Barrettine Danish Oil

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2 coats = Minimum Internal recommendation
Total: enter area
3 coats = Minimum Internal recommendation
Total: enter area

Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • A clear, high quality danish oil for interior and exterior wood
  • Perfect for kitchen work tops, food preparation surfaces, oak timbers and more
  • Restores look and lustre of wood
  • Will not crack, flake or peel
  • Very easy and safe to apply
  • Made from a blend of natural oils
  • Provides a food and child safe finish when dry
Brand Barrettine
No. of coats 2-3
Coverage Up to 10 per litre
Drying time hrs
Size 500ml, 2.5L, 5L
GTIN 5015861510037, 5015861002105, 5015861510501

Barrettine Danish Oil is made from a blend of rich oils, including Tung Oil, providing an attractive, water-repellent, low lustre, natural finish. Suitable for a wide range of applications including wooden doors, panelling,furniture, wood decorations, wood turning projects and more.

New or Bare Timber

  1. Bare wood must be clean, smooth, dry and free from wax, dust and other surface contaminants
  2. Bare wood may be stained or dyed with either a water based or solvent based wood stain or dye before finishing with danish oil
  3. Do not apply a knotting agent or sanding sealer

Previously Coated Timber

  1. Ensure that all previous paints and varnishes are removed with a suitable paint and varnish remover
  2. Previously waxed surfaces should by thoroughly scrubbed with white spirit or a wax and polish remover and a scouring pad
  3. Wipe away the dissolved wax or polish with a clean rag
  4. Wipe surface with water to test that all of the wax has been removed
  5. Repeat the process if the water continues to bead on the surface of the wood

Always do a test area to confirm performance and compatibility before starting any project and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the container at all times. Stir / shake well before use.

Barrettine Danish Oil should be applied at a room temperature of between 15℃ - 25℃, do not apply below 5℃

  1. Apply the Danish Oil liberally with a clean lint-free cloth or brush, and wipe off any surplus oil after a few minutes
  2. For a superior smooth danish oil finish, the final coat may be applied using a plastic scouring pad, rubbing in the direction of the grain and wiping away any surplus with a soft, lint-free cloth or paper towel
  3. For a smooth, silky finish, lightly sand the danish oil between coats with very fine sandpaper or wire wool
  4. Re-coat once the previous coat is dry, approximately 6 hours in normal drying conditions

New or bare wood should be oiled 3 times initially. Exterior wood requires a minimum of 3 coats applied liberally and not wiped off. To improve the penetration and durability dilute the first coat 20% with white spirit. If applying Danish Oil to veneered doors, it is advisable to check with the door manufacturer before proceeding.

Regular Cleaning

For regular cleaning - use a slightly damp cloth and simply wipe over gently.


Wooden surfaces can be periodically re-oiled if the surface becomes tired looking, dry or scuffed. Wipe surfaces with a lint-free cloth or rag slightly dampened with White Spirit before finishing wood with Danish Oil.

Please Note: Oiled surfaces should never be cleaned with household detergents and cleaners as these can degrade or eventually strip the oil from the wood. Always use a specifically formulated wood cleaner.

123 customer reviews
So easy to use by Fred Hartwell

I bused three coats on neglected Beech worktops, giving a light fine sanding between coats. Very please with the result.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 16/03/17
It's Danish oil by Terry Booth
Reviewed 5L on: 15/03/17
Great for my various uses in my woodturning by John Semple

Great price couldn't ding it cheaper

Reviewed 500ml on: 28/02/17
Nice finish and good value by Steve Andrews
Reviewed 5L on: 18/02/17
A really rich oil Easy to apply with a soft cloth I have used it on an oak floor as well as on my kitchen work tops Dries quickly by Hilary Hoye

I've always used this oil on my kitchen work tops. The finish has been excellent and lasts really well. I used it on an oak floor recently that needed re-oiling, again with excellent results.

Reviewed 500ml on: 04/02/17
Does what it say's on the Tin by John Clarke

Easy to apply, provides a great clear finish

Reviewed 500ml on: 03/02/17
Good coverage by Neil Sanderson

A good quality Danish oil. Covers well good finish

Reviewed 2.5L on: 17/12/16
Excellent results by M J Jackson

Easy to use gives a good finish.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 16/12/16
Provides a great finish at the best price I could find for Danish Oil by Adam

The oil seems good quality and provides a great finish at the best price that I could find. It does seem pretty expensive for what it is though especially as multiple coats are often needed.

Reviewed 5L on: 22/11/16
Perfect in every way by SIMON GANZ


Reviewed 5L on: 15/11/16
Excellent by Jane Erskine

Great price for a good quality oil

Reviewed 2.5L on: 01/11/16
Pure product, ideal for sealing kitchen table by G W Fletcher

Pure product, ideal for sealing sanded kitchen table. Brings out the natural wood colour. Delivered on time and well packaged.

Reviewed 500ml on: 27/10/16
Looks good & easy to apply by Mick Steel

Does what it says on the bottle! Will buy more when the garden furniture needs doing again.

Reviewed 5L on: 19/10/16
It does what it says on the tin by Brian Finn

No problem using this product. Good clear sign of use following application.

Reviewed 500ml on: 16/10/16
Good stuff and good quality by Roger Green

Gives a good finish after 3 coats will buy this again

Reviewed 5L on: 06/10/16
Excellent coverage Easy to use by Wendy Goff

Very pleased with the result with this product. So pleased we used this one!

Reviewed 5L on: 29/09/16
Very easy to apply by Mark Bartrum
Reviewed 5L on: 24/09/16
Easy to apply (though I recommend taking your time) and lovely finish by Lucy Downey

Great - would use again.

Reviewed 500ml on: 25/08/16
Nice stain by Brad C

Nice colour shows the wood well.

Reviewed 5L on: 18/08/16
Great product by Mick G

Good coverage and great price and delivery

Reviewed 2.5L on: 18/08/16