PeelAway 7 Paint Remover

  4.4/5.0 (145 reviews)
1 coat = Usually sufficient
Total: enter area
2 coats = Sometimes necessary
Total: enter area

Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • A safe, low-odour alternative to conventional caustic paint strippers
  • Suitable for use on wood, masonry, fibre glass and metal surfaces
  • Removes most architectural and domestic paints as well as many industrial and marine coatings
  • Removes up to 20 coats of paint and varnish in one application
  • Ideal for use on projects with intricate mouldings, for example ceiling roses, coving and cornices
  • Water-based so no need to neutralise the surface once old layers have been removed
  • Degrades naturally, and does not contain methylene chloride or caustic soda
Brand Barrettine
No. of coats 1-2
Coverage Up to 1 per litre
Drying time 12 hrs
Size 750g, 4 KG, 10 KG
MPN PEA7.75, PEA7004, PEA7010
GTIN 5015861970756, 5015861970404, 5015861970107

Peel Away 7 Paint Remover comes as a complete kit, including cover blankets and an application spatula which are located inside the container.

Container Contents:

  • 10kg (includes 10 x 1sqm of blanket and spatula)
  • 4kg (includes 3 x 1sqm of blanket and spatula)
  • 750g (includes 1sqm of blanket and spatula)
  • 150g Testing Tub (includes 1sqm of blanket and spatula)

For pre 1970's paints, we recommend PeelAway 1 Paint Remover

Not sure what paint or varnish type you have? Try the PeelAway 1 and 7 Sample Twin Pack to find out which product you need.

Additional Peelaway 7 blankets are available if required.

Read more about paint and varnish stripping from wood in our blog.

Areas to be stripped should be clean, dry and free from any surface dirt and debris that may restrict contact and adhesion of the Peel Away 7 Poultice. Ensure that any surfaces not intended to be stripped are covered and protected from this product.

Always do a test area before starting any project to test product performance and suitability. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the container at all times.

Test Area

Due to the multitude of paint and varnish formulations over the years, it is vital that a test area is done to determine which approach is effective for removing the paint on the project to hand.

  • Apply the paste to a small test area in different thicknesses (1mm, 2mm, 3mm) to determine which thickness of Peelaway is required to remove the paint or varnish
  • Test the product at different duration's i.e. 1 hour to 48 hours to see how effective each has been


Peel Away 7 will work slower under 5℃ and will not work if temperature falls below 0℃. This product will not remove baked enamels, cement based paints or some types of 2 pack epoxy coatings.

  1. Apply PeelAway 7 with the provided spatula then cover with the PeelAway blanket
  2. Rub gently to ensure good adhesion and to remove any air bubbles
  3. Leave blanket between 30 minutes and 48 hours depending upon the results of the test patch
  4. Once the paste has permeated all of the layers of paint the blanket can be removed with the spatula

Please Note: Peelaway 7 has been designed to work on paints and varnishes produced from around 1972 onwards. If the area to be stripped has deeper layers of paint from around 1972 and earlier PeelAway 1 Paint Remover may be required to remove these older lead based products. Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions for use before applying to be sure you have the appropriate product for the project you are working on.

145 customer reviews
The product did what it said would do and there is little waste by Rodney West

A great product doing what it says it would do. And eco-friendly.

Reviewed 4 KG on: 11/05/17
Great by D J Johnston
Reviewed 10 KG on: 08/05/17
Good product - worked well by Daragh Mulvey
Reviewed 10 KG on: 04/05/17
Its quite smooth to apply, doesnt spread any where it shouldnt, only issue is its quite expensive for a small tub by Russell Taylor
Reviewed 750g on: 13/04/17
Just as it says by Karen Norton

Just the job!

