Morrells Probond PVA Adhesive

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A high performance D3 Grade PVA adhesive, primer and very strong bonding agent. This poly vinyl acetate is suitable for porous surfaces and woodworking joints ideal for use by craftsman, hobbyists, painters and decorators alike.

Offers a clear drying finish suitable for many woods including MDF, chipboard, plywood and many other materials.

  • Highly versatile
  • Safe & easy to apply
  • Low odour
  • Water proofing properties
Brand Morrells
Drying time 30 mins
Size 1L, 5L
MPN F103A, F103B
GTIN 5055923203125, 5055923203132

This Extra Strong PVA adhesive can be used as a high performance sealer, primer, bonding agent and dust proofer. With good durability, it's perfect for use on hundreds of porous surfaces to seal and promote adhesion.

Also known as poly vinyl acetate, PVA glue is most commonly used on furniture, wood, MDF, chipboard and plywood or as a water-proofing agent in cement or mortar mixes. With its clear drying formula, PVA adhesive is also suitable for use on leather, cardboard and many other materials.

PVA adhesive is a highly versatile product that is used by home owners and hobbyists for sticking and gluing card, wood or furniture, it is also used commercially by builders and decorators for plastering, bonding and water proofing of walls and timber to name but a few applications.

Being water based, PVA glue can be painted on any surface, this said however, as it needs to be absorbed by the surface to be glued; it will not stick two non absorbent surfaces together.

Learn more about PVA adhesive and it's versatility from our blog.


Before PVA adhesive is applied, it is important to ensure the surface to be sealed or glued is clean, dry and free from surface dust and grease to get the best results.


Apply the PVA glue evenly to one of the surfaces, clamp both surfaces together and allow to dry for at least 30 minutes before handling. Several coats of PVA adhesive may be required depending on the task and the surface being sealed, bonded or glued. Using a damp cloth carefully remove any excess glue from furniture or wood immediately after clamping.

PVA care

Do not allow the PVA adhesive to freeze. Ensure that the container is tightly closed after use. We recommend that you apply the PVA glue accurately and ensure all excess glue is removed from furniture or wood as this may affect the penetration of any colour or wood finish that is later applied to the furniture or wood.

7 customer reviews
Fantastic glue Now squeak free flooring by Tony Kastelein

I used this to fix down replacement T&G chipboard flooring. I now have squeak free floors. Another fantastic product from WFD.

Reviewed 1L on: 30/05/16
Really prompt delivery by Colin Gardner

Great glue, it bonds well and travels even better! Make sure you have a damp cloth handy because it likes to move. Relatively short tack time, good hold after 4 hours and rock hard after 24.

Reviewed 5L on: 22/12/15
Good quality adhesion and finish by V Coombs

Arrived promptly and well packaged. I've used PVA glue before, so know how it works. This product is easy to apply and gives a good finish. I'd definitely buy this product again. It's also good value for money.

Reviewed 1L on: 21/05/15
Really Good qauilty by HASSAN

One of the best we ever used...

Reviewed 1L on: 01/02/15
Good PVA by Nigel Cannard

No problem at all with this PVA

Reviewed 1L on: 19/07/13
I find this extra strong PVA GLUE really efficient by James Hunter

I do a lot of model making so find this PVA glue the best one I have found its great

Reviewed 5L on: 18/07/13
Good quality by Nicki Anderson

Found it easy to use and have fixed my table.

Reviewed 1L on: 30/01/13