Decking Treatments Protect, colour or revive your decking with these high-quality decking oils, stains, wood preservers and cleaners.
Fence Treatments Keep your fence performing its very best against the elements with these top-quality stains and preservers.
Garden Furniture Finishes Oils, cleaners and preservers to revive, restore and protect your wooden garden furniture.
Cladding Coatings These finishes offer minimal maintenance whilst retaining the natural beauty of your exterior cladding.
Door Finishes Keep your exterior doors looking their very best. Combat mildew, rot and protect from weathering.
Shed Treatments Protect, colour or revive your shed with these selection of value-for-money treatments.
Window Treatments Keep your window frames and sills looking their very best with a range of coloured oils and clear preservers.
Log Cabin Treatments Update, maintain or revive your log cabin with these clear and colour oils and wood preservers.
Barn Finishes A high quality range of oils, preservers and sealants to finish your barn without breaking the bank.
Summer House Treatments Give your Summer House the royal treatment with these top quality exterior finishes.
Sleeper Treatments Revive, restore and protect your garden sleepers with these oils and preservers suitable for both old and new sleepers.