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Wood type and application method can vary coverage. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not "per coat" amounts.

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  •  UV Resistant
  •  Prevents splitting & cupping
  •  Does not peel or flake
  •  Weather proof
425 reviews

Ronseal Decking Oil is a durable, waterproof treatment that protects against weathering, warping, swelling, drying and splitting.

Resists mould and algae growth whilst shielding against the greying effects of UV rays. "Natural" offers a clear, wet look, whilst "Cedar", "Oak" and "Pine" dry to a translucent coloured finish.

If your decking is untreated, or could do with some TLC apply a Decking Preserver beforehand for maximum protection. Current offer of 5L includes the best price for deal of 4L + 25% free. Can come as a plain 5L tin, or with promo graphic.

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Ronseal Decking Oil Natural is a deep penetrating formula that feeds your decking, restoring the natural oils lost over time through weathering. Suitable for hardwood and soft wood decking, It penetrates the wood leaving a natural looking finish that both protects and nourishes.

Note: The 'Natural' version of this product has a slight tint to provide UV protection to the timber.

Decking areas should be thoroughly cleaned to remove dust, dirt, algae, mildew and other contaminates from the surface prior to oiling. For the best results, clean with an appropriate Decking Cleaner allowing the decking to dry thoroughly before applying the oil.

Ronseal Decking Oil can be used over previous decking oils, however other types of decking stains and treatments that act as a sealant or varnish will need to be removed before application.

New or freshly stripped / cleaned decking can be treated with a Decking Preserver prior to applying the decking oil. This helps to protect the timber of the decking from fungi, dry rot & mould.

Ronseal recommend that new decking made from dense exotic hardwoods should be left to weather for a period of 6 months before applying decking oil. This allows the tight grain of these woods to 'open up', allowing the decking oil to be more easily absorbed by the timber. Note: This process is not necessary for softwood decking.

Do not apply Ronseal Decking Oil in wet conditions or if rain, frost or snow is likely before the product is dry.

  • Decking areas should be completely dry before application
  • Decking oil must be thoroughly stirred before and during application
  • Apply oil to the decking with a good quality roller or bristle brush
  • Apply a second coat in the same way as the first.
  • Allow 6 hours between coats

Two coats of Ronseal Decking Oil are usually sufficient but this may vary depending on the type of decking timber and its absorbency.

Note: this product is not compatible with Ronseal Perfect Finish Decking Oil

To keep your decking performing its very best brush off leaves, dirt and debris on a weekly basis. If signs of mould appear use an appropriate decking cleaner. The condition of the decking should be inspected on a 6 monthly basis and can be re-coated as required.

Brushes should be cleaned immediately after use with White Spirit. Remove as much of the decking oil from brushes and other application equipment before cleaning. Any remaining decking oil should be stored or disposed of properly at a local authority site. Do not empty into drains or watercourses.

Wear suitable gloves and clothing when using this product

Ronseal Decking Oil is Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.

  • Keep product out of reach of children
  • Flammable - Keep away from sources of ignition
  • Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking
  • May produce an allergic reaction
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Use in well ventilated areas only

After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the tin. If product comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Q. Will Ronseal Decking Oil peel and flake over time.

A. In short, no. Decking Oils penetrate into the surface of the timber and protect the wood from within, rather than sitting on top of the deck like a paint or varnish. Because of this, decking oils will not crack, flake, blister or peel. Localised areas of decking that become worn or tired looking over time can be quickly and easily repaired and rejuvenated with a decking oil.

  • Rainproof in 2 hours
  • 6 hours between coats

Decking will be ready for general use after 24 hours. Drying times can vary depending on temperature, humidity and porosity of the timber.

Ronseal Decking Oil reviews

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on 425 reviews.
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Excellent service and prompt delivery by Kevan Clark

Perfect...does what it says on the tin.

Reviewed Natural on: 05/05/16
Fantastic product by Archie Faickney

Very easy to apply and enhanced the appearance of my decking.

Reviewed Natural Oak on: 04/05/16
Fantastic service,very quick delivery and great value !!! by Tanya Dennis

Fantastic product, easy to apply , really nice finish. Would highly recommend this seller

Reviewed Natural Pine on: 04/05/16
Excellent service by Francis Alderson

Very good product does what it says it will do

Reviewed Natural Oak on: 03/05/16
Very easy to apply by OddJob

The product was very easy to apply, dried very quickly and looks perfect. Faultless.

Reviewed Natural Pine on: 03/05/16
Does what it says on the tin by Michael Walsh

Easy to use and a good finish.

Reviewed Natural on: 03/05/16
Good price Just what was needed by Pete Stevens

I was oiling a much deglected decking so the first coat drank a huge amount of oil making Ronseals coverage estimate very optimistic. I used 20 litres on one coat for the deck alone. The second application used far less and now looks as it should. The Wood finishes price was less than half of B&Q.

Reviewed Natural Oak on: 02/05/16
Does what it says on the tin by Peter Halliday

Excellent deck oil; covers well; great slip resistance when wet

Reviewed Natural Cedar on: 28/04/16
Superb Product! by Mike Mayo

This product is fab and worth every penny, pure quality!

Reviewed Natural on: 28/04/16
Excellent service, could not ask for better by B Taylor

Very good product, couldn't be more pleased

Reviewed Natural Cedar on: 28/04/16
Very good service by Roger Compton

Best decking oil have ever used

Reviewed Natural Cedar on: 27/04/16
Natural cedar is really quite red by Mark Smith

Penetrates wood really well and easy to apply

Reviewed Natural Cedar on: 26/04/16
A high quality product by Andrew Adams

Highly recommend because it really does protect the wood and looks so much better !!

Reviewed Natural on: 26/04/16
Excellent product soaks in well and protects the decking by Niall Ervine

Great product adds a little colour and protection to the fading wood. I am just about to order some more !

Reviewed Natural Cedar on: 24/04/16
Easy to apply protects the decking by Lyn Grantham

Keeps the decking looking natural whilst protecting it excellent product

Reviewed Natural on: 24/04/16
Easy Application Great Natural Colour by Rodney Phillips

Easy instructions to follow product is all you would expect from a top class supplier.

Reviewed Natural Oak on: 24/04/16
Great product by David Leishman

Gives excellent protection to decking, excellent price and quick delivery. I have previously used Ronseal Decking Protector but the decking oil gives longer lasting protection and is easy to apply

Reviewed Natural on: 23/04/16
Easy to use good coverage by Patricia Smith

Good product for decking

Reviewed Natural Oak on: 22/04/16
Very good service by Stephen Amos

Always use ronseal and this was a good price will use this firm again

Reviewed Natural Pine on: 22/04/16

This was a quality product and great price. Was easy to use and looks great .

Reviewed Natural Oak on: 21/04/16

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