Selecta 7 Shed and Fence Spray System

  4.6/5.0 (48 reviews)
  • An effective shed and fence spray system
  • Treat a fence panel in 4 minutes flat
  • Polypropylene tank with level indicator
  • Total capacity 7L, usable capacity 5L
  • Transparent hose
  • PVC wand, supplied with adjustable spray conical nozzle
  • Light weight 1.5 kg with strap
Brand Woodleys
MPN 8.28.02
GTIN 8414685100795

We're often asked which is the best fence sprayer for fence paint and other types of wood preservatives. Truth is that many models available are very similar, however this fence panel sprayer is not only robust, but has an adjustable nozzle 6-9 inches (150mm-225mm) to eject a fine spray to ensure even coverage. A 6 x 6 foot fence panel can be finished in around 4 minutes.

The Selecta 7 Shed and Fence Spray System is ideal for water-based products such as Barrettine Country Cottage Shades. It can also be used for solvent-based products, however, please be advised that this can eventually degrade the hosing and washers. For a 1 or 2 day project this is still ideal though.

Want to know more about keeping your shed looking its best? Check out our blog post about garden shed restoration.

48 customer reviews
Does a grand job by Mr Heaven

Very prompt service very polite & efficient staff. The sprayers are great, the only problem is when the seals require replacement Wood Treatments are currently unable to offer replacement kits or advise on where the replacements can be obtained which lets them down on service. The young lady I delt with was very apologetic for this & tried very hard to find out where the replacement seal kits could be purchased but was unable to resolve the issue.

Reviewed on: 02/05/17
Excellent! by Vija Bergmane


Reviewed on: 27/04/17
Makes life much easier by TERRY NICHOLLS
Reviewed on: 25/04/17
A handy little tool by Mike Jennings

I found the product very good and simple to use

Reviewed on: 09/03/17
Worked well to spray the Creocote after a couple of trials by Chris Tyrrell
Reviewed on: 14/12/16
Solid reliable product by David Capes

Very simple operation, produces reliable spray that coats flat surfaces evenly, giving a big time saving over brush application of stain. Used so far for a two hour session with several re-fills and no problem with components so far.

Reviewed on: 13/11/16
Brilliant by Mel McCarthy

Saved hours. Worked really well. Great piece of kit for the price. Nice to know I can get replacements if anything breaks. Well worth the money

Reviewed on: 30/10/16
Excellent, unlike the Wicks sprayer which it replaced by Ian McAffer
Reviewed on: 26/10/16
Would recommend anyone to buy the fence spray as it makes life so much easier by Mr G Willmott

Well designed, saves time and easy to use

Reviewed on: 26/10/16
Pleased with it by Mrs.Linda Skelton

Strong and robust. Delivered quickly.

Reviewed on: 16/10/16
Great product works well by Stuart Moffat

watered down some ronseal fence stain sprayed great cheers.

Reviewed on: 08/10/16
OK but not efficient with the more viscous wood protective treatments by Gordon Miller

This spray system worked "OK" but was not able to produce a fine spray using the thicker more viscous wood protective treatment. As a result only managed to get one coat coverage from a quantity of wood treatment which should have given two coats. I had no problem with the spray nozzle washer - as other customers have reported. After each use the nozzle was dismantled and the parts cleaned in white spirit, washed thouroughly with clean water and then thouroughly dried.

Reviewed on: 07/10/16
A note from us...

Hello Mr Miller,

Thank you for the feedback, it would be fair to say that this product is a cost effective way to apply some products to large areas such as Fencing or Log cabins. It is not considered a high performance product but works well within its limitations. But I am pleased to hear that it worked well with your project and you where able to get a good coverage and finish from using it. If there is anything that I can help with or you have any questions please feel free to contact us here at Wood Finished Direct >>>

Kind regards Sam.

Excellent by Alan Clarke

Brilliant bit of kit. Sprays well and able to adjust spray spread by turning the nozzle. Appears quite sturdy and for it's price good value for money.

Reviewed on: 26/09/16
Excellent sprayer by Dr Julian Hopkins

I have only used this once to apply Barrettine oil based wood preservative to my garden shed and it did the job perfectly. I have rinsed it out with a lot of white spirit to help keep the rubber pieces intact.

Reviewed on: 04/09/16
Useful! by Sharon Williams

Fst delivery and not too expensive

Reviewed on: 31/08/16
Worked very well with Barrettine Wood preservative by Alasdair Fiddler
Reviewed on: 21/08/16
Good value by Brian Pidgeon
Reviewed on: 19/08/16
Seals lasted only 5 ltrs by Mr J Wallis

After contacting the manufacturer, new seals and parts sent FOC.

Reviewed on: 03/08/16
A note from us...

On occasions the seals have been reported to perish due to the product used being solvent. We have tested this product with a number of the treatments that we sell and have found them to be suitable for use with the Mann Shed and Fence Sparyaer.

But on this occasion the where parts had failed we where happy to send replacements, please do let me now if you have any further issues.

Kind Regards Sam.

Excellent product by Georgine Whiting

Very pleased with this sprayer, great price, perfect size and easy to use. Again, arrived quickly and well packaged. Definitely recommended. Thank you

Reviewed on: 30/07/16
Sold, well designed by Duncan W Clark

Very good product, thank you.

Reviewed on: 26/07/16