Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish

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Wood type and application method can vary coverage. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not "per coat" amounts.

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  • 10m²/L
    1 coat
  • 10 mins
  •  Soft mixture
  •  Buff to a shine
  •  Toluene free
195 reviews

Fiddes Supreme Wood Wax Polish contains only the finest Beeswax, Carnuba Wax and Candelilla Wax making it the ideal choice for restoring the character and sheen of furniture and wooden surfaces.

Easy to apply with a sponge, cloth or brush and ideal for difficult moulded areas or flat surfaces including flooring and furniture. Medium coats dry within 10 minutes. Toluene Free.

Please note: Fiddes call their Clear wax 'Light'.

Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish nourishes, protects and offers a lasting depth of sheen which enhances the natural beauty of any real wood surface.

This Wax Polish can in general be applied to most other wood finishes including water stain, solvent stain, French polish, varnishes, lacquers and oils. It can be applied to bare wood as a wax finish in its own right. Supreme Wax Polish will revive old or tired looking wooden areas and is suitable for use on all interior wood such as furniture, floors, skirting and dado rails etc.

Note: Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish can easily turn from a wax to a thick liquid if exposed to warm temperatures, vibration in transit or if the tin is shaken. The wax can still be applied in this liquid state and is actually preferred by some customers.

To get the wax to return to its solid state, simply stir and store in a cool place such as a garage or under stairs cupboard. Small tins of wax can be put into the fridge to solidify more quickly if required.

400ml tins of wax will solidify within 12 to 24 hours if stored in a cool environment, 5 ltr tins may take 24 to 48 hours.

Sand the wooden surface with a medium sandpaper of around 120 grit, through to a medium / fine grit of 180 to 220 grit. Sand in the direction of the grain where possible, ensuring the removal of any residual glue and blemishes from the surface of the wood prior to the application of the Supreme Wax Polish. Take care to remove all traces of sanding dust from the area to be waxed. A coat of Manns Shellac Sanding Sealer can be used on open grained woods prior to application.

All untreated surfaces need to be clean and dry before application

Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish can be applied with a clean cloth such as stockinette, although most cloths such as T-Shirt or old bed sheeting will suffice. Wax Polish can also be applied with grade 0000 wire wool, which smooths the surface of the wood whilst waxing it at the same time. To achieve a deep lustre, buff the waxed surface with a clean, coarse cloth such as stockinette.

To get the best results, apply sparingly working on small areas at a time. Leave the wax polish for around 10 minutes before buffing with stockinette cloth or a drill buffing brush to achieve a shiny finish.

Buffing by hand requires some work to achieve a high sheen level whereas a drill buffing brush makes the process quicker and easier. If using a drill buffing brush it's important to let the bristles do the work. If you push down on the bristles they will start to soften and remove the wax from the surface of the wood.


When maintaining pre-waxed wood it is advisable to use a clear wax (Fiddes call their clear one: 'Light'), coloured waxes are best used for repairing fine scratches, for example when a lighter shade is showing through or they are used to change the colour of wood when the initial finishing process is done.

Additional coats offer an improved patina and overall durability and although not essential fresh wax coats can be applied annually. The coloured waxes offer greater depth.

Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish has a shelf life of around 2 years and is ideally stored in an air tight container at normal room temperature. Any wax exposed to very hot or freezing temperatures should be discarded.

  • Flammable: Contains White Spirit.
  • Keep away from sources of ignition: No Smoking.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection.
  • Storage: Keep container tightly closed and store in a well-ventilated area.

Drying times may vary depending on room temperature, humidity and the type of wood being waxed. Recommended drying time for a thin coat of Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is around 5 minutes with thicker coats taking up to 15 minutes.

Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish reviews

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on 195 reviews.
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Great by Judith Smith

Produces a great shine with minumum effort

Reviewed 400ml, Stripped Pine on: 21/04/16
Good finish, easy to work with by Ben Hamilton

Gave a very nice natural finish to oak panels

Reviewed 400ml, Antique Brown on: 16/04/16
Good finish, easy to work with by Ben Hamilton

I used this darker colour wax to even out the slight imperfections in my oak panels.

Reviewed 400ml, Rugger on: 16/04/16
Great product by Ashley Marriott

Fiddles Supreme is the best wax I have used

Reviewed 400ml, Rugger on: 08/04/16
Top quality product by John Gay

Very good quality Wax, very easy to use.

Reviewed 5L, Light - Clear on: 29/03/16
Great product excellent service by Gary Wells

Great colour for my reclaimed wood table the more you buff it the better it gets

Reviewed 400ml, Rugger on: 23/03/16
So easy to use by Sharon Baldwin

Best wax I have ever used. So simple to use and looks like a professional finish

Reviewed 400ml, Antique Brown on: 23/03/16
A service second to none by E Halliday

It does what it says it will I have used it for years and have had no problems

Reviewed 5L, Antique Brown on: 20/03/16
Does the job - applies easily by Robert Ginsburg

Good finish and a nice sheen after a few applications on stained wood

Reviewed 400ml, Light - Clear on: 20/03/16
Excellent product and easy to use by Harry Spears

This wax was used on a new oak stair. It was easy to use at room temperature and with a little bit of elbow grease and four or five coats it produced a lovely finish. Can definitely recommend this for new wood.

Reviewed 5L, Light - Clear on: 15/03/16
Easy to apply, excellent coverage by Debbie Bridge

Gave a nice colour and finish was easy to apply and a small amount covered a good area

Reviewed 400ml, Rugger on: 10/03/16
Excellent by J Gledhill

Having used this product both in trade and as a teacher I would recommend it to anybody. JG

Reviewed 400ml, Jacobean on: 10/03/16
Easy to apply and no colour change to the wood by Lisa Auton

Very easy to apply (used on our white oak staircase) with a soft cloth we were keen not to colour the wood in any way, this product is perfect. We didn't require a high sheen, one coat was perfect with a light buff, although I understand a second coat would encourage a higher sheen if required. One coat enhanced the grain and when (using a test piece of oak) splashed with water created a seal so that the liquid sat on the surface. We have enough in the tub to apply second and possibly third coats over time if required. *our stair case is oak base, hand rail and 4 x newel, inserts are glass which is how we have so much left.

Reviewed 400ml, Light - Clear on: 09/03/16
Worked fine by Brian Herrell

Did exactly what I wanted.The colour chart could be larger

Reviewed 400ml, Jacobean on: 05/03/16
Easy to use and great finish by Stephanie Bell

Waxed my new fire surround. Never used wax finish before but this product made it easy.

Reviewed 400ml, Stripped Pine on: 03/03/16
It does the job and is easy to apply and the result is great used it for years by Maureen Shirley

The delievery was very efficient order one day arrived next brilliant superp product easy to apply result is great would happily recommend

Reviewed 400ml, Light - Clear on: 01/03/16
Great product by Joanna Harris

Excellent product, easy to use and good results

Reviewed 400ml, Stripped Pine on: 01/03/16
Brilliant product Leaves a fantatstic finish and very easy to apply by David Lewis

Brilliant product. Leaves a fantatstic finish and very easy to apply.

Reviewed 400ml, Stripped Pine on: 01/03/16
Did the job by Brian Delaney

This was delivered promptly and left my furniture with an excellent finish.

Reviewed 400ml, Light - Clear on: 01/03/16
Great, high quality solid wax by Graeme Cole

Gave a finish look to our reclaimed pine flooring. It continues to polish and add shine with wear under socks. Half a tin covered roughly 17.5M sq.

Reviewed 5L, Antique Brown on: 13/02/16

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