Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish

  4.9/5.0 (276 reviews)
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2 coats = Recommended
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • A versatile, premium protective wax for interior wood
  • Nourishes, protects and revives old or tired looking wood
  • Can be used on previously finished and bare wood
  • Extremely quick and easy to apply
  • Ready-to-use, all-in-one formula
  • Ideal for wood floors and furniture
Brand Fiddes
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 10 per litre
Drying time 10 mins
Size 400ml, 5L
GTIN 5060147670028, 5060147670059, 5060147670004, 5060147671858, 5060147670042, 5060147670011, 5060147670097, 5060147670127, 5060147670073, 5060147671810, 5060147670110, 5060147670080

Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is suitable for use on all interior wood, such as furniture, floors, skirting boards, architraves, dado rails and more. Perfect for use on previously waxed, oiled and bare wood surfaces.

Ensure surfaces to be treated are clean, dry and free from dirt and dust prior to application.

  1. Sand the wooden surface with a medium sandpaper of around 120 grit, through to a medium / fine grit of 180 to 220 grit.
  2. Sand in the direction of the grain where possible, ensuring the removal of any residual glue and blemishes from the surface of the wood.
  3. Take care to remove all traces of sanding dust from the area to be waxed.
  4. A coat of Manns Shellac Sanding Sealer can be used on open grained woods prior to application.

Always do a test area before starting any project to check suitability and compatibility. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times. Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is best applied with a clean, lint free cloth, stockinette or fine grade wire wool ( which smooths the surface of the wood whilst waxing it at the same time).

  1. Apply sparingly, working on one small area at a time.
  2. Leave the wax polish for around 10 minutes
  3. Buff as required to achieve desired sheen level as below:
    • By hand - requires some work to achieve a high sheen level
    • By drill buffing brush - let the bristles do the work. If you push down on the bristles they will start to soften and remove the wax from the surface of the wood.

Please Note: Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish can easily turn from a wax to a thick liquid if exposed to warm temperatures, vibration in transit or if the tin is shaken. The wax can still be applied in this liquid state and is actually preferred by some customers. To get the wax to return to its solid state, simply stir and store in a cool place such as a garage or under stairs cupboard. Small tins of wax can be put into the fridge to solidify more quickly if required.


When maintaining pre-waxed wood it is advisable to use a clear wax (Fiddes call their clear wax, 'Light'). Coloured waxes are best used for repairing fine scratches, for example when a lighter shade is showing through. They are also used to change the colour of wood when the initial finishing process is done.

Additional coats offer an improved patina and overall durability. Fresh wax coats can be applied annually. The coloured waxes offer greater depth.

276 customer reviews
Exceptional polish by Sarah

Used previously and found on this excellent site. It is a first class polish which renovates and polishes antique and newer furniture

Reviewed 400ml, Jacobean on: 05/01/17
Brilliant product by Sarah

Used previously and found on this excellent site. It is a first class polish which renovates and polishes antique and newer furniture.

Reviewed 400ml, Rugger on: 05/01/17
First time user by C Walker

Easy to use and with a good finish

Reviewed 400ml, Light - Clear on: 04/01/17
As good as when I first used it in the 60's by James Stocks

It is THE wax polish. Enough said!

Reviewed 400ml, Light - Clear on: 03/01/17
Superb product by M. Bishop

After lots of research and trying various samples I used this wax on a rather pale pine mantelpiece. I wasn't hundred percent sure but the this wax is fantastic and the finish is far better than expected. I used other dark waxes before for various projects but Fiddes's wax is number one since now on: it's extremely easy to use, very little goes a long way and dries nicely (and not sticky!!) even without buffing. The colour is (on pine) deep and rather cool without any hints of red which I like very much. I was a bit afraid that the heat from the stove might melt or soften wax, but after a month or so I can honestly say that it doesn't.

Reviewed 400ml, Jacobean on: 03/01/17
Works well in small doses applied with a yellow duster by DAVID BECK

It arrived punctually. It has increased the shine on a mahogany dining table and helped to disguise a ring which I had already used an iron and cloth to largely remove. I found the brush attached to my drill worked well to polish but a final rub with a duster was still needed. The polish took about 8 minutes to be dry enough to work on.

Reviewed 400ml, Jacobean on: 03/01/17
We have used this for many years on our wood block floors by P Rogers

Excellent product

Reviewed 400ml, Light - Clear on: 03/01/17
Looks good by Ace

Only used this with stain samples so far to see what the final finish will be, so far it looks like a very good product and I plan to use it on all my wooden flooring.

Reviewed 5L, Light - Clear on: 30/12/16
Our favourite! by Louise Miller

We've used this product from day 1, so a good couple of years now. Perfect for indoor or outdoor woods. I love the richness of this colour wax. Fiddes waxes are great products and is our preference everytime.

Reviewed 5L, Rugger on: 23/12/16
Much cheaper than other companies by Rob

I have hardwood floors in most downstairs rooms I had been varnishing especially the kitchen at least once a year.However the kitchen was still wearing out fast.3 coats of this polish has made it look brand new really bought out the colour and seems to seal it much better than varnish.I shall not be varnishing again.Give it a good clean polish and buff.Brilliant stuff.Be careful as floor can be slippery with socks bare feet or good sole slippers makes it ok

Reviewed 5L, Light - Clear on: 23/12/16
Have used this polish for over 20 years Can't beat it by Anne Lacey

This product is very easy to apply and gives a nice finish every time. Furniture comes up like new. As I live in Ireland I'm wondering if I can buy it here?

Reviewed 400ml, Antique Brown on: 22/12/16
Easy to use and with excellent results by David Wookey

I bought this wax to darken a light pine sideboard so as to match a dresser. The wax was simple yo apply anthe sideboard grew darker with every coat. After several applications the furniture look great together.

Reviewed 400ml, Antique Brown on: 14/12/16
Does what it says on the tin by Steve C

We bought this product as it was the most cost effective for our needs. The item arrived promptly and was as described. It has proven to be appropriate and we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Reviewed 5L, Light - Clear on: 13/12/16
Good quality product by Senior Chief

Easy to use website allowed careful selection from a wide range of products. Very fast delivery for little extra cost. Handy size container and correct colour wax to meet my requirements. Simple to apply, fast drying and a very nice finish. Very satisfied.

Reviewed 400ml, Jacobean on: 08/12/16
Easy to apply and finish by Bill H

Does the job well.

Reviewed 5L, Light - Clear on: 06/12/16
Excellent Finish by Joyce Gordon

Love this superior wax polish for my doors and skirtings throughout the house. Advised by my joiner to use this instead of varnish and I can definitely vouch for the brilliant finish. Looks so professional when buffed up and it brings out the grain in my white oak wood. OkAy, so it takes a bit of time and patience, I usually rub two coats in and then buff up with a dry duster for a lovely glow, but well worth the effort.

Reviewed 400ml, Light - Clear on: 02/12/16
Excellent by Tracie Dove

Very good quality, did the job perfectly , great quality product

Reviewed 400ml, Jacobean on: 26/11/16
Very easy to use, lovely finish by Jane Watson

Great a lovely shine. Planning to use it on lots of items around the house.

Reviewed 400ml, Light - Clear on: 23/11/16
The cloth was just the right texture to do the job and it looks great by Kenneth Bruce

Brilliant stuff and it came so quickly.

Reviewed 400ml, Light - Clear on: 15/11/16
Excellent service Excellent product by Timothy Burrage
Reviewed 400ml, Light - Clear on: 15/11/16