Barrettine Premier Universal Preservative

  4.9/5.0 (34 reviews)
2 coats = Standard protection
Total: enter area
3 coats = Best protection
Total: enter area

Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • A wax-free, solvent-based exterior wood preserver
  • Allows application of most top coat systems
  • Quality primer resins for excellent adhesion
  • Prevents wood boring insects, wood rotting fungi and blue stain
  • Long lasting protection
  • Harmless to plants and animals when dry
  • Low odour formulation
Brand Barrettine
No. of coats 2-3
Coverage Up to 6 per litre
Drying time 12 hrs
Size 5L
GTIN 5015861120502

Barrettine Universal Wood Preservative is the perfect undercoat for most exterior projects. This product does not contain wax which makes it ideal as a pre-treatment for water-based wood finishes such as Barrettine Country Cottage Shades.

Looking for a wood preservative with added wax, for better water repellency? Try Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative.

Ensure that wooden surfaces to be treated are clean, dry and free from surface dirt, debris and other surface contaminants.

New Bare Wood

  • If required, new bare timber can be cleaned and de-greased with White Spirit prior to application

Previously Treated Wood

  • Any surface coatings such as paints, varnishes and stains must be fully removed back to clean, bare wood by sanding or using a suitable stripper / remover
  • Exterior wood that has been oiled in the last year should be allowed to weather for at least one year or until the wood preservative is able to penetrate through to the timber

Old Untreated Wood

  • Wood that has become decayed should be removed and replaced
  • Cut out and burn all decayed wood at least 45cm beyond the area of damage
  • Brush down the wood with a stiff broom or brush to remove any ingrained surface dirt and debris
  • Traces of mould, algae or fungi must be removed with a stiff brush or scraper
  • Areas that have been affected by mould, algae or fungi should be treated with fungicidal wash or mould and mildew cleaner prior to application

Always do a small test area to confirm performance and compatibility before starting any project and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times. Protect any surrounding soil, plants or aquatic environments from splashes of Universal Wood Preserver. Ideal application temperature is between 10-30℃. Wood should be frost-free when treated. Shake well prior to use.

  1. Apply using a synthetic brush designed for solvent-based products
  2. Spread the preserver thinly and evenly, ensuring end grain is thoroughly treated along with cut and drilled areas
  3. Apply 2-3 coats, allowing 6-12 hours drying time between coats

Please Note: Low temperatures, increased humidity and ingredients of some wood species may increase the drying time up to 24 hours.

Once fully dry, this product can be over-coated with a suitable wood oil, stain, wood paint or varnish.

Wood treated with Barrettine Universal Wood Preserver can be easily maintained by applying a fresh maintenance coat on a yearly or 2 yearly basis as required.

Please note: If this product is over-coated with a clear decking oil or other exterior wood oil, it will last for up to 5 years. This is only if the exterior wood oil or decking oil finish is re-applied and maintained on a regular basis as per the guidance on the relevant product.

Q. Is this all I need to protect my summer house?

This product is commonly used on its own on sheds and fences and other exterior items constructed of rough wood, however for a total treatment we would recommend Log Cabin Treatment for added water repellency and weather protection, or Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra to also reduce the likelyhood of your log cabin from greying.

Q. Can I use Barrettine Wood Preservative on a chicken shed and dog kennel?

Barrettine Wood Preservative is perfectly safe to use on any surface that comes into contact with animals when dry. This includes but is not limited to dog kennels, chicken sheds and houses, horse stables and more. It's important to remember that this wood preservation treatment should be over-coated with a suitable exterior oil. Animals should only come into contact with the surface of the wood when both the wood preserver and oil have fully dried.

34 customer reviews
Good by Marcus Lonsdale
Reviewed on: 16/03/17
Just what I need by Clarke Dalby

No wax in this preservative which means paints and other finishes will adhere properly. Only gripe is that it takes about 2-3 days before you can use the timber to glue up or paint as it seems to take a long while to evaporate properly. I would still buy again.

