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  •  Protects from weathering
  •  Enhances natural colour
  •  No peeling or flaking
178 reviews

This specially formulated all-in-one decking oil treatment offers superior protection against weathering whilst enhancing the natural beauty of your wooden decking.

Barrettine decking oil won't peel or flake and its high-quality water-repellent ingredients help prevent splitting, algae and mould. Also contains UV Stabilizers to protect colour for longer.

Preserve your decking beforehand by applying a clear coat of Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative.

Barrettine Decking Oil Overview

Barrettine's decking treatment enhances the wood grain and revitalises decking. It contains high quality agents to prevent splitting, algae and mould. Once dry on the wood it is safe for humans, animals and plants.

Find out more about how to protect your decking from the effects of weather and sunshine in our blog.

Decking oil is an essential product for keeping your garden decking in good condition, making it look good for longer and last longer, too. Our blog post about decking maintenance reveals more...

If your decking is not preserved we recommended that you treat with Barrettine Wood Preservative prior to oiling.

Before application it is important to ensure that your deck is free from any pre-existing algae and mildew. For best results, jet wash and apply a decking cleaner before applying the decking oil.

Brushes and roller can be cleaned with white spirit after use.

Q. Will Barrettine Decking Oil peel and flake over time.

A. No. Decking Oils penetrate into the surface grain of the decking timbers and protect the wood from within, rather than sitting on top of the deck like a paint or varnish. Because of this, decking oils will not crack, flake, blister or peel. Localised areas of decking that become worn or tired looking over time can be quickly and easily repaired and rejuvenated with a decking oil.

Drying times are generally between 12 and 48 hours depending on the type and condition of decking, application of the decking oil and environmental conditions.

Barrettine Decking Oil reviews

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 178 reviews.
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Excellent by Peter Lubbock

Easy to use, does the job.

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 21/05/16
Good product, made a very good finish by Paul Evans

My decking didn't look good, even after pressure cleaning. I decided to turn the planks over - they had been grooved side up. Thank goodness for power tools - 350 screws to remove then replace with new! I put the planks back down having replaced the rotters, sanded the whole surface then painted on two coats of Red Cedar Barretine decking oil. I also used it on the newel posts and the final effect is very good - I like the colour and water just pools, it doesn't sink in. I strongly recommend Barretine Decking Oil.

Reviewed 5L, Cedar Red on: 20/05/16
Goes on very easily, great coverage and colour by Iain Thomas

I was very impressed with this product. Using the recommended Osmo floor brush at 400mm wide also allowed me to cover 3 boards wide at once. With 2 very large decks to treat (over 120m2 in total) it was important that the product chosen would cover well, quickly and with a good blended colour. Patchiness and streaks were not going to be acceptable to this particular client. The decks required minimal pre-treatment and the quantity calculator on the website was spot on. Using the product at the correct coverage now means the decks are really well protected and the water simply beads up and runs off. Combined with the anti-slip decking oil added after 2 coats of this oil gives stunning results that both myself and the client are very happy with.

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 20/05/16
Excellent quality by Damon Benniston

Excellent product that I would recommend and purchase again

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 18/05/16
Beautiful dark colour - easy to apply by Carl Harris

Great product, easy to apply, satin finish (dependant on the wood) - applied 2 coats and gave a lustrous dark brown colour.

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 17/05/16
Excellent service and an excellent product by P Williams

I have applied 2 coats to my tired decking and it has come up really well, the oil prevents water soaking in to the wood, it just stands on the planks.

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 10/05/16
Amazingly good product by Mature DIY Critic

Just finished building a quiet large decking project. After scouring the Internet to find advise how best to finish the work I decided use clear Barrettine Decking Oil. It was easy to apply and now really looks quite outstanding. Anyone else in a similar position I would strongly and genuinely recommend this product. One downside though was the 3 large tins arrived badly damaged, but strangely enough the cardboard boxes showed no signs of a difficult journey. Need to take a look at this Barrettine. Notice others have complained about damaged tins. However still recommend Barrettine Oil.

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 10/05/16
Easy to apply long lasting finish by James Ellwood

Used for first time last year, still looks good after ayear. The best decking oil ive used so far

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 05/05/16
Easy to use and great finish by Nick Anson

An excellent decking oil, used this for the last 2 years to keep our decking looking good

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 05/05/16
Good price Quick delivery by Dawn Aksoy

Good price, quick delivery, time will tell if it works.

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear on: 05/05/16
Easy to use by Les Shaw

Very easy to use was a bit worried wether I would be able to use it with a spray gun. No problem a job I had done before that took 3hours with a bush took only an hour with spray gun

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 01/05/16
Easy and quick to use by Ian Mcdonnell

Covered decking well. One coat made it water repellent. 2 coats made it look awesome. Will be using it every year to make sure my decking is always protected.

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 01/05/16
Excellent product shows the character of the wood by Stephen Bate

The Rosewood gave a lovely colour to the wood still allowing the grain to show and not coating it like paint.

Reviewed 5L, Rosewood on: 20/04/16
Excellent service, great price and great delivery by Lesley Mason

I found the ordering process very easy, the price was great and the product arrived again before 12.00 the next day. so, for the second time, I can't fault the service and the product is already showing great results on the wood fences and decking.

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 15/04/16
Excellent product by Ray

Good product that gives a good stain in an oil based solution

Reviewed 5L, Rosewood on: 15/04/16
At last found a product that does what it says by David Adamson

With my decking looking a bit faded and older than the two years I've had it and looked after with local diy products I decided to research for the best products on the market, that's when I came across Wood Finishes Direct. I rang the free helpline for advice and after a good half hour decided to purchase premier wood preservative and decking oil -so pleased I did thankyou and a nice touch getting a phone call advising me of goods dispatched. Having a large fence fitted as soon as rain stops and will be ringing for advice on how to protect this expensive purchase. The brushes supplied were excellent as both treatments went on a dream.

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 15/04/16
Fantastic product by Paul Thomas

After completely stripping my decking and waiting weeks for it to dry out, I applied (early evening) Barrettine Decking Oil All-In-One Treatment (Clear) on the strength of a dry 24 hours BBC weather forecast. There was quite a bit of rainfall in the early hours of the following morning however before the oil had fully dried out. I can only really be confident of about 4-5 hours of dry weather after applying, possibly longer but no more than 7-8 hours maximum. The half of the decking that was treated last was looking dark as though water had penetrated into the wood and I was worried that the rain had rendered the treatment useless. On the 2nd morning however, that particular half was much lighter with beads of water across most of the surface after yet more rain. The other half that got the treatment first looks brilliant and light and completely waterproof. The oil has done a really good job despite the weather doing its best to spoil things. I contacted Barrettine for their advice on the situation. They said just let the decking dry out and re-apply another coat to make sure the oil is doing its job. They were right. This product is brilliant. It gets completely absorbed into the wood unlike Ronseal or Cuprinol oils that seem to create a surface type varnish that flakes after the winterís weather. Absolutely delighted with it and will recommend to others.

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear on: 15/04/16
Very nice and easy to apply No smell Even colour by Peter Wright

Remains to be seen the extent to which it protects my decking from rot. Ask me in 10 years !!

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Oak on: 12/04/16
Great protector by Ken Sherwood

Easily to apply and protects the wood instantly - great finish as well.

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 09/04/16

My decking was looking very grey and shabby so I bought this product to try and revive and protect. What a fantastic product. Totally renewed the decking. Great Coverage. Repels water superbly. Also the decking is no longer slippery when wet. Looks like new. Will certainly use this product again. Far superior to other top makes and at a better price.

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 30/03/16

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