Barrettine Decking Stain

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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

Barrettine All-in-One Decking Stain offers a clear or coloured translucent finish with superb protection suitable for all decking and exterior balustrading.

Make sure your decking is fully protected with a clear coat of Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative beforehand.

  • Prevents splitting
  • Water repellent
  • All-in-one treatment
  • Plant and animal safe
Brand Barrettine
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 8 per litre
Drying time 24 hrs
Size 2.5L, 5L
MPN DTRC2.5, DTCL2.5, DTDO2.5, DTCP2.5, DTRO2.5, DTRC005, DTCL005, DTDO005, DTCP005, DTRO005
GTIN 5015861552259, 5015861550255, 5015861553256, 05015861551252, 5015861554253, 5015861003010, 5015861002815, 5015861002853, 5015861002839, 5015861002990

Barrettine decking stain is showerproof within 2 hours of application, but can require up to 24 hours before advised use. Helps prevent cracking or splitting. Harmless to children, plants and animals when dry. Application is quick and easy with a Velour Roller or Mako Brush.

The right decking treatment will prolong the life of your decking. Read more about decking maintenance and cleaning in our blog.

What's the best way to use this excellent product, a big favourite with our customers? Why not check out our blog post about how to use decking oils?

New decking is usually pre-treated with a wood preservative. If using new un-preserved timber apply 1 to 2 coats of clear Barrettine Wood Preservative first. If renovating decking that hasn't been treated for a number of years, first ensure that the decking has been thoroughly stripped and cleaned before treating with Barrettine Wood Preservative. Allow the wood preservative to dry for 5 days before applying Barrettine Decking Treatment.

Ensure that the decking is clean, dry and free from dust, dirt and algae before applying Barrettine Decking Treatment. Any traces of fungi, mould or algae on the decking can be removed by using Barrettine Fungicidal Wash (Multicide) prior to treating the area with wood preservative and decking treatment.

New wood decking should be wiped down with White Spirit to remove surface resins and other contaminates. Highly resinous timbers and some hardwoods may effect performance and final results - Always do a test area first.

Barrettine Decking Stain must be stirred thoroughly before and during application. Decant contents of the tin into a paint container or tray.

For the best results, apply to all sides of the decking before construction. Brush or roller on in the direction of the wood grain. Normally, one liberally applied coat is sufficient, if however you require a deeper colour, a second coat can be applied after 12-24 hours.

  • Showerproof within 2 hours
  • Allow at least 24 hours before using your decking
  • Best results achieved with 12 hours between each coat. This allows for previous coats to fully absorb into the decking.

This decking stain cannot be used on decking that has been previously painted or varnished. All previous coatings must be thoroughly removed before this product can be used.

141 customer reviews
No problems with ordering & delivery by Jackie Robb

this product is very good value for money this is my 2nd time buying this

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 05/11/16
Excellent by David Jackson

Very good quality product and easy to use. Got an excellent result

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 21/09/16
Quick, easy and great result by Mark

The product is great, applied one coat in about 45 mins, decking area was 22 feet x 11 feet. The oil had a stain within it and it was exactly what we were after. It also cost cheaper thans some other premium brands, so better on the pocket. One tip, apply with a decking brush on a broom handle, saves your knees!

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Oak on: 19/09/16
Quick, easy and great result by Mark

The product is great, applied one coat in about 45 mins, decking area was 22 feet x 11 feet. The oil had a stain within it and it was exactly what we were after. It also cost cheaper thans some other premium brands, so better on the pocket. One tip, apply with a decking brush on a broom handle, saves your knees!

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 19/09/16
Great product, lovely colour, easy to apply by .

Nice colour, easy to apply, leaves nice finish, looks natural

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 11/09/16
Great product Went on really easily by Avril Moulds

I am not the greatest at DIY so the thought of giving my decking a new lease of life was not appealing. However Battenttine decking stain was easy to use and looked fabulous. It actually looks quite professional. I may even attempt more DIY in the future.

Reviewed 5L, Rosewood on: 08/09/16
Looks good, hopefully it will do the job and stop our grandchildren getting splinters in their feet! by Mrs C Hope

Great service from this company, well informed and helpful staff

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 01/09/16
Does a great job by Les Shaw

Used on garden furniture it took 24 to dry but gives a beautiful finish. I am now going to use it on Decking after seeing how easy it was to use on furniture

Reviewed 2.5L, Cedar Red on: 01/09/16
Easy to use Great coverage Lovely colour by Andrew

Very easy to usee with great coverage and lovely colour. Colour deepens with subsequent coats to achieve your desired tone.

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 17/08/16
This product is brilliant and preserves my decking and revives the timber beautifully by DAVID WILSON

Excellent value

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 13/08/16
Best on the market by Jason Wood

Excellent product, I have used barrettine a few times now and the level of protection provided to the decking leaves the competition standing...all I can say is don't waste your money on another brand and end up doing the job twice.. You won't be disappointed at the results

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 09/08/16
Good service and price by Colin Payne

Excellent product

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Oak on: 01/08/16
Best decking stain ever by Linda Maddox

This stuff is great. Having tried other products, (Ronseal, Cuprinol) in the past and been disappointed, I did a bit of research this time and was impressed by the reviews about Barrentine's deck stain. They were all correct; it went on like a dream and since we finished the job everyone has been very complimentary. Our decking looks good and I'm confident it will do so for a good few years.

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Oak on: 29/07/16
Great product by Maxine DALE

Easy to apply and gives a deep professional finish.

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Oak on: 26/07/16
Stunning Finish by Maxine DALE

This oil is so easy to apply and gives a deep, professional finish. Has totally transformed our decking.

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 26/07/16
Excellent Product by Paul Stroud

I had been looking for a good product to re stain my decking after having stripped it back to bare wood.Spent ages looking at the usual Cuprinol and Ronseal products then came across the Barrettine range that had very good customer reviews. Purchased the 5L Dark Oak decking oil stain from Wood Finishes Direct, prompt delivery and very well packaged. The first liquid coat easily soaked into the bare wood, simply to apply by brush. After 24 hours I applied a second coat which give a richer and darker finish. Once dried it looks lovely and still have quarter of the tin left. Very pleased with this product and will certainly purchase again when required. The previous water based decking stain had peeled and flaked but I am hopeful this oil based stain will not. (although I accept it will need a re coat every year or two).

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 21/07/16
Literally does what it says on the can by Pat McFadyen

Did a great job of sprucing up very tired decking

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 24/06/16
Excellent does exactly what it says by Pamela Sweeney

goes on easy. my decking looks amazing. and you still see the natural wood knots. my neighbour's have asked me where I got it and family members. i have taken photos with my plants on it and the contrast is stunning. excellent fast delivery a pleasure.

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 23/06/16
Wonderful product - protects and colours your wood beautifully! by Debbie B

Having already used Wood-Finishes before I knew the company was very reliable. Plus I had bought the Barretine Wood Preserver (in Golden Brown) last time for my fence panels and it made them look like new. And with the decking stain I was not disappointed. The dark oak is a beautiful rich dark brown with a hue of red and now my old decking looks like it has just been laid. Highly recommend the company and the product.

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 22/06/16
Excellent coverage by Nigel Moss

used plenty of stains before, this is by far the best, excellent coverage, lovely deep colour

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 22/06/16