Manns Shed and Fence Spray System

  4.5/5.0 (38 reviews)

The perfect shed and fence sprayer for use with compatible wood treatments. Treat a fence panel in 4 minutes flat!

Pour your wood treatment into the wide-necked 5 litre container, use the pump action handle to build up the pressure and you're ready to go.

Each spray stroke will cover a width equivalent to a 6-9 inch brush. Features a 'long arm' that enables you to finish areas that are up to 2 feet above head height.

  • Quick and easy
  • Efficient and safe
  • Coats evenly in minutes
Brand Manns
GTIN 5015861810502

We're often asked which is the best fence sprayer for fence paint and other types of wood preservatives. Truth is that many of the models available are very similar and the results can depend on the product being used and the wood being sprayed.

With no need for brushes and rollers, this shed and fence sprayer helps to take the elbow grease out of finishing your fences and other external wooden surfaces such as sheds and garden trellises. The fence panel sprayer ejects a fine spray, ensuring that the wood treatment or stain goes on to sheds and fences evenly. The spray from this sprayer covers an area of approximately 6-9 inches (150-225mm) in use, equivalent to using a 6 or 9 inch paint brush, this means that a 6x6 foot fence panel can be finished in around 4 minutes!

Can be used as a fence paint sprayer with water based products such as Barrettine Country Cottage Shades

Note: Manns Shed and fence Sprayer is made by Solo.

Manns shed and fence spray system is just the ticket for shed maintenance. Want to know more about keeping your shed looking its best? Why not check out our blog post about garden shed restoration?

Screw the spray lance into the trigger control vale. Remove the pump unit for filling. Do not over fill the tank in order to leave sufficient space for the air. For easier pumping use full strokes of the pump.

Empty the container of the fence treatment sprayer after use and wash it out carefully. When not in use do not screw down the pump unit too tightly. Brass parts can be affected by frost, keep in a frost free place in winter. Unscrew carefully if still under pressure.

This fence treatment sprayer can be used for solvent-based or water wood preservatives. However please be aware that after rigorous testing we did find that the hose may well stiffen over time when used to apply solvent based finishes. We would recommend you flush out and maintain the sprayer after each cycle of use.

38 customer reviews
Pleased with it by Mrs.Linda Skelton

Strong and robust. Delivered quickly.

Reviewed on: 16/10/16
Great product works well by Stuart Moffat

watered down some ronseal fence stain sprayed great cheers.

Reviewed on: 08/10/16
Excellent by Alan Clarke

Brilliant bit of kit. Sprays well and able to adjust spray spread by turning the nozzle. Appears quite sturdy and for it's price good value for money.

Reviewed on: 26/09/16
Excellent sprayer by Dr Julian Hopkins

I have only used this once to apply Barrettine oil based wood preservative to my garden shed and it did the job perfectly. I have rinsed it out with a lot of white spirit to help keep the rubber pieces intact.

Reviewed on: 04/09/16
Useful! by Sharon Williams

Fst delivery and not too expensive

Reviewed on: 31/08/16
Worked very well with Barrettine Wood preservative by Alasdair Fiddler
Reviewed on: 21/08/16
Good value by Brian Pidgeon
Reviewed on: 19/08/16
Seals lasted only 5 ltrs by Mr J Wallis

After contacting the manufacturer, new seals and parts sent FOC.

Reviewed on: 03/08/16
A note from us...

On occasions the seals have been reported to perish due to the product used being solvent. We have tested this product with a number of the treatments that we sell and have found them to be suitable for use with the Mann Shed and Fence Sparyaer.

But on this occasion the where parts had failed we where happy to send replacements, please do let me now if you have any further issues.

Kind Regards Sam.

Excellent product by Georgine Whiting

Very pleased with this sprayer, great price, perfect size and easy to use. Again, arrived quickly and well packaged. Definitely recommended. Thank you

Reviewed on: 30/07/16
Sold, well designed by Duncan W Clark

Very good product, thank you.

Reviewed on: 26/07/16
Basically good by Steve Anderson

Washer on spray disintegrated after using once and needed replacing. Wood Finishes very apologetic and replaced sprayer without question

Reviewed on: 22/07/16
A note from us...

Hello Steve,

Its disappointing to hear that this occured with your spray machine. We have tested the sprayer with various products including solvent based ones with good results. But I am pleased to hear that we where able to replace the sprayer promptly for you. And if you have any questions or there is anything further that I can help with please do let me know.

Kind regards Sam.

Excellent product, robust and well made by David WOOD

A higher quality product than all the other sprayers in this price range. Spares are also available at a reasonable cost

Reviewed on: 25/06/16
Not as expected by Martin Smith

The spray nozzle makes a circular pattern and i expected a flat line pattern, although I am a bit of a novice at using the sprayer I used three times the stated amount for coverage. Will be using a brush in future for vertical sides.

Reviewed on: 13/06/16
A note from us...

Hello martin,

Thank you for the feedback on this spray machine, it would be fair to say that this does spray in a circular shape. It usually result in the use of less product as you are applying thiner coats, however if the wood is particularly dry or rough sawn it can absorb a little more than the guide states, in the same way if the wood is smooth and well sanded it may absorb less than the guide shows.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the prodcut further please do get in touch at wood

We are always happy to help.

Wood Finishes Direct.

Good by M Bilsborough

Works well with the wood preservative. We managed to break the lance, so take care not to catch it.

Reviewed on: 08/06/16
Brilliant! Made light work of an otherwise backbreaking job by Andrew Knott

Did a great job. Used cardboard sheets to mask nearby plants. Handled Barenntine cleaner , preservative and deck oil equally well. Used to inject treatments into joints where it was needed most.

Reviewed on: 05/06/16
Worked fine with Crecote by Mark Cable

Does the job and robust enough

Reviewed on: 30/04/16
Brilliant by D Ellard

As it was my birthday I was extra pleased to receive it on that day. I used it as soon as weather permitted. It was great. Covered just like it said it would. The sprayer made easy work of it all.

Reviewed on: 06/12/15
Works okay but the paint clogs the filters quickly by Darren Newcombe

If you can get a decent sprayable paint then this system will work quite well

Reviewed on: 25/11/15
It was exactly what I expected from this product by Francis Herron

If you want a pump sprayer buy this one simple And the staff were very helpful I will buy from this company again

Reviewed on: 20/11/15
Quick but messy by Corrina Beer

As an aid to painting it helped complete the job far quicker but uses a lot of paint

Reviewed on: 21/10/15