Reviewed 10 KG on: 07/04/17
Did the job no problem by Andrew Harris


Reviewed 10 KG on: 12/03/17
Awesome by Miss N Neita

Just what i need, it got the job done

Reviewed 4 KG on: 09/03/17
Easy to use, very effective and no fumes by Diyanne Ross

very good

Reviewed 750g on: 07/03/17
An expensive product with only acceptable results by Mark

Costs a lot for what is a simple mix of clay, water and alcohol supplied with 'special blankets' (exactly the same as white bin liners - I tried them and they work). Does it strip everything away leaving a suberbly clean substrate? No. Does it slightly soften paint allowing it to be scrapped off with plenty of elbow grease? Yes, providing you get the thickness and how long to leave it absolutely right. Get either wrong and it dries out leaving your paint intact, just covered in dry clay. Does it perform better than all the other strippers out there that I've tried? No. Does it perform any worse than all the other strippers out there? No. Average performance, unreasonably high cost. Should you buy it? You decide.

Reviewed 10 KG on: 21/02/17
A note from us...

Hello Mark,

Thank you for the time to write an informative review for us. With the Peelaway products we do strongly recommend the sample pack first to allow test areas to be carried out. Test areas will allow you to work out which Peelaway, 1 or 7, is suitable for your needs, and how long it needs to be left on for. Peelaway 7 is for more modern paint and varnishes whereas the Peelaway 1 is for pre 1985 paints and varnishes.

It would be fair to say that on some occasions a second application may be needed for stubborn layers of paint . And sometimes a little elbow grease is required as with all domestic stripping. If the poultice has dried out this is usually an indication that it has been left on for too long.

Its alway disappointing to hear that a product has not worked as well as expected and I hope that you have managed to continue with your project. If there is anything further that I can help with or if you would like further advice on the Peelaway product please do not hesitate to give us a ring on our free phone number 0800 7818 123

Kind regards Samantha.

Good product and not toxic by CD

Good product, worked on thick lead paint (previous three products tried would not lift it). Needed a couple of applications (but I was working on 5+ coats of paint with very thick base coat) but did the job. Also does not stink the place out which is great for indoor work. Easy to use and easy to clean. Will need extra blankets if using it for repeat thin applications on things like windowsills and window frames.

Reviewed 4 KG on: 10/02/17
It was not as expected as the term peelaway suggested a silicone-based gel (in my mind!) by Dee London

It did not work on my Chinese carved table although I applied Peelaway twice, and left it on overnight the second time. The Peelaway remover just seemed absorb some of the varnish and turn a light brown, but did not peel any of the varnish away. Having said that, I do not think the fault lies with Peelaway - the Chinese table is covered in an unusually hard lacquer-based varnish and is probably not all that common in the UK.

Reviewed 750g on: 29/12/16
Does the job that other products can't by Simon Pickering

Having tried various other paint strippers and being very disappointed I did an online search and found out about PeelAway products. After some reserch I purchased a couple of taster pots and was amazed at the results. When the time came to do the job I immediately placed an order for a larger pot and I have to say the results were amazing. This stuff does what it says. It works. No smells, no mess to clear up. Worth every penny.

Reviewed 4 KG on: 15/12/16
Works very well by David Ekers

Used to take yeas and years of paint on a ceiling rose , worked very well.

Reviewed 4 KG on: 07/12/16
Easier to use than expected by Malcolm Hawkins

Great results on a very old window frame.

Reviewed 750g on: 06/12/16
Does what it says by Les Maytham

I restore old clocks, requiring stripping old (100 yr old shellac based products) varnish from antique clocks, I have tried most paint strippers and the only product that works easily, with no messy insoluble gunge is Peelaway 7. No discolouring of very old, dry, porous and brittle timbers. The product is a pleasure to use.

Reviewed 750g on: 12/11/16
Worked as described Minimal odour by Paul Lee

Used this to strip a bannister handrail which a well known brand of paint remover had little affect on. Left this on for 24 hrs using the blankets provided and it came off a treat. The added bonus was there was little or no odour.

Reviewed 750g on: 03/11/16
Brilliant paint stripper by David Birmingham

Used on about 7 layers of gloss on door frames. One use and it was back to the wood. Follow the instructions, use the blankets. Its simple.

Reviewed 750g on: 28/10/16
Effective stripping power by Oliver Comyn

This product effectively stripped multiple layers of paint from some decorative plaster features in our house. We left it in place for 48h and afterwards, the paint came away easily.

