How to Apply — Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish


In this video Jay from Wood Finishes Direct will be demonstrating the best application tools and his favourite application methods for applying the  Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish

Extra Tough Varnish FAQ 

Can I apply a varnish to my flooring without sanding it back to bare wood? 

If your wood flooring has been previously varnished, carry out a test area to ensure adhesion and compatibility and then lightly sand to create a key. If the wood floor has been previously oiled, waxed or polished, then the product would need to be completely removed by sanding back to bare wood or using a suitable  wood stripper

What is the advantage of a varnish? 

Varnishes are tough, hard wearing and easily cleaned. Wood varnish is generally more durable than a wax or oil but is not as easy to maintain or repair if it becomes worn or damaged. 

Which is the most durable floor finish? 

A varnish is the most hard-wearing finish to use for wood flooring. There are 2-part varnishes available which can be mixed with a hardener prior to application, allowing the two to dry together, thereby creating a much tougher and more durable surface finish. 

How to Apply – Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish. 

Hi I’m Jay from Wood Finishes Direct, and in this video, I’ll be giving you some top application tips and my favorite application technique for the Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish. Preparation is key! So, if you haven’t already seen the before you buy video check that out now. 

The Applicators 

For floors, the best way to apply the Manns Extra Tough Interior floor varnish is a two pronged approach, using a smaller brush to work the edges and either a microfibre roller or a floor finish applicator to finish open areas. 

My preffered weapons of choice are the ProDec Premier Synthetic Brush 2 inch to do edges and tricky areas and the Marshall microfiber roller 25cm to do the rest. 

The Finish 

With our applicator selected we are ready to take the plunge. For the best protection, we recommend applying 1 coat of Manns Extra Tough Primer followed by 2 coats of Manns Extra Tough floor Varnish but for today’s video as we are showcasing the varnish, I will just be applying that. 

How I like to work, is I make sure I stick on some shoe covers and make sure there is no stones or grit in the tread on my my boots. Then thoroughly stir before and periodically during application for consistency of sheen, then pour enough varnish for the area into a skuttle or paint tray, then work around the edges with a brush applying thinly. Then once done youre ready to tackle the open area! Load your roller or chosen applicator then apply thinly, making sure you work in manageable and always working with the grain, and leave to dry being careful not to allow the varnish to pool and smoothing out any roller marks. 

Once your first coat has dried rub down the surface with a Woodleys Finishing Pad this helps smooth out the finish and aids adhesion of further coats, then apply your second and final coat of varnish, and you’re done. Easy. 

Between coats, you can keep brushes and other applicators in airtight bag or container to prevent them drying out. And after application brushes and equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with warm water and wiped dry. 

If you need any further technical advice or information about your project why don’t you give us a call or email and put us to the test we are the experts after all. A full list of all the products featured in today’s video will be in the description on YouTube don’t forget to like and subscribe for all future content and as always always do a test area. 

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