Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative - 5L

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Standard protection 1 coat
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Best protection 2 coats
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not "per coat" amounts.

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  • 7m²/L
    1 coat
  • 48 hrs
814 reviews

Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative is an all-in-one, spirit-based wood preserver for the treatment and prevention of dry rot, fungi, mould and protection against woodworm.

Ideal for smooth or rough exterior timber including fences, sheds, decking and more.Quick and easy to apply with a brush or roller. Harmless to plants and animals when dry.

Can be overcoated with Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment or Decking Oil for additional protection.

Barrettine Wood preservative is the perfect undercoat for any exterior project including but not limited to decking (where a top coat of Decking Oil will offer the ultimate protection). This new formula now includes protection against wood boring insects.

Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative contains a small amount of wax (Less than 1.5%). Water Based products or paints should not be used on top of this product as the wax content will likely repel the water based product, preventing it from bonding with or penetrating into the timber.

Note: Under normal conditions, as long as the wood being preserved has also been overcoated with an exterior wood oil such as Log Cabin Treatment, Decking Oil or other exterior wood oil initially, and every one to two years thereafter, the wood will not need to be treated with preservative again for at least another 5 years.

Wood that has not been oiled, or oiled in the last 2 years can be re-coated with preservative every other year if desired.

Need to maintain your wooden garden furniture? Here's our blog post about keeping wooden garden furniture in tip top condition, which includes a small yet perfectly formed collection of remarkable facts about trees, wood and wood furniture.

Wood Preservative Colours

Please Note The colour swatches shown above are for guidance only as the final colour is dependent on the type and age of the timber being treated. The initial colour tends to be stronger and brighter when first applied but will 'tone down' over time as the surface of the timber is subjected to weathering.

Exterior wood to be treated must be clean, dry and free from surface coatings such as varnish or paint etc. Any such coatings must be fully removed by sanding or with a suitable remover before applying the wood preserver.

Easily applied with a brush or roller. If you have a large area to finish you might like to consider the shed and fence spray system - although not recommended due to the solvents perishing the spray washers it is possible to use the Shed and Fence Spray System for a day, so provided you can complete your project within a day this is still a good, cost effective option.

Barrettine Wood Preservative should be stirred thoroughly before application. Allow to dry between coats. End grain of timber should be treated to saturation for the best protection. 2 coats of wood preserver offer the best protection on sawn / rough timber while up to 3 coats can be applied on smooth timber.

Application brushes should be cleaned immediately after use with Barrettine Brush Cleaner or white spirit and before the product has had chance to dry. Dirty brush cleaning solution should be disposed of properly and not poured down sinks or into drains.

This solvent-based wood preserver should only be used in well ventilated areas. Care should be taken with the cleaning and disposal of any brushes, cloths, tins or other materials that have come into contact with this wood preservative.

  • Wear suitable protective clothing and suitable gloves. Wash any contamination from eyes or skin immediately.
  • Do not contaminate foodstuffs, eating utensils or food contact surfaces.
  • Thoroughly wash hands and any exposed skin after use and before meals.
  • Ensure that all water storage tanks are thoroughly covered before application.
  • Remove, cover or protect all fish tanks / ponds before application - Harmful to aquatic organisms.
  • Keep product in original container only.
  • Keep container sealed and in a safe place at all times.
  • Keep out of reach of children at all times.
  • Do not breathe fumes / spray.
  • Ventilate treated areas thoroughly after application.
  • Keep away from sources of ignition - NO SMOKING.
  • Until dry - Treated surfaces can pose a fire risk.
  • Not suitable for use on garden furniture unless over-coated with an appropriate sealer i.e exterior wood oil or varnish.
  • Do not empty contents in to a drain or soil.
  • Avoid contact with all plant life.
  • Hazardous to Bees.

If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, seek immediate medical attention and show the product container / label.

Avoid contact with plastics, masonry and other non-wooden surfaces. Spillages on bitumen type products may soften or swell with the fluid or vapour.

Q. Is this all I need to protect my summer house?

This product is commonly used on its own on sheds and fences and other exterior items constructed of rough wood, however for a total treatment we recommend over-coating with Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment or decking oil for added water repellency and weather protection.

If protecting the natural colour of the wood is important, use the clear preservative then overcoat with Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra or Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil.

Q. Can I use Barrettine Wood Preservative on a chicken shed and dog kennel?

Barrettine Wood Preservative is perfectly safe to use on any surface that comes into contact with animals when dry. This includes but is not limited to dog kennels, chicken sheds and houses, horse stables and more. It's important to remember that this wood preservation treatment should be over-coated with a suitable exterior wood oil or decking oil. Animals should only come into contact with the surface of the wood when both the wood preserver and oil have fully dried.

Note: This product is hazardous to Bees and should not be used on Beehives. Contact your local Bee keeping association for an alternative.

Up to 48 hours drying time, however temperature and humidity will effect duration.

Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative - 5L reviews

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on 814 reviews.
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If you are painting sleepers you will need way more than stated by Lisa Chalmers

We painted sleepers with 1 coat, with an area of less than 15 metres squared with 1 tin- way less than the stipulated coverage so bear this in mind if coating sleepers.

Reviewed Clear on: 18/05/16
Beautiful colour by Christina Shields

Easy to apply - perfect finish

Reviewed Dark Brown on: 18/05/16
Easy to apply and soaks well into the wood leaving a great natural green colour by Barry Sellick

Time will tell but already seems to be repelling water easily.

Reviewed Holly Green on: 18/05/16
Used for rough timber fencing that had already been stained with a very peculiar shade of orange by Carole Cameron

Easy to use - two coats had definitely got rid of the worst of the strange colour - three coats was very definitely the green I was hoping for. Fingers crossed in the future I will only need to "top up" with one coat.

Reviewed Holly Green on: 18/05/16
Used this previously on sheds and fences, a great product by Alun Rains

Have used this previously on sheds and fences and gives good protection. Personally am not a lover of the thicker water based shed and fence treatments, this is much easier to apply. Applied both via a Cuprinol sprayer (use eye goggles and mask) and via brush with 2 x coats. Gives a pleasing light brown finish. Personally I re-treat the wood every 3 years. My shed is now 25 years old and still in good shape. Every bit as good as better known brand products.

Reviewed Light Brown on: 18/05/16
Can track your delivery if you wanted by Jim Catt

Great product covers very well to leave a lovely golden brown just what I wanted. Makes the cabin look as if its been in the garden for many years.

Reviewed Golden Brown on: 17/05/16
Easy to apply by Val Hitchens

Easy to apply and does not make the wood appear darker. Seems to repeal the rain okay. Instructions as to how long to leave between coats, not very clear. Only complaint was the can should have a pourer in the lid, as it was messy to pour out the liquid into a container, without it going everywhere.

Reviewed Clear on: 17/05/16
Time will tell by M Spice

It goes on easily with a brush and dries quickly. Obviously I won't know how well it preserves my wood unless I could compare it to untreated timber in 10 years time, but the claims on the tin are impressive!

Reviewed Clear on: 17/05/16
Excellent product for preserving wood by Susan Cullen

This is an actual wood preservative and not just a wood paint as so many of the other products advertised are these days. Our new sheds arrived in a hideous orange colour, we have applied 2 coats of this product and they look fantastic and you can tell that this treatment will ensure that the sheds will last for a long time.

Reviewed Dark Brown on: 16/05/16
Easy to apply by L Brown

I used this on my 15 year old decking after an extensive clean with Barretine Mould & Mildew Cleaner. The wood preservative is really easy to apply and it just soaks into the wood. It dried immediately so I was able to add an extra coat very soon after. Perhaps if your wood isn't as thirsty as mine you would need to leave it for longer. I cannot comment on how well it has protected the wood as it has only just been applied but I am hoping that it will prevent the build up of algae, or at best, slow it down.

Reviewed Clear on: 16/05/16
A quality wood preserver, obtainable in a good selection of colours by Lyndon Mordecai-Lamerton

Easy to apply to outdoor timber and long lasting not like water based treatments.

Reviewed Cedar Red on: 15/05/16
Great product by David Williams

Have used before and would use again. A nice light golden brown colour which lasts.

Reviewed Golden Brown on: 15/05/16
Excellent product, good choice of colours by Laurence Heale

This product is a excellent quality, at a very competitive price.

Reviewed Summer Tan on: 15/05/16
Just the product we needed by Susan Wheal

Good price

Reviewed Clear on: 15/05/16
Great product easily applied looks great by Derek Winter

Great product easily applied looks great

Reviewed Holly Green on: 15/05/16
Easy to apply and brings out natural grain of wood by Jacqueline Griffiths

I use this product to stop my cedar clad garden studio from discolouring from general weathering. The colour is a really natural shade of red cedar, not 'orangey' like some other products, and goes on really easily, bringing out the natural grain of the wood as it's more like a stain than a paint in texture. I use this every year to keep my studio looking like it's brand new!

Reviewed Cedar Red on: 15/05/16
Very pleased by Elaine Holt

Goes a long way really pleased will buy again

Reviewed Rich Mahogany on: 14/05/16
'Does what it says on the tin' by James Morley

Easy to apply, good 'summer tan pigmentation'. Used on a cedar greenhouse. Just remains to be seen how it will weather, but all signs are good.

Reviewed Summer Tan on: 14/05/16
Fantastic by Mick Purdy

Best product on the Market. Easy to apply, a Great finish & does the job it says.

Reviewed Light Brown on: 13/05/16
Excellent, great colour and easy to apply by Andy Astley

Effective & performing preservative with a lasting color that is not too dark. The results look great, it's easy to apply and soaks into the wood really well. We would happily recommend.

Reviewed Summer Tan on: 12/05/16

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