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Fiddes Hard Wax Oil

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Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is an extremely hard wearing, clear, non-yellowing finishing oil perfect for wooden floors, kitchen surfaces, children's toys, skirting, furniture, even unsealed tiles!

Available in a clear matt, satin and gloss finish or as 9 satin colours in the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Tints range, or as Natural which helps retain the woods original shade.

Made from the finest ingredients, childsafe, treadfast and quick drying. Offers excellent coverage, making it an extremely cost effective hardwax oil comparable in performance to Osmo Polyx Oil.

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Hard Wax Oil Overview

Hard wax oil produces a quick-drying, water repellent, natural looking finish that will not peel or flake. With a blend of natural oils and waxes, hardwax oil offers exceptional durability and resistance to any interior area subject to a high degree of wear. Suitable for use on most interior wooden surfaces including wooden flooring, kitchen worktops and cupboards, skirting, spindles, doors, furniture and even unsealed terracotta tiles and quarry tiles due to their porous, wood-like properties.

Hard Wax Oil Colours

Our hard wax oil is available in a clear matt, satin and semi-gloss finish, or in 9 Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Tints. All can be intermixed to create different shades, i.e. Mixing 50% Antique with 50% Clear oil will achieve a light oak shade.


We recommend that you always do a small test area first. Ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry and free from any previous finishes before applying the Hard Wax Oil. If required, sand area with 150 grade sandpaper or finer, then remove any residual dust.

Important: Stir thoroughly before and during application.

Due to the shape and size of the opening on the 5 Ltr tins, a long, strong stirring stick will be needed to stir the product thoroughly before use. Alternatively, pour the entire contents of the tin in to another container so that it can be stirred.


Hard Wax Oil can be applied directly from the tin onto a prepared surface with a good quality paint brush, cloth or velour roller. No thinner or primer is required.

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is ideally applied in a well ventilated area at room temperature. For best results, and maximum protection we recommend 2 coats on hard woods such as oak, and 3 coats on soft woods such as pine but a test area needs to be done to ensure the wood can accept the 3rd coat.

  • 1st coat: Stir the hardwax oil thoroughly before and during use. Apply THINLY and work into the wood following the direction of the grain. Remove any excess hard wax oil immediately with a cloth.
  • 2nd coat: Apply a thin second coat once the first has dried. Once dry the surface can be buffed with a dry cloth to improve the shine.

Maintaining your finish

For general maintainance clean your Hard Wax Oil finish with a damp (not wet) cloth, leave for a few minutes, then buff dry. For better results and to help remove stuborn scuffs and marks use Fiddes Floor Surface Cleaner or Manns Wood Surface Cleaner

Important: Oiled or waxed floors and surfaces should not be cleaned with a steam cleaner or steam mop.

Repairing damaged areas

Scuffs, stains, marks and damages can be easily "repaired".

  • Minor Blemishes can be removed by buffing with a cloth or brush as well as vacuuming
  • Light damage such as stains can easily repaired by lightly sanding and re-applying a fresh coat of Hard Wax Oil
  • Heavy damage including scratches can be easily 'repaired' by sanding the affected area back to the original wooden surface then re-applying a fresh coat of the Hardwax oil

Equipment Cleaning

Application equipment such as brushes and floor applicator pads can be cleaned with White Spirit. It's important that brushes and other applicators are cleaned immediately after use before the product hardens.


This product is occasionally decanted into our own tins under the Manns label if stock needs to be made available in smaller sizes. The product however is always Fiddes Hard Wax Oil and compatible with other hardwax oils of a comparable quality.

Fiddes Hardwax Oil has been tested in accordance with the BS3900 G5 and BS 3900 E15 standards meaning it is highly resistant to liquids and wear. It has also passed the EN71 Toy Safety Test making it suitable for application onto childrens toys.


Q.Is the hard wax oil durable enough for a table top?

A. Absolutely, this product is perfect for any wooden items requiring good protection. Another big advantage of this product is that repairs are very easy to do should the need arise.

Q.Is hard wax oil any different to linseed oil or Danish oil?

A. It's better because the wax content keeps the oil suspended in the surface of the wood for longer. This means that it's a more durable oil and that that maintenance is required less frequently. Also 2-3 coats are recommended (2 for everywhere except table tops and high traffic areas) where as 3-5 coats are recommended for Linseed oil, Danish oil and Tung oil.

Q. I have an old oak floor that has been finely sanded, is the hard wax oil a good choice for it?

A. It is beneficial if the wood grain is open when applying this product because hard wax oil mainly sinks into the wood and becomes a part of the wood. For that reason it requires a fairly open grain to accept the oil and Whilst being applied it is necessary to work the product into the wood. If you want to use any oil on your floor, but especially a wax oil it is recommended to sand the floor with a 150 grit sandpaper or coarser. Then this product will be ideal for you.

Q. Can i use a steam cleaner or steam mop to clean my oiled floor?

A. In short, 'No'. Oiled and waxed finishes on floors are 'Micro-porous' which means that although the wood is protected, it can still breath as it is not completely sealed as it would be with a varnish.

Cleaning oiled or waxed floors with a steam cleaner or steam mop introduces high temperature and pressure water which can strip and penetrate the oiled or waxed finish and potentially damage the wooden floor.

Drying Times

A thin coat of Hard Wax Oil will dry in around 2-3 hours, a medium coat normally dries in around 4-6 hours in a well-ventilated warm room. Allow a longer drying time in cold, damp or humid conditions. Remove any excess oil to avoid extended drying times.

