Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative - 5L

  4.9/5.0 (1148 reviews)
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2 coats = Best protection
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver is the ultimate in high-level, long lasting protection
  • Protects uncontaminated timber against wet rot, decay and wood boring insect attack
  • Approved under COPR/BPR
  • Suitable for rough, sawn or smooth timber, does not require over sealing
  • Contains Permethrin, Tebuconazole and IPBC
  • Harmless to plants and pets when dry
  • Solvent-based for deeper penetration
  • Low odour ready-to-use formulation
  • Superb quality water repellent resins
  • UV fade resistant colour pigments
Brand Barrettine
No. of coats 2-3
Coverage Up to 6 per litre
Drying time 48 hrs
MPN WOBL005, WOCL005, WORC005, WODB005, WOGB005, WOHG005, WOLB005, WOST005
GTIN 5015861004284, 5015861070500, 5015861110503, 5015861090508, 5015861450500, 5015861500502, 5015861004017, 5015861170507

Please be advised Barrettine have released a new formula of this product, in a newly designed tin. Should the colour you order be out of stock in the old design, you will recieve your chosen colour in the new design container.

Barrettine Wood preservative is the perfect undercoat for any exterior project including but not limited to decking (where a top coat of Decking Oil will offer the ultimate protection). This new formula now includes protection against wood boring insects.

Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative contains a small amount of wax (Less than 1.5%). Water-based products or paints should not be used on top of this product as the wax content will likely repel the water based product, preventing it from bonding with or penetrating into the timber.

Note: Under normal conditions, as long as the wood being preserved has also been overcoated with an exterior wood oil such as Log Cabin Treatment, Decking Oil or other exterior wood oil initially, and every one to two years thereafter, the wood will not need to be treated with preservative again for at least another 5 years.

Wood that has not been oiled, or oiled in the last 2 years can be re-coated with preservative every other year if desired.

Need to maintain your wooden garden furniture? Here's our blog post about keeping wooden garden furniture in tip top condition, which includes a small yet perfectly formed collection of remarkable facts about trees, wood and wood furniture.

Exterior wood to be treated must be clean, dry and free from surface coatings such as varnish or paint etc. Any such coatings must be fully removed by sanding or with a suitable remover before applying the wood preserver.

Easily applied with a brush or roller. If you have a large area to finish you might like to consider the shed and fence spray system - although not recommended due to the solvents perishing the spray washers it is possible to use the Shed and Fence Spray System for a day, so provided you can complete your project within a day this is still a good, cost effective option.

Barrettine Wood Preservative should be stirred thoroughly before application. Allow to dry between coats. End grain of timber should be treated to saturation for the best protection. 2 coats of wood preserver offer the best protection on sawn / rough timber while up to 3 coats can be applied on smooth timber.

Application brushes should be cleaned immediately after use with Barrettine Brush Cleaner or white spirit and before the product has had chance to dry. Dirty brush cleaning solution should be disposed of properly and not poured down sinks or into drains.

Q. Is this all I need to protect my summer house?

This product is commonly used on its own on sheds and fences and other exterior items constructed of rough wood, however for a total treatment we recommend over-coating with Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment or decking oil for added water repellency and weather protection.

If protecting the natural colour of the wood is important, use the clear preservative then overcoat with Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra or Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil.

Q. Can I use Barrettine Wood Preservative on a chicken shed and dog kennel?

Barrettine Wood Preservative is perfectly safe to use on any surface that comes into contact with animals when dry. This includes but is not limited to dog kennels, chicken sheds and houses, horse stables and more. It's important to remember that this wood preservation treatment should be over-coated with a suitable exterior wood oil or decking oil. Animals should only come into contact with the surface of the wood when both the wood preserver and oil have fully dried.

1148 customer reviews
An easy to use quality product by Mr Chris Bartlett

Just give it a shake, pour some into a container and brush it on. If the wood is dry it soaks in quickly, otherwise it dries easily to leave a smooth surface. You'll need more than two coats to get a strong colour on new wood.

