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Bona Traffic HD

  4.8/5.0 (23 reviews)
2 coats = Recommended
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

Bona Traffic HD is the new improved Traffic floor varnish. This two component, waterborne floor lacquer is designed for the heaviest of traffic areas in both commercial and domestic environments.

Bona Traffic HD has 40% lower solvent content and 40% increased durability than the original Traffic. Can be subjected to wear and tear after 24 hours.

Comprises 4.5L of varnish + 450ml of hardener (included per 5L).

  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Ideal for commercial floors
Brand Bona
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 10 per litre
Drying time hrs
Size 5L
MPN WT155946001, WT155646001, WT155346001
GTIN 7312792155930, 7312799215569, 7312799215538

Bona Traffic Key points

  • Water based so low odour and easy to apply
  • Solvent content less than 10% (Very little odour)
  • Highly chemical & scratch resistant
  • Bona Traffic has a high scuff resistance
  • Meets DIN norm 19 032 & BS 7044:1990 for slip resistance
  • Meets ÕNORM C 2354 Category C (Very heavy wear)

Bona Traffic surface preparation

Care should be taken at all times to ensure that surfaces to be coated have been well sanded and are free of all contaminates including sanding dust, grit, dirt, oil, wax and any other contaminates. The final stages of sanding should be done with a sanding disk, screen or good quality sandpaper with a paper grit of 120 of finer.

General conditions to determine if an overcoating of Bona Traffic is possible

  • Surfaces must be completely clean
  • Floors pre-treated with waxes, polishes or other similar products cannot be overcoated with Bona Traffic
  • Always treat a small test area prior to the main application
  • Bona will not guarantee good adhesion when overcoating varnish finishes of a brand other than Bona

Bona Traffic HD will normally have very good adhesion to pre-varnished flooring, this said however, it is advisable to check the intercoat adhesion prior to overcoating. To check intercoat adhesion, apply a coat of Bona Traffic HD to a pre-prepared area. Allow the coating to set for 3 days then scratch the treated floor surface gently with a coin, if the Bona Traffic finish stays firmly attached to the surface, the adhesion is satisfactory and the main application can begin.

Always thoroughly read the manufacturers guidance and instructions on the container or tin including any mixing and usage instructions on associated products.


Before applying Bona Traffic HD, it is important that the container is shaken thoroughly prior to use, this also applies if the product is to be split into other containers in smaller quantities. Add 10% Traffic Hardener to the finish and shake immediately for a minimum of 1 minute to ensure a thorough mix of the finish and hardener.

Once the hardener has been added to the Bona Traffic finish, the mixture of finish and hardener should be used within 5 hours at a temperature of around 20C, high temperatures will reduce the usability time of the mixed product.

  • On bare wood: 1 coat of Bona Prime Classic plus 2 coats of Traffic HD, or 3 coats of Traffic HD without Priming
  • Overcoating : 1-2 coats of Bona Traffic HD

Bona Traffic is best applied with a roller and with a smooth flowing action, care should be taken to avoid accumulations of the finish on the floor, room application and drying temperature must not fall below 13C.

An average drying time of 3-4 hours at 20 degrees / 60% RH

23 customer reviews
Scheptical but pleasantly surprised by Stephen Walsh

Two part mix but basically mix up what you need, 300g of Bona Traffic and 30g of the activator did around three to four square meters with a roller, kitchen timer on for four hours and its done, second coat the day after and the third has yet to be applied but so far its very good, looks nice and the sheen is just nice, was sceptical but I'm now pleased that I used this product.

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 15/11/16
Really easy to use by Benjamin Adey

Easy to use, quick drying and I love the finish

Reviewed Matt on: 09/11/16
Excellent product by Fergus Goodson

Great finish very even and easy to apply, will definitely come back to Wood finishes direct when i need more.

Reviewed Matt on: 08/09/16
The bees knees by Angel Sedgwick

Easy to apply, perfect finish and hard as nails. We used it on floor boards that were put down circa 1850 and it worked extremely well.

Reviewed Matt on: 02/06/16
Great product by Michael Weatherley

Good advice from the technical phone line and it does exactly what it says on the bottle. It also goes a long way.

Reviewed Matt on: 16/11/15
Fast efficient delivery by A Hoey

Product just as described and delivered on time

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 09/11/15
Like Ronseal - it does what is says on the tin! by Stuart Hobday


Reviewed Matt on: 10/09/15
Good product but poor support from Bona by Andrew O'Sullivan

Very easy to apply but poor support from Bona when I sanded the first coat and encountered issues.

Reviewed Extra Matt on: 06/09/15
Quality product, easy to apply, no fumes, clean the brush in water by David Martin

The instructions that come with the two 5 litre containers are easy to understand. The Traffic hardener bottle is clearly marked to add the correct amount of hardener to the Bona Traffic HD Silk Matt floor varnish.

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 25/06/15
The best of its type on the market by Ken Brady

Easy to mix and apply - great hard-wearing finish

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 12/03/15
Great product by Gail Pilkington

2 coats applied after the primer. Good coverage

Reviewed Matt on: 10/03/15
Easy to use by Aleck Ward

Fantastic product, easy to use

Reviewed Matt on: 03/01/15
So far so good by Thea Kelly

Goes on well be interested to see if it holds up alot better than the mega which is already pretty good...

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 09/12/14
Very good product, easy to use by Carl Sentance

For wood floors we never use anything else. Perfect every time

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 17/11/14
Easy and fast to use by David Cottrell

This product is easy to use and has produced an excellent finish. You must be well prepared as you can not stop until you have finished the floor, as a dry line forms very quickly.

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 21/10/14
Excellent and easy to use by Paul Smith

We have used this product since our wooden floors were new. It is excellent to protect the floor from the heavy traffic in our house.

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 04/09/14
A note from us...

Thanks for the review, I'm glad that you are pleased with the product.

No problem with blending Streaks or coverage by Ersel Mustafa

With little effort the finish achieved looked superb. So easy to use and has excellent application properties

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 04/07/14
Excellent finish by John Cusworth

Extremely durable, enhances wood without appearing plasticy.

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 05/03/14
Easy to use by Chris Smythe

You can apply 2/3 coats in 1 day or night

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 25/02/14
Superior quality floor finish Easy to apply Worth paying for by Deborah Marshall

Easy to mix and apply. Seems to adhere well to the wood. We have had Bona Traffic on freshly sanded oak for 1 year - and it has worn well. The Bona Traffic HD was for additional area to patch in. The products look the same when applied. Would make more sense if the bottles were supplied as full 5 litres - as this would make part-bottle mixing easier.

Reviewed Silk Matt on: 16/08/13