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Fiddes Hard Wax Oil reviews - Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 269 reviews.

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Tim Flake
 1L, Satin
Great product easy to use.
Easy to apply, good coverage ,drys quickly and leaves a tough water resistant finish, used on solid oak worktops with a Belfast sink the hard wax oil offers a far more practical finish than say Danish oil would.
David Pettigrew
 2.5L, Satin
If you're doing a pine floor and the wood is new, it won't colour it much. Older pine will go quite yellow and old pine that has much exposure to light will go orange like a Swedish sauna. I bought this because the reviews and advice suggested it would not colour much, but actually this is very hard to predict so my experience of the product is not positive. Wood Finishes Direct are excellent however.
Our feedback:-
Hello David,

Thank you for the feedback, as with many Oils in the wood finishing industry it will darken the wood slightly and test areas will show exactly how much, as this can be different for every different piece of wood.

For less darkening we would recommend that you use the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Natural, which is designed to leave the wood looking as Natural as possible.

Many Thanks
Peter Fox
 250ml Sample, Satin
Ideal; for Kitchen Table
Fiddes Hard Wax Oil has lived up to it's promise for treating a revitalised antique pine table. First coat of American tinted to match warm coloured kitchen cupboards and then satin clear for a second coat. It's wipeable and repelling water spills after two coats, but although not strictly necessary I plan to add a third coat to the table top. I would have liked to have been able to buy 1/2 litre cans for this job rather than 250cc samples but the next size is a litre. A table doesn't really warrant a full litre unless you are only applying clear and dont need a tint coat or blend
Jo Kimpton
 2.5L, Satin
Easy to apply, clean to use, goes a long way and pleased with the results.
I've used Fiddes products before and feel I can trust them. This Hard Wax Oil was quick and easy to apply. The oil goes a long way and we're pleased with the result. Two coats might prove better than one; however we put one coat on and then when it was completely dry buffed with Fiddes Wax Polish.
Phil H
 1L, Semi Gloss
Excellent Product
Perfect product for refinishing the Ercol chairs I am restoring.
Louise Esson
 1L, Satin
Easy to apply, dried quite quickly, excellent finish
David Osborn
 250ml Sample, Matt
I found that it did what I wanted so ordered a larger size to do the job.
I needed a product that would be compatible with a wax finish already on the wood. It worked well with some effort to remove the original cover and gave a good finish. It did the job.
Stephen Metcalf
 1L, Satin
Excellent product
Used this on oak staircase that had been under carpet for many years - has brought the wood to life and looks great.
Katie Westcott
 1L, Satin
Easy to use, goes on well and gives a lovely finish
We mixed the normal hard wax oil with white as suggested on the website and were very pleased with the result. It gives a lovely natural finish with very little darkening of the oak boards.
Ashley Housley
 250ml Sample, Matt
Easy to use just follow the instructions and you carnt go wrong
Used the oil on my pale staircase and it looks brilliant We went for a clear Matt finish to keep the natural look of the wood and i couldn't ask for a better result Easy to apply and quick driving
Gary Tomlinson
 1L, Matt
Excellent finish and easy to apply
Very prompt delivery from Wood Finishes Direct would recommend.
Conway Jones
 2.5L, Satin
Nice looking fnish,tough, and easy to apply
Previously I,'ve used a stain,followed by a varnish on my wood floors, this would last for a few years but then the finish would gradually flake and wear off. With fiddles its much easier to apply, lasts virtually for ever,more tough and durable with a much nicer finish.
 2.5L, Satin
Fantastic results that I've been looking for for years!
I love wood and have tried all sorts of products over the years, but this is the one I have been searching for and I will never change it! We've used it on some seasoned oak beams and a solid oak floor - the finish is perfect and looks like the floor has been there for years. Superb product
Henry Tidd
 2.5L, Matt
Good product, great finish easy to apply
Chosen over Osmo due to the price difference and more than happy with the finish achieved.
Teresa Smith
 1L, Satin
Easy to apply and looks great
I loved the finish on this product. I used a coat over the American Hard wax oil tint and it toned down the colour and made it richer which is what I wanted.
 250ml Sample, Satin
Great product. Went on easily (used a lint free cloth). Used on a worktop. Used 2 coats and it brought out the colour of the wood beautifully. It is not too shiny and looks natural but you can buff it up more if you wish.Am finding it easy to wipe off any dirt with a damp cloth and water doesn't soak in.
 2.5L, Matt
They cannot stress that you you put the coat on lightly. It does really work. Many thanks. Martin
Frances Davies
 5L, Satin
Easy to use and appears to be doing the what it says on the tin
Need to have enough manpower to put the wax down in one. especially if doing a large area we did 40x20feet
Grizzly CB
 1L, Satin
Easy and looks great
Great finish, definitely satin rather than gloss - not too shiny. Very easy to apply. Good instructions. Hope it's durable - I really like how it finished my parquet!
Marie Cassidy
 2.5L, Satin
Fantastic product
I needed an oil for many different uses on different items of furniture and a staircase which it did fantastically a good quality product easy to apply I will purchase again excellent service helpful tracking service with mobile updates

per litre
4 hours
dry time
  • Water repellent
  • Excellent coverage
  • For all wood types

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* Coverage can vary depending upon on the type of wood used and the amount of product applied. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not 'per coat' amounts.
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