Reviewed Cedar Red on: 18/10/16
Good colour by Chris

A good dark brown colour with none of the red tinge you get wiht some stains. NO idea about the preservative effect - have to wait years to review that.Good value

Reviewed Dark Brown on: 18/10/16
Easy to apply Good colour by Nigel Dance

Used this product a couple of years ago on an outbuilding and it's retained it's colour well. Just bought more of the same to treat garage. So much better than water based products.

Reviewed Dark Brown on: 17/10/16
Used annually (three years) since it was disdcussed at local timber yard by Michael Robertson

Wanted a quality preservative that really soaks well into the timber. Was liberally brushed in - particularly on rounded picket fence tops fence (length approx. seventy feet). Normally use about fifteen to sixteen litres. Would have given it five stars, but cost of liberally applying additional coats makes the job expensive.

Reviewed Golden Brown on: 17/10/16
Easy to use by Jane Kempton

Great wood preserver which is very easy to apply.

Reviewed Cedar Red on: 16/10/16
Second time I have sprayed it on my long fence 40 litres by Peter Stables

Excellent product - asorbs well and easy to apply with a brush or sprayer

Reviewed Summer Tan on: 16/10/16
Does the job by Steve Reid

Goes on well..time will tell as to it's preservative qualities.

Reviewed Clear on: 15/10/16
Great product by Charlie Bleasdale

great product,works superbly well !! the only downfall is that you have to buy 5 litres . you can't buy smaller tins

Reviewed Clear on: 12/10/16
!st class service - recieved the goods in less than 24 hours by D E Rockett

It does what it says on the tin Thanks David

Reviewed Clear on: 12/10/16
Quick to apply goes a long way and no need to clean brushes between coats by MR W D SCOTT

First class thank you

Reviewed Clear on: 11/10/16
So far so good by Philip Jones

Seems to be exactly what I needed for my bamboo fence.. Wasnt sure what to use on black bamboo but after alot of research was told Barretines with adark stain. Went on easily and seems to be excellent. Wish I,d found it earlier... stain colour is very similar to oroginal colour except dosent cover the worn parts of the bamboo. Probably my fault for not treating it earlier.

Reviewed Dark Brown on: 10/10/16
Excellent as expected by Brian Orrell

Good price, good service and good delivery time.

Reviewed Summer Tan on: 08/10/16
Great stuff by John Duncan

Easy to use and works really well

Reviewed Clear on: 08/10/16
Fantastic product by Mrs Jeanne Hill

I used it on my potting shed and everyone says it is gone on well and is a lovely colour.

Reviewed Summer Tan on: 07/10/16
Best preservative I've ever used!!! by Adrian Lee

Ordered the old formula a few months ago. It was solvent based and very easy to apply. The new one is oil based. Even better than before. Apply this and the oil properly, your decking will last a long long long time.

Reviewed Clear on: 07/10/16
I have used this many times and it is perfect for our usage by Penny Bowen

Easy to apply, good coverage, lovely colour. Good protection from the elements.

Reviewed Golden Brown on: 06/10/16
Excellent by Maureen Coultas

I ordered the clear preservative because my fence was already a lovely golden colour and I wanted to keep it that way and also I wanted to show the wood grain which I love to see. I found the product easy to use - goes on like a dream and now, three days later the fence looks wonderful and I understand it will stay that way for two to three years. I have rung a couple of times for advice and have always spoken with a pleasant, friendly person. Thank you, Wood Finishes Direct I think you have got it right!

Reviewed Clear on: 06/10/16
Good product by Louise Stamford

Good product, went on well

Reviewed Clear on: 05/10/16
Great product by Inn Boisson

It works. Unlike other brand like cuprinol. This paint stay on and dries out fairly quickly.

Reviewed Dark Brown on: 05/10/16
Can fully recomend this product by Graham Baldwin

This product really does do what it say on the tin

Reviewed Summer Tan on: 05/10/16