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Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil

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Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil is a UV resistant, water-repellant oil that protects against weathering and the bleaching effects of the sun.

Dries to a translucent, satin finish - ideal for garden furniture and other exterior wooden surfaces. One coat of clear or coloured Wood Preservative is recommended beforehand for a long lasting finish.

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Perfect for any exterior wooden surface, such as doors and garden furniture, Fiddes exterior wood oil provides an effective barrier against the damaging effects of weathering and bleaching from the sun.

Made with a blend of natural resins and oils, this high grade wood oil produces a transparent satin finish that has exceptional durability and resistance. Quick and easy to apply, exterior wood oil produces a clear, quick drying water repellent and weather resistant finish that will not flake or peel.

A popular choice with woodworkers, joinery professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, Fiddes exterior wood oil provides a versatile solution for all of your exterior wood preservative needs. Although more expensive than some alternative products, just 3 coats are all that is required to offer maximum protection instead of the 4-5 coats of some alternative products.

Fiddes exterior wood oil is occasionally decanted into smaller Manns label tins to allow us to offer a larger product range and avoid stock shortages.


For the best results, treat exterior wooden surfaces with Barrettine Wood Preservative prior to applying Fiddes Exterior Wood Oil.

For the best results, surfaces should be clean, dry and free from any previous wood finishes, this can normally be achieved by a light sanding with a 120 grit sanding paper. All residual wood dust should be removed before application of the wood oil.

Any fungal growth, dirt or moss also needs to be removed prior to the application of the exterior wood oil.


Exterior wood preservatives should always be applied in dry conditions, it's also advisable to test the wood oils on a small test area prior to application. Fiddes exterior wood oil is formulated for direct application and does not require any thinning or coats of primer.

For the best results, the exterior wood oil should be thoroughly stirred before and during use. The exterior wood oil should be applied thinly with a good quality paint brush in the direction of the grain. Any excess wood oil should be immediately removed with a cloth.

Drying time is around 4 to 6 hours (most oils take 12-48 hours) although overnight drying is better. Before application of the second coat, sand lightly with a fine 320 grade sand paper or sanding disk again being careful to remove any dust that this may create. The second coat should be applied as the first, thinly and in the direction of the grain with a further 4 to 6 hours drying time.

Equipment Cleaning

Brushes and other applicators used to apply this product should be cleaned with white spirit immediately after use.


Tins of Fiddes exterior wood oil, new and used, should be tightly closed and stored in a cool well ventilated area.


Fiddes wood oil as with many other solvent based wood preservatives and oils is flammable so should be kept away from children, naked flames, cigarettes and other sources of ignition.

Used cloths can self ignite if left uncleaned after use. It is important that any used cloths are thoroughly washed in warm soapy water and thoroughly rinsed before they are disposed or stored in an airtight container.

It is recommended that gloves and eye protection are worn when applying exterior wood oil or other solvent based wood finishing products. In the event of contact with the eyes, they should be immediately rinsed with plenty of water before seeking urgent medical advice.

This Fiddes clear wood oil should be kept away from children, food, drinks and any other food related items.

Drying Time

Leave to dry 4 to 6 hours or preferably overnight between coats. Longer drying periods may occur during application in damp or humid conditions.

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Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil reviews - Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on 34 reviews.

