like and of course, always do a test area.


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