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Barrettine Decking Oil

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This specially formulated all-in-one decking oil treatment offers superior protection against weathering whilst enhancing the natural beauty of your wooden decking.

Barrettine decking treatment offers a natural, clear finish that won't peel or flake and its high-quality water-repellent ingredients help prevent splitting, algae and mould.

Colour and preserve your decking by applying Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative beforehand or try Barrettine Decking Stain.

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Barrettine's decking treatment enhances the wood grain and revitalises decking. It contains high quality agents to prevent splitting, algae and mould. Once dry on the wood it is safe for humans, animals and plants.

Find out more about how to protect your decking from the effects of weather and sunshine in our blog.

Decking oil is an essential product for keeping your garden decking in good condition, making it look good for longer and last longer, too. Our blog post about decking maintenance reveals more...


If your decking is not preserved we recommended that you treat with Barrettine Wood Preservative prior to oiling.

Before application it is important to ensure that your deck is free from any pre-existing algae and mildew. For best results, jet wash and apply a decking cleaner before applying the decking oil.


Apply 2 coats with a view to re-oiling the decking at least once a year.


Brushes and roller can be cleaned with white spirit after use.

Drying Time

Drying times are generally between 12 and 48 hours depending on the type and condition of decking, application of the decking oil and environmental conditions.

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Barrettine Decking Oil reviews - Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 54 reviews.

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Shireen Callender

Product was great!
Really easy to apply,covered large area. Good value. Brought out natural wood colour. Product arrived on time and was well packaged.
John Sims

Best oil i have used
Forget Ronseal, this is the bee's knees. Two coats on my new decking and it looks lovely. Rain-water just beads off. Best product you can buy, ps I used the clear and it does not change the colour of the wood.
Jude 96

Our deck is the best its ever looked
Where has Barrettines been all my decking life? I decking love this stuff. Decking brilliant!
Paul Fisk

 Light Oak
Excellent product.
Excellent product, did what it said on the tin and has transformed my decking.
Raymond Winnard

 Light Oak
Looked good on reviews
Used Ronseal on our decking last few years and it always peels! put 2 coats off Barrttine decking oil on and went on easily and looks pretty good! will review again after winter and see if its as good as it looks!
Van Patel

Really good Quality Clear Oil
This has to be the best quality Oil i have found. Includes UV filters and a slight tint after application, but really looks and feels good. The Oil does spread very well indeed without leaving any sticky residue. Used a 1.5" good quality paint brush for the bannisters and smaller areas starting from the bottom working my way up to minimise drips and runs and for the floor area used Manns decking pad Only issue was that the tin could have had a protruding spout which would have helped greatly in pouring the liquid into other containers...but other than that goes on very well Bought 6 tins at the reduced price to give 2 x costs on an approx deck inc bannisters of 60sq meters...Soaks in very well indeed and I used approx 3.5 tins on the first coat so the second shouldnt take too much... Will always buy this product as long as the price is right....
John Aldridge

Fantastic product. Highly recommended.
Used this on my decking, handrails, balustrades, teak chairs and table. All now look fantastic. It is not the cheapest thing on the market but I will only use this now. Also recommend the mako brushes too... Small for intricate areas and the large for large areas like decking. They made the application of the oil a pleasure.
William Elliott

 Dark Oak
Good quality
Easy to apply after cleaning decking dries out well
Lawrence Richardson

 Light Oak
Excellent product. Would recommend this site to family and friends as the service was top class.
Kenneth Chadwick

Best decking oil i have ever used goes on very easy and mega waterproof
John Holman

 Light Oak
Ideal for my raised decking area.
After reading other reviews on this product, I went ahead and ordered two 5 litre tins of Light Oak decking oil. The product was delivered on time. Using the product was quite simple, and the finish gave the decking area a rich finish. Iwas a little worried about the "orange" effect that another reviewer had commented on, but this did not materialise. The second coat "recommended" gave the decking a deep rich finish. I have just ordered some more for our summerhouse.
Jan Schreurs

On four 2 weeks so fare it seems good.
Put two layers on still kept the colour of the wood natural. Most clear oils still darken the wood.
Adrian Pearson

 Light Oak
Great product good coverage nice colour.
Very good coverage nice colour very water resistant dries quickly.
Elaine Gowans

Excellent product
have used this for the past 2 years and has weathered the scottish winter and summer from below -15 up to +20. wood looks amazing again.
Marie Lloyd

 Dark Oak
Good quality product good coverage good finish
This is a much better product than the more commercial decking oils you are able to purchase from the usual DIY stores.
Kenneth R Edwards

First class product - deck protected for another year.
Although the tins were badly dented in the packing, delivery was very quick and efficient. An excellent product and is applied very easily.

Excellent product, easy application, excellent coverage, brings out natural beauty of the wood
. In terms of the barrettine clear oil- i used this first time after building my decking (i have a lot of wood to cover: appx 70sq metres) on recommendation of the guy at trade store. since then I've used ronseal and other main high street brands, never again. The oil is excellent, so east to apply (you need to use a brush) tried a pad option n it used too much oil and was very wasteful. Went on so easy and brought out fabulous colour to the wood. For anyone considering a decking oil this is the one to go for. I will only buy this product now.
Jayne Johnston

Very good stuff well worth the money
Really good product I was looking for something that really was clear having been caught out before when tin said clear but actually had a colouring to it - this is just what I wanted as didnt want to change the colour of the decking at all - it is also easy to apply - I will definitely use it again

Excellent product for looking after the decking
Easy to apply, I gave the decking 2 coats and the finish looks great. Time will tell if it does what it says on the tin.
Shawn Tait

Simply the best product I have used
Very easy to apply with the sponge applicator. Applied twice and the decking looks like new! I will definitely be using this product again.

per litre
24 hours
dry time
  • Protects from weathering
  • Enhances natural colour
  • No peeling or flaking

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* Coverage can vary depending upon on the type of wood used and the amount of product applied. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not 'per coat' amounts.
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