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Alan Wasser
A very good product
Bought to maintain a solid British oak door and frame. This had had 3 coats of Fiddes Oil when made. The maker and installer recommended this product and I have found it to be an excellent product
Ian Leckenby
Seems to be an excellent product.
Just had an oak garden room installed. The Wood Oil certainly puts a very pleasing finish to the untreated internal surfaces of the large oak beams. The outside had already been treated, but a couple of additional coats in spring should help preserve the finish perfectly.
Ingrid Easterbrook
Easy to brush on high build wood oil
Used on our oak front door, gives a very natural wood finish over the Barratine wood preservative. Cannot comment on how long lasting as we have only just done it. User friendly website and helpful staff at the end of the phone. Recommended
Thomas Laurie
Effective & Easy to use.
This product leaves the wood looking rich and nourished. My garden shed is 4 years old and was badly faded. The first coat soaked into the grain immediately. The second coat left the timber looking like new wood.
Kelvin Storer
Good finish
A great product and finish for my outside bench .
Luke Jeffs
Excellent Item, Used it to go onto bare Oak which has been written on in permanenet pen (as part of our wedding memento outdoor bench) Fantastic results.
Stuart Allston
Great product, easy to apply and has a superb finish. rapid drying time.
I have used this product many times in different situations from Kitchen work surfaces to floors to complete items of furnture. it so easy and quick to apply and drys much quicker than other oils of its type. The overall finish it gives the wood is fantastic and to maintain is so simple. Recommend everyone in the trade to try it.
Matt Cooper
Used for several years
By far the nicest to use and most effective oil varnish I have used
Juliet Snuggs
Excellent - beautiful finish on my front door!
We bought this for our front door and it looks amazing! we will certainly buy more for our new internal oak doors - really brings out the colour and texture of the wood - beautiful!
David Wood
Good no problems
Best thing I can say is that i have been back for more and I have no doubt I will be back again in another couple of years to refresh the oak lintels and framing again
Valerie Tate
Does what is says,
We have used this product for 6 years, it keeps our oak doors and windows looking great. It goes a long way and protects the wood.
William Wright
Used it before and will use again. Excellent on my external red cedar.
Used it before and will use again. Excellent on my external red cedar. Easy to apply. Has protected it well for 2 years against string winds and weather at times. Neighbours admire it.
David Seabrook
Does what it says on the tin!
Used on summer house roof (cedar) 2 weeks ago. Applies 1 coat on top of 2 coats Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative. Looks good at the moment but I'll be interested to see what state it's in 12-24 months from now. That would be the time to provide a realistic review.
Ilona Morgan
First rate product. Easy to apply. Excellent protection.
Re-coated after applying to my new oak gates for first time last year. It was near perfect already so just needed a quick lick. Excellent product
K Savage
In my view, it is not what it says on the tin, ie Exterior wood oil. It is more of an outdoor varnish finish. Solvent based, but as varnish go, then it is really good. I was expecting some sexy potent oil product to apply, having spent 4 days scrubbing, prepping and cleaning the 4 chairs, a round table and 3 seater bench. So 2.5 litres was sufficient for 3 coats. The finish was good and application easy enough. I expect this product to start crack and peel within 1-2 years. Which is not exactly what I had in mind. So overall I would call this a posh varnish, due to price.
Our feedback:-
It sounds like it is possible that the Oil has been applied too liberally, this could cause it to have a look of a surface Varnish.

It is important that this Oil is applied thinly and worked into the surface of the wood, using a brush or cloth, so that it is absorbed, in order to avoid the Oil drying on the surface of the wood. Please feel free to email us if you have any more questions.
David Fawkner-Corbett
Easy to apply nd gives an excellent result
It is the second time we have used this exterior wood oil. It protects the wood well and gives an attractive finish.
Leong Ng
Excellent product
Works very well on external doors and bifold doors. Surface repelled water after coating. Would recommend this product
Christopher Harwood
Very easy to apply, however takes longer to dry than four hours, this could be down to temperatures when initially applied.
A very easy product to apply which really brings out the grain in wood, as you build the layers the grain shows through even more. Recommend using rubber gloves when applying this product especially when handling painted areas as it can get quite sticky as it goes through its drying process. I have just ordered more for my new Oak Garage doors. Three coats of Wood oil seems to give a perfect finish.
Jill Saunders
Straightforward and effective
Extremely helpful advice over the phone from woodfinishesdirect, and very happy with the outcome
Carol Spencer
Excellent product.Does what it says on the can.
Low odour, easy to apply, used lint free cloth to apply 2nd and 3rd coats for the professional finish.

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