Barrettine Decking Oil

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You'll need enter area above for 1 coat (Hard Wood)
You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Soft Wood)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • An advanced decking oil formula that nourishes, protects and stains wooden decking
  • Suitable for all softwood and hardwood decking, sheds, fences and other garden wood
  • Excellent water repellency, beads rain thereby stopping water ingress
  • Added UV stabilisers protect wooden decking from the suns harmful UV rays
  • Enhances the natural grain and beauty of wooden decks
  • Protects garden decking and other exterior wood from splitting and warping
  • Will not crack, peel or flake
  • Solvent-based formulation for deep penetration
  • Safe for humans, animals and plants once dry
Brand Barrettine
No. of coats 1-2
Coverage Up to 8 per litre
Drying time 12 hrs
Size 2.5L, 5L
MPN DTRC2.5, DTCL2.5, DTDO2.5, DTCP2.5, DTNO2.5, DTRO2.5, DORC005, DOCL005, DODO005, DOCP005, DONO005, DORO005
GTIN 5015861552259, 5015861550255, 5015861553256, 05015861551252, 5015861004604, 5015861554253, 5015861003010, 5015861002815, 5015861002853, 5015861002839, 5015861004628, 5015861002990

Barrettine Decking Oil is an oil based decking stain that is perfect for all types of wooden decking, summer houses, sheds, fences and other garden wood.

Find out more about how to protect your decking from the effects of weather and sunshine in our blog.

Decking oil is an essential product for keeping your garden decking in good condition, making it look good for longer and last longer too. Our blog post about decking maintenance reveals more.

Decked areas to be treated should be clean, dry and free from dirt, debris and other surface contaminates.

New Decking Preparation

For all bare wood decking including tantalised, pressure treated and preservative impregnated decking timbers.

New softwood decking

  1. For best protection treat decking with Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative or other exterior wood preservative first
  2. If possible, preserve all sides including end grain prior to installation
  3. Sweep the decking with a stiff broom to remove all traces of surface dirt and debris
  4. Use a suitable decking cleaner if required before oiling

New hardwood decking

New hardwood decking usually requires a period of weathering to allow the surface grain to open up. This allows for better absorption of the decking oil. Check the decking manufacturer's guidance on how long decking should be left to weather before applying a decking treatment.

Old Decking Preparation

  1. Ensure that all 'coating' type finishes such as paints, varnishes and varnish like stains have been fully removed to expose bare wood by either jet washing, sanding or using a dedicated decking stripper and remover. This may require more than one attempt.
  2. Old oil finishes should be cleaned thoroughly with Barrettine Decking & Patio Cleaner or other suitable decking cleaner
  3. For decking affected by mould, algae or moss, or to restore the colour of decking that has turned grey or silver over time, use a decking restorer or reviver gel
  4. For the best protection, treat with a suitable wood preservative for decking
  5. If possible, preserve all sides including end grain prior to installation
  6. Sweep the decking with a stiff broom to remove all traces of surface dirt and debris before oiling a deck

Always do a test area before starting any project to check suitability and compatibility and final finish.

Do not apply Barrettine Decking Oil in wet conditions or if rain, frost or snow is likely before the product is dry. Decking area should be completely dry before application. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times.

  1. Stir thoroughly before and periodically during application
  2. Apply a thin, even film of decking oil with a suitable decking applicator
  3. Work the oil in to the surface of the wood grain
  4. Wipe off any excess oil with a clean lint free cloth
  5. Allow the first coat to dry for inline with environmental conditions
  6. Apply a second coat as above
  7. Allow 24 hours to dry completely before heavy use

Two coats of Barrettine Decking Oil are usually sufficient but this may vary depending on the type and condition of the timber to be treated.

Regular Cleaning

To preserve the look and performance of the oiled finish for longer it is recommended that decked areas are swept with a stiff broom on a regular basis. This is to remove loose leaves, dirt and other organic matter that can settle on the decking boards and in the grooves, which can degrade or damage the finish and decking timbers over time.

If signs of mould or algae appear, use an appropriate decking cleaner. For general deck maintenance, the condition of wooden decking should be inspected on a regular basis and treated as required.

Deep Cleaning

Scuff marks, stains, grease and other surface contaminates can normally be cleaned with a decking cleaner. Stubborn marks and stains may require a light sanding and a thin application of Barrettine Decking Oil to restore the affected area.