Reviewed on: 09/03/17
Excellent product, very easy to use and good value by Mrs Angela Smith

I used this treatment with a spray machine and it was very fast work, dried very quickly too, would definitely use again.

Reviewed on: 01/02/17
Easy to apply, no sticky residue, 'dries' - absorbs quickly makes good base layer for next treatments by M Newbery

Very difficult to comment on lasting qualities and effectiveness - as it's underneath whatever comes next... I used this batch to prepare timber for a job due to start in the spring, when it will be 'painted'. As it stands there's no significant colour change to the coated timber. Paints and coatings have changed significantly since the days when folks coated external timber with creosote (ugh!) or alternatives then available and this material is streets ahead. I used the last batch to coat inside and outside of two log cabins. Internally the floors were oiled (leave all windows wide open...) and this preservative sealed the wood beautifully.

Reviewed on: 31/12/16
Easy to apply by Linda Saunderson

Easy to apply. Bit watery but soaks in quickly.

Reviewed on: 09/12/16
Can work out quite costly but good product by Christopher Barnes

Good product can be easily sprayed through a spray gun with appropriate mask, works very well you can see the water just repels offcabin, only downside is price I needed two tins for a 6m x 4m log cabin so can work out quite expensive, a must have item if you are treating wood.

Reviewed on: 25/11/16
Easy to use by Karen Paynter

Not the ideal time of year to be using this product, but had to get some protection on a new, untreated garden swing seat. Used the product inside a well ventilated garage and it soaked in really well and dried quickly. The wood initially darkened after each coat, but has now dried back to almost its original colour. Not sure how it will dry on previously treated woods, but can't see any reason why it wouldn't be just as good. Will be making good use of it on my poor old garden fencing and gates next year.

Reviewed on: 24/11/16
Easy and fast to apply by Dave Rice

Following the instructions for preparation was easy. The product when ton easy with no fuss or mess

Reviewed on: 15/10/16
Seems good and easy to apply by Adrian Lee

Used as a base for the wood protective treatment. Went on well and soaked in.

Reviewed on: 12/10/16
The low VOC's, compared to previous experience with Summer Tan, were a blessing by D Hanney
Reviewed on: 14/09/16
Easy to use and overcoatable by Phil Hayles

Easy to apply

Reviewed on: 11/09/16
Stops the mould by Praill

Used on untreated timber to prevent further mould growth once it was cleaned.

Reviewed on: 30/08/16
Well worth using for peace of mind Excellent product by Eileen Allen

I used this to treat a new timber shed I had purchased. It is easy to use and goes a long way. I then put two coats of a barrettine wood colour treatment on top, and I am now happy that my shed is well protected and looks good.

Reviewed on: 22/08/16
Great product by J. Knowles
Reviewed on: 20/08/16
A very good product by S C TURNER

It is easy to apply and is absorbed into the wood quickly

Reviewed on: 19/08/16
Great price, well packed, very quick by Jon Harding

Better than what I was using before as it has no added wax, spot on.

Reviewed on: 28/04/16
Easy to apply (through a manual sprayer) by Adrian Colwill

Easy application, good absorption, two coats applied to previously fitted framework (by others) for decking. With sun and a breeze drying time was around an hour so the whole job was fast and easy. Delivery and service from Woodfinishes was excellent, when it says next day it means it.

Reviewed on: 27/03/16
Easy to apply and it goes a long way by B Sceats

Very easy to use and ideal for use under water based paint

Reviewed on: 22/03/16
I have used it before and have bought some more, brilliant product by I Bowland

So easy to use, penetrates well and is not offensive in use.

Reviewed on: 19/03/16
Great price compared to other similar products by Lee Barton

Can't beat the price compared to other brands offering exactly the same thing in the main DIY stores. Painted over well - only time will tell if its done the job

Reviewed on: 16/03/16
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