Reviewed 750g on: 05/10/16
Great ! by Jen Kay

This is such a fantastic product, so easy to use , i was very impressed with the results ,there was very little odour that really impressed me as i was anticipating have to ventilate the area but that wasn't necessary .I was stripping the paint from from my stairs and banisters which was very tricky using the little spatular that was provided so i had to resort to using other methods.

Reviewed 4 KG on: 02/10/16
Far easier than sloppy paint stripper by Tim C

I had a problematic fibreglass double garage door of 10.8 square metres that had ~10 layers of paint built up over 30 years on top of it. No fibreglass primer was used and previous re-paints had shown that the previous owner didn't do any prep when painting, there was dirt between the bottom layers, hence big chunks of paint were regularly flaking off. Replacing the door wasn't a viable option due to cost and being unable to find a door style that would match the house and a neighbouring garage. After a lot of research of options that would not damage the fibre glass gel coat, such as soda blasting and remembering the time consuming and less than ideal results with ordinary paint stripper over the years, I was apprehensive of the product, but the reviews here and the video's on YouTube were good, so I decided to give it a go. I had to use Peel Away 7 since Peel Away 1 and most other paint strippers would damage the fibreglass gel coat. Secondly, due to the door size and volume of material, I only had enough for 1mm of coverage if I was careful, so I decided to see if it could do it all in one go. After all, I could always do a second application if I had to. Application was fairly easy with the supplied plastic scraper, but you need a wide brush for the decorative recessed detailed bits. Make sure you mix it up the poultice per the instructions, this makes it creamier and easier to apply. You need to cover the material promptly to stop it drying out and ensure the sheets stick well to the mixture (or it wont peel away later). I taped the plastic sheets together with parcel tape to stop it drying out on the edges and to stop the wind getting in behind the plastic sheets and removing them. The first coat started to dry out before going through all the paint (I think it ran out of power after about 5 hours) then the plastic sheets peeled off under gravity when I was testing an area and wouldn't re-adhere to the poultice, so I couldn't leave it longer as it would just dry out and harden, so I was forced to to remove everything manually Removal wasn't difficult with the help of an ordinary scraper and a 150mm sharp scraper. Loads of paint came off really easily, but unfortunately not all the paint layers were soft. The removed material is easy to catch and put straight into a rubbish bag, hence cleaning up time and mess is minimised. This temporary stop confirmed the cause of the problem - shiny gloss paint and trapped dirt that could be seen between the layers and in the removed paint, so my hunch was right.! As I was now committed, I reluctantly got a second pot, which arrived next day. This went far better as it got through all the remaining layers and stayed moist. After 4-5 hours, I decided to remove the material, since since rain was forecast for the following morning. About 30% of the paint did indeed peel away and I think more would have done if I'd left it for a couple more hours to dry further, but time did not allow. I did not notice any fumes and it didn't burn if you get it on you. Removal was fairly easy as it binds together, rather than forming a hard to handle goo. You need a sheet or similar under the work to pick up the rubbish. Antinox sheets from Wickes / Travis Perkins are great for this. When removing the material, if its not peeling away and you have to do some manual scraping, then don't expose too much, since it does dry out and it becomes harder to remove. The only negatives I have with the product are : 1. The cost is expensive for what it is 2. You can't buy it easily on the high street, so you have to over estimate. Barretine need to get some into the shops ! 3. Its difficult to apply "1mm" or "2mm" as the instructions say, so you have to guess a bit or end up over-applying, which can get expensive again. 4. A couple more plastic sheets would be helpful, since you get exactly 10 sheets for 10M coverage, but this doesn't give any contingency for cuts or torn sheets etc.). I bought an extra pack just in case and ended up using most of them across the 20Kg of material. Over all, it did a great job and didn't damage the fibreglass gel coat. A number of passing people were surprised by what it managed to take off, both in terms of layers and area. Hopefully the new Dulux Ultra grip primer and full re-paint will be the last for a long time.

Reviewed 10 KG on: 30/09/16