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Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover

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A highly effective incredibly fast paint and varnish stripper to remove up to 6 layers of paint in 5 minutes from many types of coatings. Gel consistency ideal for vertical or awkward areas.

Paint panther is suitable for use on water, oil and solvent based paints, varnishes and lacquers and is quite possibly one of the best wood strippers and paint removers available.

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A traditional 'Gel' type varnish and paint stripper that effectively removes a wide range of oil, water and solvent based lacquers, varnishes and paints.

Read more about stripping paint and varnish from wood in our blog.


Paint Panther can be used both indoors and outdoors. Always ensure suitable ventilation and apply to an appropriate test area to check compatibility.

Paint Panther Wood stripper gel does not contain Dichloromethane which is now a banned substance. Light scoring of the coated surface may enhance performance, however do not sand if any coats contain lead.


Our wood stripping gel contains corrosive substances and should only be used in a well ventilated area with protective clothing such as gloves and safety glasses or goggles.

When stripping wood floors, furniture and doors, paint a thick coat of wood stripper onto about a square meter at a time and leave for between 5 and 10 minutes before removing the gel. Removal of the wood stripping gel can be done with a scraper or with steel wool. If using steel wool then a good pair of gloves should be worn as wood strippers always contain aggressive stripping chemicals.

If some layers remain on the wooden surface then the process can be repeated as many times as is necessary. Once you feel that you are virtually back to the bare wood then the surface should be washed with white spirit. The one you use depends on the type of paint or varnish being removed but you won't do any harm to try several before you find the most effective one.


As with any corrosive substances such as paint remover or wood strippers, always read the instructions carefully prior to use for guidance and what to do if the product comes into contact with skin or eyes.

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Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover reviews - Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 50 reviews.

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Johanna Coyle
BLIMEY!!!! This stuff actually works!!
This is an excellent paint stripper, just one coat took off multiple layers of varnish. I had been used to Nitromors, which is pretty rubbish to be honest, so I wasn't expecting too much success with this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. I used it a sharp filler knife to scrape off the old varnish, and the unit that I used it on looks great. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Excellent product work very well
Really works well I had another product before this that I had to leave for hours and it still didn't do the job. This works very well and quickly
Monika Janus
Brilliant product that does what it should
I was looking for a good product for a long time before I purchased Panther it Paint and Varnish Remover. It saved me so much work as all old paint has been removed without any problem. I would only recommend that if you have very old paint or few layers leave it for longer then its said on the label and job is done.
Ann Bibby
Does what it promises on the tin
After reading the reviews of this product I purchased it to remove varnish off my stairs and balustrade . It removed the old varnish really well first time . Very impressed and I have already recommended this product to a freind
Works well....
Works as per instructions. Easy to use and quick.
Terence Mcnamara
Best paint stripper I have used
Having used other well known strippers which are now useless, I found Paint Panther paint and varnish remover through Wood Finishes Direct and decided to give it a try. It does exactly what it should do and I will definitely use again.
Hannah Reynolds
Easy to use and very effective
Did a great job of stripping old varnish quickly and with very little mess leaving a clean surface for sanding and waxing.
Bruce Henderson
Great varnish stripper, works a treat.
Great product, excellent service. Delivered on time. Would definately use this product and supplier again. On the down side the tins were badly damaged in transit, fortunately they did not burst, so no leakage. No hassle for me, but could be a problem if the tins leaked because of damage. Will send photos if required. Please send email address if photos required.
Our feedback:-
Many thanks for the review Mr Henderson, I'm sorry to hear that you received your goods in this way. Our couriers are usually very good but on the odd occasion can be a little heavy handed as you can imagine. If you would like to send us any photos of the damage please do so to wfdhelp@gmail.com
Philip Blagden
Varnish remover
Fabulous just like the stuff we had in the Navy, not like this Nitromors rubbish!!!!! does what it says on the tin, good stuff
Does what it says on the tin.
Used this to remove varnish on decking which Pressure washing did not achieve. I am not good at DIY but it worked well for me.
David Shaylor
It takes longer than other paint strippers used but with patience is effective
As it is a gel it stays in place but have to be generous with it and patient
Our feedback:-
Removers and strippers sometimes not working correctly is an area we have decided to look into more thoroughly.

Very soon we will be launching a blog post dedicated to this subject. This can be viewed by simply clicking the 'Blog' link at the top of this page.

This will help to answer the question of whether a remover is likely to work and also why many removers no longer work.

In the meantime we can confirm that the vast majority of paints and varnishes CAN still be removed with Paint Panther.
It does work and very quickly, paint was bubbling within minutes. However, only removes a coat at a time.
Mike Hammond
This is a remake of the old nitromoors. It works!!
Katrina Cox
No better than nitro morse despite recommendations to the contrary
Paint stripping a very ornate wooden chair and this product is absolutely no better than nitro morse despite the countless customer reviews that rate it as far superior to the other product. Would not go out of my way to purchase this paint stripper again and am still looking for a product that will do the job much more quickly and less messily. It might just not exist!
Our feedback:-

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about this. Occasionally we do hear that Paint Panther doesn't work (less than 5% of projects).

We have contacted the manufacturer to try and gather more information about why this is. For example it may be less effective on lead based paints. Watch this space!
Paul Allen
Still looking for a 'post EU regulations' paint stripper that works - this is not it!
Another paint stripper that doesn't work. I was hopeful from the reviews that this could be 'paint stripper' as I remember it from pre-EU regulation days. Sadly, it is not.
Our feedback:-
Our tests show it truly is great on most paints and varnishes. There are so many formulations out there that it's hard to promise it will definitely work. We can say it's success rate is above 90% going on the feedback we receive.

Thank you for your comments, they are much appreciated and give us the chance to offer additional information.
Works well
Works better than what other products did
Excellent !
Having tried another paint remover which was useless this did an excellent job in removing several layers of paint from an old window. Highly recommended and super quick delivery - thank you !
Beverley Webb
Really good product. Removed about 4 layers of stain & varnish.
First time I have used this and it was brilliant. A well known make I have used in the past is not a patch this product, I will certainly use this Paint & Varnish Remover in future.
P Oliver
Have tried every paint remover on the market and this one works. They are all messy and they all need experimentation to get it right on the surface you are stripping. The difference is this one is quicker, stronger and more efficient.
Anthony Hayward
Does what it says on the tin
Easy to apply,effective,did what I needed it to do, an excellent product.

per litre
5 mins
dry time
  • Easy to apply
  • Non-drip Gel Formula
  • Methylene Chloride Free

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* Coverage can vary depending upon on the type of wood used and the amount of product applied. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not 'per coat' amounts.
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