Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover

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Wood type and application method can vary coverage. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not "per coat" amounts.

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  •  Methylene Chloride Free
95 reviews

Paint Panther is a highly effective incredibly fast paint and varnish stripper to remove up to 6 layers of paint in 5 minutes from many types of coatings. Gel consistency ideal for vertical or awkward areas.

Paint panther is suitable for use on water, oil and solvent based paints, varnishes and lacquers and is quite possibly one of the best wood strippers and paint removers available.

Perfect for the removal of both Interior and exterior paints and varnishes. Read more about stripping paint and varnish from wood in our blog.

Paint Panther can be used both indoors and outdoors. Always ensure suitable ventilation and apply to an appropriate test area to check compatibility.

Paint Panther Wood stripper gel does not contain Dichloromethane which is now a banned substance. Light scoring of the coated surface may enhance performance, however do not sand if any coats contain lead.


Our wood stripping gel contains corrosive substances and should only be used in a well ventilated area with protective clothing such as gloves and safety glasses or goggles.

When stripping wood floors, furniture and doors, paint a thick coat of wood stripper onto about a square meter at a time and leave for between 5 and 10 minutes before removing the gel. Removal of the wood stripping gel can be done with a scraper or with steel wool. If using steel wool then a good pair of gloves should be worn as wood strippers always contain aggressive stripping chemicals.

If some layers remain on the wooden surface then the process can be repeated as many times as is necessary. Once you feel that you are virtually back to the bare wood then the surface should be washed with white spirit. The one you use depends on the type of paint or varnish being removed but you won't do any harm to try several before you find the most effective one.

As with any corrosive substances such as paint remover or wood strippers, always read the instructions carefully prior to use for guidance and what to do if the product comes into contact with skin or eyes.

Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover reviews

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 95 reviews.
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Used a little to start to strip gloss paint and undercoat from external doors I haven't used other paint stripping liquids by John Campbell

The product slowly softens the paint in thin layers. Once a thin layer is scraped away, more product needs to be applied to soften the next layer. Not a quick solution to paint stripping.

Reviewed 250ml on: 25/05/16
Easiest stripper to use by Ben Robinson

Never used stripper before but so easy to use. Definitely easy and quick to use

Reviewed 1L on: 21/05/16
Very poor by Billy Tanner

after reading the reviews got this product for a 15 year old varnished bed.tried several applications used about half the tin on a 10 inch area. followed the instructions on tin.never even touched the varnish,never blistered like the tin says.just slightly softened the varnish and was still very hard to scrap off.went and got some blackfriars and it stripped it in seconds.very poor product.if i could leave 0 stars thats what it would have got.

Reviewed 1L on: 20/05/16
A note from us...

Hello Mr Tanner,

Disappointing to hear that the Paint Panther did not work for you. It would be fair to say that it is a successful product for many many paints and Varnishes, but there are some paints out there that many be stubborn and require a second coat. Test areas are also important as these can show if the product is rioght for you and for how long you will need to leave it on.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call 0800 7818 123


Easy to apply and not as messy as similar products. Effective and most varnish comes of with one coat.

Reviewed 1L on: 05/05/16
Did the job by L McGeachie

Used this product to strip an Ercol chair. Much easier to use and less messy than expected. Used it in the garage on a cold day, took longer than indicated and several applications in places but worked better indoors. Covered area with cling film to stop it drying out too quickly - meant no smell when indoors, then finished off outdoors.

Reviewed 1L on: 19/04/16
Did what i wanted it to by Ben Hamilton

I used this to clean up oak panels after using peelaway7. On the small amount of paint left in corners and in the grain it worked very quickly and enabled me to clean it up well. I did get a head ache from using it indoors. I recommend using a mask if you are using it a lot.

Reviewed 4L on: 16/04/16
It did the job by Lynne Stott

This product removed old varnish from a table very quickly and easily. It is a gel like consistency which was simple to brush on thickly. After a minute or two I could easily remove the old varnish with a scrapper. No hard work was needed

Reviewed 1L on: 08/04/16
Really good product by Mary Franklin

I wasn't sure how good this would be, having been less than impressed with similar things, but I have to say it's worked really well. I'm using it on really intricate architrave and it's doing the job. I've applied as instructed then covered with cling film and left overnight. Also it's pretty low odour so the house doesn't stink and no headache for me.

Reviewed 1L on: 24/02/16
Excellent by Sally McFadden

Great product for removing old paint and varnish from floorboards

Reviewed 4L on: 08/02/16
Fast efficient service following my order by David Taylor

Great product that did the job well

Reviewed 1L on: 07/02/16
Quite effective but only takes off one layer of paint at a time by Ian Hammett

Pretty effective but only takes off one layer at a time in my experience, I went back to my trusty hot air stripper and just used this chemical stripper on those awkward bits I couldn't burn off. Time consuming to use as I had to apply several times to get right down to the bare wood.

Reviewed 1L on: 27/01/16
A note from us...


Thank you for taking the time to write a review on the Paint Panther. Stripping is renowned for being a messy and somewhat tricky project and there are some paints that are more stubborn than others.

Test areas can usually give an idea of the time needed for the treatment to work. And on occasions additional treatments are required. I am glad that you got there in the end. And if you have any other projects that you would like advise on the right product to use then please feel free to email us on - Sam.

Brilliant by Gary Bourne

Amazing fast result acting, wish I had used this product first.

Reviewed 4L on: 24/01/16
Good -very effective Delivery time excellent by David Jones

Two coats of this product removed several stubborn layers of lead based paint -then a final coat plus wire brush exposed as new Oak beams.

Reviewed 250ml on: 21/01/16
Good product appears to be faster acting than similar products by D Burrows

Used in conjunction with sander good results achieved

Reviewed 4L on: 23/12/15
Best stripper I have used! by Grant Twine

Recommended and pleased we followed the recommendation. Renovating very old hardwood sash Windows on an old cottage, with many years of paint. Would recommend you leave at least double the 'leave' times and the result is better. Best I have used.

Reviewed 1L on: 23/12/15
Varnish softener by David Morrison

Used this for varnish removal so I could paint the wood in the bathroom - it softens the varnish but the blistering described on the tin doesn't seem to happen. It's best to apply a couple of coats. It's fine, it has definitely helped, but it's still a slow job.

Reviewed 1L on: 14/12/15
A note from us...

Hello David,

It would be fair to say that, while the Paint Panther works very well on most paints and varnishes, there will be a few out there that are a little on the stubborn side and may need a couple of applications for complete removal. And any stripping job can be messy but if you would like any further advise please let us know.

Kind regards Sam

It works! by JJ

Great product that actually works but delivery company had dropped package leaving me with a crushed tin

Reviewed 4L on: 11/12/15
A note from us...


I am pleased to hear that the Paint Panther worked well for you, but disapointed with your delivery experience. I have emailed you concerning this and would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please let me know if you have any problems using or storing the tin.

Best Wishes Sam.

Useful by Christopher Allen

It's pretty good but it won't shift it all - you'll still need a little hard work! Doesn't smell toxic either, which is a bonus.

Reviewed 1L on: 10/12/15
Excellent! Does exactly what it says on the tin by Amanda Jane French

Easy to apply, no odour, does't burn your skin if a splash accidentally occurs, and it made stripping old oak timbers in a dining room and a very large table a straightforward and successful job. I'd definitely use it again. In fact I shall be using it again when we tackle the next room in our house.

Reviewed 4L on: 03/12/15
Sound product at a realistic price by Llewellyn Simpson

Very happy with the product, it does a sterling job.

Reviewed 4L on: 02/12/15

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