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Barrettine Teak Oil

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Except no substitutes! This high quality teak oil penetrates and nourishes deep into the wood whilst whilst it's active ingredients help combat mildew and algae.

Barrettine Teak Oil preserves the natural beauty of any exterior wood drying to a pleasing warm tone and satin-matt finish.

Can be quickly and easily applied with a good quality brush or a cloth. A 500ml bottle covers approximately 4 chairs and a small garden table.

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As one of the leading suppliers of teak oil finishes in the UK, Barrettine teak oil is specifically designed to aid the upkeep of external wood such as garden furniture and decking. Teak wood oil or as is sometimes known, Danish teak oil, is the perfect partner for hard woods such as Teak, Eucalyptus and Acacia.

With ingredients to help prevent mildew and algae, teak wood oil penetrates deeply into the surface of the wood moving as it expands and contracts with the varying temperature. As the teak oil finish seeps into the wood to replace the natural oils, it doesn't leave a surface coating so will not chip or flake with time.

How's your teak looking? If it's a bit tired and sad you really can't beat teak oil for giving hard wood a lovely future-proof lustre. Why not read our blog post about keeping exterior furniture in the best possible nick?

Preparation of wooden surfaces

As with any DIY job, the key to success is preparation, this also applies to the application of teak oil on interior and exterior wooden surfaces. For new wood, we recommend that traces of dirt and grease are removed with a good quality white spirit. For older / weathered wood, we recommend that the wood is first lightly sanded to a smooth finish; to ensure that any dirt, dust or other surface impurities are removed prior to the application of the teak oil.

For best results on old or tired outdoor furniture, sand the surface back to bare wood then apply a quality wood preserver. The wood preserver should be allowed to dry for 24 hours before applying the teak oil. Apply 3 coats of furniture teak oil and remove any excess with a lint free cloth to offer the best protection and provide the best teak finish.

Application of teak oil finish

Teak Oil is easily applied with a cloth such as t-shirt material or it can be applied with a mohair roller. It is also a very easy product to apply with a spray gun. Apply a medium coat and after 5 minutes wipe away the excess oil with a rag. Subsequent coats are best applied thinly. To avoid extended drying times always make sure that coats are fully dry before applying more top coats.


Any spills should be cleared up while they are still wet with a highly absorbent cloth, the cloth should then be washed in warm soapy water before disposal, this is to ensure that there is little chance of self-ignition. Paint brushes should be cleaned with white spirit and rinsed in clean water.


Care should be taken with the storage and handling of teak oil, containers should be tightly resealed after use and stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.


Teak oil finish should only be used in well ventilated areas, brushes and cloths should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent any fire hazard, always read the instructions on the tin before use. Take Care: Rags soaked in Teak oil are liable to self ignite. Soak them in water before disposing of them.

Drying Time

A 'medium' coat will dry within 12-24 hours and a thin coat will dry in around 6-12 hours, depending on the environment.

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Used this on my 15 year old teak furniture after jet washing it. Came up like new colour and gaining restored after 15 years of weathered look. Nice and easy to work with on the brush, highly recommended.

Brought old furniture back to life
I used this product after using Barrettine preservative, it soaked in well and gave a nice water repellent sheen, 5Lt was just enough for a large table and 8 chairs.

Good teak oil
Clear oil, looks good on garden furniture. Thin liquid, easy to apply with brush or cloth. Soaks in well
Kati Hedger

Very satisfied
I bought the oil to use on garden furniture which had been power washed. The oil was very easy to apply and gave fantastic results so I bought more. Highly recommended
Peter Fox

Good quality traditional finish
This is a good quality traditional product which I use to apply to wooden tools, handles etc. and also exterior furniture. The Barrettine product from WoodFinishesDirect is the best value for money that I could find. Highly recommended.
Roger Hardy

Good product at a good price
Efficient ordering and prompt delivery, the teak oil is particularly good in penetrating and preserving old and very dry wood.
Ryszard Starzec

Good quality delivered on time in good condition.
The Teak Oil arrived in good time in good condition. I noted the safety instructions, particularly the warning to clean application rags and tools thoroughly. I would suggest a larger label warning about the risk of spontaneous combustion of oil soaked rags and brushes though. It was easy to apply and I am sure it will do a good job for my garden furniture.
Jo Isteed

Great product, great service!
good quality product. I used to treat my hard wood table and benches which had been left for the last 2 years. It took 3 coats as the product is quite thin. I think it's better to build up thin coats so the product was exactly right for what I wanted
Tayonn Brewer

Excellent product, great finish, easy to apply
Used this teak oil to oil a set of three balcony decks I was renovating for a customer, after sanding the deck the oil was applied ,then re applied once dry, finish was excellent and customer was happy so all in all cannot fault the product

Goes on well and good colour
Not much more to say other than buying in bulk from Woodfinishes direct was good value
James From East Sussex

I used it to treat both garden furniture and the walls of a garden office
The oil arrived on time and well wrapped. Wood finishes informed me of the courier details and the service was professional and courteous. The oil is easy to apply and protects the wood restoring its natural colours. I'll need to reapply it once or twice a year for better protection.

Easy to use and very reasonable quality
Thinner than some oils but still a very good grade product. I've bought Barrettine before in 300ml bottles and used on garden tables, chairs etc., for some years and the furniture still looks brand new. The five litre can is excellent value and I wish I'd bought it before.
John Lawless

Looks good and easy to apply
Just used this oil in the last few days. Applied to 4 armchairs and 1 bench. The flatpack furniture had been in storage for a long period of time and only recently been assembled. The wood had become fairly dull due to storage and needed two coats of oil. The result was very impressive, giving the teak wood a nice rich golden brown.Used most of the 2 Lire bottle,with about a quarter of a litre left over. I applied the oil with a 1" brush and found it much easier than using a cloth,especially when covering hidden areas.I found it covers well,but with soakage most wood would probably require two coats,as in My case. No hesitation in recommending this product and purchase from this retailer was fast and efficient.
Matt Alexander

The oil is great but it does seem a little thin?
The oil has covered my garden furniture nicely. I wondered if the oil was a little thin but this could just be incorrect expectations on my part. I have sprayed the oil using a standard, hand held, pressurised spray - very quick and easy. I would definitely buy this product again.
Jonathan Collyer

Top quality oil for a fraction of the cost
Oil that is easy to use and quick to apply streak free. I would recommend the product and will buy again
Jonathan Hoy

High quality product, recommended
I used Barrettine Teak Oil on some garden furniture. It is nice & runny, so get absorbed into the wood. Leave for a couple of days before sitting on it. Water resistant finish. Highly recommended.
Harold Taylor

Easy to use, first class finish.
I have used this teak oil to treat new patio dining set and it has produced a first class protective finish. It is easy to apply with no mess. Will definitely use again for future treatments.
Tim Burgess

Good value
Excellent value for money but pretty thin. Great for putting on 3 or 4 base coats but difficult to build up final protection. I used this product for penetrating the timber but used Ronseal for the last coat to end up with a good sheen. Barrettine is a 10th the price of the DIY products.
Neil Jones

Excellent product
great finish lovely colour goes a long way did six chairs and hardwood table four coats and still have quart bottle left would buy from this seller again
Tim King

Very pleased!
A great product that arrived quickly and has protected and restored our garden furniture.

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