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Barrettine Creocote

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Barrettine Creocote is an oil-based Creosote substitute for exterior woods which has been developed as a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional Creosote fence paint, which is no longer available for domestic use.

Available in a light or dark shade, this creosote substitute is ideally suited to rough woods on sheds, fences and barns but can be used on a variety of exterior woods to protect and preserve.

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Barrettine Creocote has similar physical, water repellency and application characteristics of the traditional Creosote fence paint but contains no biocide/preserver. For additional protection against insect attack, mould, algae and wood rot, a base coat of Barrettine Premier Universal Preservative can be applied before the Creocote.

If using Barrettine Premier Universal Preservative as a base coat for additional protection, it's important that it is allowed to dry for 24 to 48 hours before applying the Creocote on top.

Barrettine Creocote Is a bitumen/wax based treatment that helps to protect the timber by repelling water and preventing ingress.


Timber surfaces to be treated should be clean, dry and free from mould, algae, lichen and other surface contaminates prior to application. Timber surfaces can be cleaned with a stiff brush and Fungicidal Wash (Multicide) to remove any organic matter from the surface of the wood.

Other than water based or spirit based wood preservers, this product can only be used on bare wood - any surface coatings of paint or varnish must be fully removed before applying Barrettine Creocote.


Always do a test area before starting any project to test the suitability and colour of this product.

This product can be brush applied (approximately 1 Ltr per 6 to 8 square meters) or the timber can be dipped into the Creocote for approximately 20 mins.

Please Note: This product is not suitable for use on decking or exterior wooden furniture.

Equipment Cleaning

Paint brushes and other application equipment used for applying Barrettine Creocote should be cleaned with white spirit immediately after use and before the product has chance to harden.


  • Harmful by inhalation.
  • Harmful: may cause lung damage if swallowed.
  • Irritating to skin.
  • Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.
  • Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.

Drying Time

Allow 24 to 48 hours for Barrettine Creocote to dry fully. drying times may very depending on timber, air temperature and humidity.

Note: If this product is being used on barns or other structures where animals are being kept, it must be allowed to dry for a full 48 hours with good ventilation before animals are introduced.

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Barrettine Creocote reviews - Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 52 reviews.

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Ray Saxton
A good substitute for the restricted available "CreoSote"
An excellent waterproofing, easy to use, fence and garden shed treatment.
George Morrow
Need to wait a couple of years to see but for now rain is runnung off the wood
The product has a strong smell which smelt good, the product did leach through to my neighbours side, perhaps I applied too much by brush.
Graham Marshall
Brilliant - brought an old fence back to life.
Had an old close boarded fence that had not been treated for years and desperately needed some TLC. Used a jet wash to clean it and after giving time to dry used Creocote, just one coat for now, and the fence looks like new. The wood did soak up the Creacote as it was so dried out, it was like painting a sponge, so the coverage was reduced as expected. Very happy with the result and have ordered more for another fence.
N Tarabath
Fantastic Service
Great product,keen prices,knowledgeable friendly staff and product delivered next day what else does a customer need. Would I deal with Wood Finishes Direct again, Yes without doubt as they are one of the best suppliers I have ever dealt with.
David S Moffat
Easy to apply
Seems good product , thought the smell would be stronger. Dries to a good finish
M Walton
Good value and effective protective treatment.
I only needed 3 x 4 litres but bought a four-pack which was cheaper than three individual ones, leaving me a spare for future treatments. I wanted an oil-based wood treatment and this seemed the best value and got encouraging revues. Applied two coats with brushes, which went on very easily - the second coat producing an attractive stained brown shade which emphasised the wood grain. A few weeks on now from treating our new shed and it certainly seems to be doing the trick.
Excellent delivery service and excellent product. It soaks into the wood like a sponge. So much better than all the other wood treatments that just wash off.
Norma MacLeod
Excellent service with very speedy turnaround
Having just completed painting a very extensive fenced area we are delighted with the end product. Easy to apply with excellent coverage which has really enhanced the overall look of he garden area.
June Brown
Excellent product that was very easy to use!!
I loved this product. It was very easy to apply and of course did not give the painted look to my fence panels which was what I wanted to achieve. I used the dark colour which has given a lovely backdrop to my shrubs/plants and really highlighted their various colours. I had lovely green runs on some fence panels where a neighbour had previously painted and this disguised it a treat.
Douglas Wilson
So easy to use and lasts well
I would prefer the old creosote but this is the next best thing. Feeds and protects the wood lasting several years between re-doing. Much better than using those paint like treatments that leave a finish that gradually flakes off.
Ronald Watson
The product was exactly what I expected
As you are not allowed to buy creosote unless you are a trade buyer, but creocote is a good substitute and soaks right into the wood. The colour dark brown which I used has given a great finish to my fences. The company Wood Finishes Direct supplied and delivered my order promptly and kept me informed. I wood recommend them to anyone a good company to deal with.
Martin Self
A proper wood preservative
Easy to apply with sprayer, oil base product that preserves external wooden fences. Light brown colour is amazing shows off all the grain and knots within the wood.
Does a good job
Great product, did a great job of my fence
Scott Weed
Really pleased , done the job on my railway sleepers
Very pleased with this product , I used it on my old railway sleepers and it covered really well .
Rob Emberson
Great product
great product, easy to apply and gives the fence a really good 'new' look
Bruce Smith
Good colour good coverage easy to apply
Barrett creocote good value for money easy to apply even with a brush would recommend to anyone wonderful job
Anthony Jacques
Very good and easy to apply
covers well - easy to apply with a brush or a sprayer
Pat Hodges
Very good product
Creocote was a good paint for the fences.
Jan Hook
Love this wood treatment!
This wood treatment is great, covers well with just one coat, a 2nd coat gives an even better colour. I was expecting the same odour as creosote (which I don't mind at all) but there was none.
Michael Collo
Did precisely what Iwanted it to do
Re-coating softwood "sleepers" of various shades ! Found the product easy to apply using a 4 inch brush. Did two coats which produced a very acceptable and even colour throughout . Pleased with the value too !

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