Barrettine Creocote

  4.9/5.0 (120 reviews)
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1 coat = Standard Protection
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2 coats = Best Protection
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • An oil-based Creosote substitute for exterior woods
  • Developed as a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Creosote
  • Ready-to-use and water repellent
  • Available in a light or dark shade
  • Ideally suited to rough woods on sheds, fences and barns
Brand Barrettine
No. of coats 1-2
Coverage Up to 7 per litre
Drying time 24 hrs
Size 4L
GTIN 5015861011404, 5015861012401

Barrettine Creocote Is a bitumen/wax based treatment that has similar physical, water repellency and application characteristics to the traditional Creosote fence paint, but contains no biocide / preserver.

Please note: This product is not suitable for decking or exterior wooden furniture.

Timber surfaces to be treated should be clean, dry and free from mould, algae, lichen and other surface contaminates prior to application.

  1. Give the wood a clean with a stiff brush or broom to remove any surface dirt and debris if required
  2. Traces of surface mould, algae, lichen or moss should be removed with a scraper, stiff brush or power washer
  3. Areas affected by biological growth should be treated with a suitable exterior wood cleaner to help prevent regrowth
  4. For additional protection against insect attack, mould, algae and wood rot, a base coat of Barrettine Premier Universal Preservative can be applied before the Creocote
  5. If using Barrettine Premier Universal Preservative as a base coat for additional protection, it's important that it is allowed to dry for 24 - 48 hours before applying the Creocote on top
  6. Other than water-based or spirit-based wood preservers, this product can only be used on bare wood - any surface coatings of paint or varnish must be fully removed by sanding back to bare wood before applying Barrettine Creocote

Always do a test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times.

  1. Apply Barrettine Creocote by brush (approximately 1 Ltr per 6 to 8 square meters) or by dipping the timber into the Creocote for approximately 20 mins
  2. Allow 24 hours to dry
120 customer reviews
Excellent by Mrs Gaynor. Wakeley
Reviewed Dark on: 16/05/17
I got what was ordered at a good price and it arrived next day by A Goldthorpe

good product good price and excellent delivery on time.

Reviewed Dark on: 07/05/17
Easy to apply, good coverage ! by Sally

I bought the light brown, but found the colour to be mid brown.... not disappointed because its looks just right.

Reviewed Light on: 07/05/17
A bit messy to use but excellent coverage and colour by Mark Brady
Reviewed Light on: 05/05/17
Great by Mark Davies
Reviewed Light on: 02/05/17
Arrived quickly, I've used it on a wood shed, nice colour, soaks in well Good value for money, I'll be buying more in future by Mr JM Bowness
Reviewed Light on: 01/05/17
Good quality product by Duncan Talbot

With this product you get what you pay for as it covers a greater area than cheaper products I have used and longer lasting

Reviewed Dark on: 25/04/17
An excellent quality product for our sheds, gates & wooden fences by Mrs Mary Breeds

It looks good, preserves the wood well and is easy to apply - much better than the thin water based products that are sold in supermarkets.

Reviewed Light on: 19/04/17
Excellent Product by Alan Waring
Reviewed Dark on: 16/04/17
Excellent Product by Alan Waring
Reviewed Light on: 16/04/17
Great substitute for creosote by Johnson

Great substitute for creosote with the familiar smell of creosote.

Reviewed Dark on: 10/04/17
Excellent substitute for Creosote, good coverage by Jean

Excellent sub for Creosote, which I don't think is manufactured now. This Light colour gives a golden brown on fence panels. Also good price.

Reviewed Light on: 07/04/17
Excellent by Pete Filmer

Does what it says on the tin.

Reviewed Light on: 06/04/17
Lovely fence by Amanda Guest

I have never used a creocote before so have nothing to compare to. But this is what I found. It is like water to put on so very messy. I used a disposable clothing cover up. I used a very good quality brush to keep the product on the brush and not dripping off. It is a bit messy to use but I do like the fence now it's finished. I would buy again.

Reviewed Dark on: 30/03/17
Covers fence well and like its oily content best on market by MR. D C COUSINS
Reviewed Dark on: 30/03/17
Used two coats on greenhouse looks great thanks bill by William Proud

great product.thanks.bill

Reviewed Dark on: 28/02/17
Does the job! by Trevor Fish

good product

Reviewed Dark on: 28/02/17
Easy to apply by David Garratt

Good finish

Reviewed Light on: 15/02/17
I have bought a couple of lots (13 cans in all) It is a great substitute for Cresote by Ian Parish

Very good product and service from supplier.

Reviewed Dark on: 09/02/17
Quality for a fair price by Bill Campbell

Good product at a good price..easy application and finished article looks good

Reviewed Dark on: 29/12/16