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Ronseal Shed and Fence Preserver

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Ronseal Shed and Fence Preserver colours, preserves and waterproofs exterior wood. The 2-in-1 formula preserves and eradicates, protecting your investment against rot and decay.

It can be applied to rough, sawn and smooth timber solvent based product can be brushed or sprayed (although a spray system that is suitable for solvent based materials needs to be used).

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This specially formulated wood preservative gives colour and protection to sheds, fences, trellis and other rough sawn and smooth planed timber around the garden.

How do you prepare your garden shed for preservative? What is the best wood treatment? How often do you apply it? All questions that we hear on a regular basis. Take a look at our blog post about garden shed maintenance, where we go into some of the finer detail behind keeping your shed in good tip top condition.


Ensure all wooden surfaces to be treated are clean, dry and free from dirt and debris. Areas that have been affected by mould, algae or fungi should be treated with Fungicidal Wash prior to applying Ronseal shed and fence treatment. Any surface coatings such as paint, varnish or stain must be fully removed.

Wood that has become decayed should be removed and replaced prior to the application of Ronseal shed and fence treatment. Cut out and burn all decayed wood at least 45cm beyond the area of damage.


Ronseal wood preservative must be well shaken or stirred prior and during application to ensure a consistent colour.

Ronseal Shed and Fence Preservative can be brush applied or by dipping the timber into the product. Wood preservative can be spray applied with a suitable solvent spray system and safety equipment. Where possible, end grain should be dipped or given extra coats to ensure the best possible protection.

Ronseal Shed and Fence Preservative should be given 24 hours drying time between applications if additional coats are required.

Avoid contact with bitumen, bitumen felt, mastics and plastics.

Equipment Cleaning

Clean brushes immediately after using wood treatment with White Spirit.


Keep this wood treatment in its original container. Tin should be tightly closed and stored in a safe well ventilated place away from sources of heat and ignition.


  • Wash any contamination from skin and eyes immediately
  • Do not breath wood preserver vapour / spray
  • Keep away from children
  • Keep away from sources of ignition - No Smoking
  • Keep Ronseal Wood Preservative away from food, drink and animal feed
  • Keep away from water storage tanks, drains and other water sources

If swallowed, do not induce vomiting - Seek medical attention immediately and show the container or label.

Drying Time

Allow 24 hours drying time between coats of shed and fence preservative.

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Ronseal Shed and Fence Preserver reviews - Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 39 reviews.

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Joanne Hyam
 Light Brown
Excellent product
Nice, natural colour, easy to paint on and wood finishes direct is the cheapest place I've been able to get it from.
Daniel Sack
 Autumn Brown
Excellent product
This is a great product but really is impossible to apply by brush, it doesn't hold at the end of the brush, even thick high quality block brush won't hold it well. I did the inside of the shed with the brush first and it was a nightmare. Switched to applying it with a microfibre cloth and it was a doddle. Excellent coverage, perfect colour, dries very evenly and I can see that rain will bead up on the wood rather than soak in after just one coat! Brilliant!
Ian Howick
Not dense enough
could not achieve black density -- seemed too dilute
Our feedback:-

I am sorry you were not satisfied with the colour. Wood Preservers tent to be of a watery consistancy so that they can penetrate the substrate. If ou require a finish that is more dense I would recommend an Opaque wood finish.
Pat Blair
 Autumn Brown
Excellent Product
Does everything in one. Very good penetration of the wood and good colour. Really enhances the beauty and presence of my log cabin.
Brian Leeming
Far too 'runny'.
The company putting it on my fence has had difficulty persuading their staff to use it, as it is so messy. Retention is poor on surfaces that have been treated previously, whereas it is rapidly absorbed into new wood resulting in a very low density colour. This means that the amount that I have needed to buy is at least twice what the estimator suggested. I'm going to need a third 5 litre can to complete the job, whereas the estimate was less than 2 cans. I won't ever buy it again.
Stuart Hickman
 Dark Brown
Don't hesitate - buy it!
I can't recommend this product enough - really impressed with ease of application and resultant finish, 15 year old shed looks almost brand new.
Peter Braithwaite
 Dark Brown
I have used this underneath decking and it is a first class product!
Excellent, service, excellent product at the best price that I can find. I will be back again and again.
Christopher Williams
 Dark Brown
Excellent. Good coverage, easy to apply.
Excellent coverage and easy to apply with a brush. No strong odour. Good colour. No problem cleaning brushes with normal paint brush cleaner. Would recommend it!
Joy Gillman
 Light Brown
Great. It was so good to use an oil based product.
Both product and delivery service was excellent. Thank you.
Jonathan Jones
 Autumn Brown
Excellent product "dose way it says on the tin"
This is really good product . Also the serivce that the company deliver is spot on ,
Graham Mack
 Autumn Brown
Very good product at a vey good prriceprice
I used this on my new timber workshop before I erected it. The timber was planned and had a base coat when the it was made. The preserver went on very easily but be careful as it will splash. Coverage was as stated on the tin and 2 coats was fine but I put 3 on as I had plenty of material and 2 sides are difficult to reach once the workshop is erected. Just one thing and that is to give the tins a really good shake every time you use them as the preserver seems to go thick at the bottom and thin at the top after a couple of days.
Kim Barrow
 Dark Brown
Buy this product if you want a rich dark brown colour and quality finish. Goes on great will always use this fence preserver now
 Autumn Brown
Great service, great product, great price
Nothing more to say, other than highly recommended, easy to use and of course 'It does what it says on the tin' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marion Anderton
 Dark Brown
Excellent product with good coverage.
Good coverage, lovely dark colour - used on new wooden gates. Drying time quicker than other products. Overall a good product.
Danielle Shearsby
 Autumn Brown
Fab product
Great product and excellent service
Island Sime
 Light Brown
Very good, highly recommended
This is a great product that's easy to use, I cover just about every bit of garden wood with it, it looks great!
Trevor Mills
 Dark Brown
Top stuff!
Heaps better than modern water based 'preservatives' that basically just wash off in a couple of years.
Simon Cush
 Dark Brown
A great product, quick and easy to apply.
This is the second batch of Ronseal shed and fence preserver I have bought from WFD and I highly recommend this product. It is very easy to apply, especially using a hand pressure spray unit, available form most DIY stores. It penetrates well, dries very quickly and does not have high odours. Will use again when required.
G Haynes
 Dark Brown
Unpacked on 23.10.14 and 2 tins found damaged.No damage noted on cardboard box.
Our feedback:-
Hello Mr Haynes,

Sorry to hear that you have received some dented tins. All of our stock leaves the warehouse in perfect condition, but as you can imagine occasionally the couriers are a little heavy handed and we have had reports of goods being dented but boxes being in perfect condition. If you would like to email us we would be happy to discuss this further.

Many Thanks.
Paul Gaut
 Autumn Brown
Brilliant product!
Quality product at a keen price,and delivered very quickly(next day as it happens.Strongly recommend both product and Wood Finishes Direct!

per litre
24 hours
dry time
  • Colours and preserves
  • Prevents rot and decay
  • Resists rain, wind and sun

Coverage Calculator

The area I need to finish is
Standard Protection
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Best Protection
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* Coverage can vary depending upon on the type of wood used and the amount of product applied. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not 'per coat' amounts.
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