High foot traffic areas that start to appear worn or tired, or that are losing the ability to repel water effectively can be easily restored. First clean with a suitable decking cleaner then re-apply a thin coat of Barrettine Decking Oil to the affected area for an invisible repair.

Q. What's the difference between a coloured decking oil and a decking stain?

A. Coloured decking oils and decking stains both change the appearance of wooden decking by changing the natural colour of the decking boards. Most types of decking stain form a coloured coating over the top of the timber while decking oils penetrate in to the wood grain and stain the wood from within. In terms of maintenance, decking oils are easier to patch repair and maintain plus they will never crack, peel or flake.

661 customer reviews
Great oil, is doing the job stated on the tin! by Nigel Keith

Excellent oil, used on bare wood shed, great penetration etc. Easy to use, enough to coat the shed at least twice.......8' x 6'.

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 14/07/17

Good price, quick delievery

Reviewed 5L, Cedar Red on: 13/07/17
A good product by Pete Neville

A good product.

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 12/07/17
Excellent product by Kenneth Davis

Cracking deck treatment, Wouldn't use anything else Brilliant product.

Reviewed 5L, Rosewood on: 12/07/17
Actually sinks into the timber! by Mike Sims

I have used other products on my decking previously and have noticed that they tend to lay on the timber rather than actually being absorbed into the wood fibres. Not so with Barrettine Decking Oil! It is easy to apply with a brush and satisfyingly soaks into the grain. I applied 2 coats as per the manufacturer's instructions and am very pleased with the results.

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 11/07/17
Good professional product by Jim Larsson

Used this on decking (Scaffold boards) and has really made the job. water just rolls off and colour is nice.

Reviewed 5L, Rosewood on: 11/07/17
Highly recommended after trying other products - this is far superior by Amanda Basal

I have had to stain my deck every year as I continued to use the same product that the guy we bought the house of used and it just wore off every year - it didn't do "what is said on the tin" to give an idea which product it was. My deck was in an absolute state and was just black and slippy. After a lot of time spent with the karcher and a sander on balustrades I managed to remove what was left of the other product. The finished result is just stunning. My daughter says it looks like we have installed new wood and it actually does. The finish is gorgeous and despite opting for the clear it does actually give a warm natural colour - Im glad I didn't choose the next shade up. It is a lovely warm colour which has bought out all of the natural patterns in the wood which couldn't be seen before with the varnish type product previously used. Also, when it rains, the water just beads on top of it. Im really impressed and it did go a long way but needed two coats. Best to order more than you think as I did use more than calculated.

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 10/07/17
Excellent, only applied 1 coat! by Krogh Bryan

Jet washed my decking, let it dry thoroughly & applied oil with an applicator & a brush between the boards. Came out like new, better than DIY store products! Wish we'd used this from day one, decking now over 10 years old.

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 08/07/17
Very good product by Paul Chand

i have used other similar products in the past but will definately stick to Barrettine

Reviewed 5L, Cedar Red on: 08/07/17


Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 07/07/17
Excellent service, excellent product by Copleston

The decking oil went on very well, it seems a very good product and hopefully it will last!

Reviewed 5L, Rosewood on: 04/07/17

Excellent decking oil with a great finish

Reviewed 5L, Cedar Red on: 04/07/17
Very good wood stain,easy to apply and leaves a good finish by Kenneth Strutt

Barrett Ines Decking Oil is a very good product and Wood Finishes Direct are selling it at a great price with a good delivery time.

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 03/07/17
It is very very good woulr recommend this to anyone my decking looks brilliant with it by Leonard Culbert

The decking oil I got was brilliant coverage is very good and it looks brilliant to

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 03/07/17

I found this to be perfect for my decking, the water just stays on top and then evaporates,Brilliant oil,

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 03/07/17
Does exactly what it says on the tin Rain just runs off the treated surface by Robinson

I would rate the product 10/10 easy to use

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 03/07/17
Fantastic stuff by Tyrone Santa Maria

easy to apply much better than a stain .

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak on: 03/07/17
Very good to use and the end product is excellent by Christine Gailer

The best stuff i have used for decking and sheds.

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak on: 02/07/17
Easy to use and gives great ptotection and finish by Douglas McDonald

great coverage and finish

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 02/07/17
All went well by George Francis

we done two coats but still have 2 cans left.

Reviewed 5L, Clear on: 30/06/17
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