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Manns Wax Filler Sticks

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Manns wax filler sticks offer a quick, versatile solution for wood and furniture repairs. Different shades can be melted together with minimal heat for the perfect colour match.

Each pack contains 2 wax filler sticks that measure approximately 6 x 2.5 x 1.5cm. Can be used for interior and exterior wood repairs.

For multi patch repairs consider the Osmo Repair Kit which contains 6 miniature wax filler sticks of different colours and a battery operated wax melting tool.

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Made from soft wax, Manns Wax Filler Sticks can be used to fill a wide range of surface defects in wood such as nail holes, splits and cracks.

Available in a wide range of inter-mixable colours to achieve almost any colour or shade. Perfect for use on all wood types.

Each pack contains 2 wax filler sticks that measure approximately 6cm x 2.5cm x 1.5cm (2.3 x 1 x 0.5 Inches). Wax Filler Stick weights and sizes are approximate and may vary.

Please note: Colour swatches and names are indicative only. Always do a test area first.


Ensure that areas to be filled are clean, dry and free of any dust, dirt or other surface contaminates. If possible, roughen or scratch the inside of the area to be filled so that the wax has a better key to adhere to.


There are 2 main ways that wax filler sticks can be softened / melted so that they can be used to fill the damaged area.

Before handling the filler stick, ensure that hands are clean and dry as wax sticks easily pick up any dirt on the hands and may discolour the wax.

Method 1: Scrape off slithers of wax with a filler knife or other sharp edged object, push into hole or damaged area to be filled with a plastic scraper or card, warm with a hair dryer so that the wax softens and sinks into the repair area. Scrape off any excess from the surface or the surrounding areas with a plastic scraper taking care not to damage the wood or finish around the repair area.

Note: If heating the wax in situ of the repair with a hair dryer, take care to ensure that the hair dryer isn't set too hot or used too close to the surface that it damages, melts or burns the wood or the wood finish around the repair area.

Method 2: Use an old mug, bowl or other heat proof container, cut off the required amount of Wax Filler Stick, and place into container, put container into a Saucepan of hot water to melt the wax. Apply to the repair area with plastic scraper taking care not to damage the wood or finish around the repair area.

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Manns Wax Filler Sticks reviews - Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 40 reviews.

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Ken Fergus
First class. Did exactly what we needed it to do.
We used it to fill in some cracks in our kitchen cabinet doors which had split.
David Scholes
 Pine - Ash - Maple
Good product
Used for filling pin holes with success.
David Scholes
 Medium Oak
Just what we needed to touch up our panels
Easy to use & good for small splits or pin holes
Semi transparent finish
heated and mixed colours using battery solder for filling small gaps. Does harden up a bit after packet is opened so store closed for ease of use. Sands smooth with fine grit. Too early to say if it will last. Note: ivory is slightly transparent
Completely opaque light cream colour
An opaque light cream that mixes well with other colours using gentle heat.
Sandra Smith
 Medium Oak
Colour matching quite tricky
There is a selection of colours available for matching all wood colours but difficult to do this online. The medium oak was quite dark when it came but it's good that there are a variety of colours to match all wood types so you can mix and match to suit the wood grains by ordering different colours.
Bob Thompson
 Light Oak - Beech
Lovely product used to fill pinholes on new oak staircase so easy and virtually invisible
Diana Devine
Great product reasonably priced
I bought the filler to repair the top of a new cream painted bookcase, that had arrived damaged. I was really pleased with the end result. The filler is waxy and very easy to use.
Hazel Mooney
Great product very easy to use would recommend
I bought this wax to fill in some tiny holes were screws had previously been.it worked a treat very pleased the product is excellent and would recommend it to everyone.
 Dark Pine
Easy to use with good results
These sticks just helped blend in a few gaps and dents in some refurbished old pine doors prior to waxing and buffing. Great product!
Graham Brooks
 Light Oak - Beech
Good filler
Brought 3 different colours as not sure which would be the right match.Decorator said it was easy to apply and the match we found for our wood was excellent. So I have 2 sticks left to find a wood colour to match!
Gareth Loadman
Very Good Product
Product exactly as supplied and competitively priced!
John Flexen
A good product
This wax is easy to use and then clean of to leave a flush finish.Just the right hardness, it didn't need be softened with a flame to use it and was a good colour match
Mary Cotton
 Dark Mahogany
Need to carefully select colour
Very pleased with the results having mastered how to use it takes time and patience but it is worth it
Sandra Hinton
used wax sticks to fill in two joins of wood on my new wardrobe. . not only does it fill in the dark line where two pieces of wood join, but it softens the overall look. . so makes it blend in as opposed to drawing your eyes to a dark crack
 Golden Oak
There were no instructions or guidelines with this product. i had no idea how to apply it
These wax sticks came with no instructions or guidelines. I was not sure whether to use the whole stick or break bits off & I had no idea about how to apply it.
Our feedback:-
Hello Amanda,

There are some instructions on the back of the packaging although I have to say they are a little vague, We also have some information on the here about how to use this product.

You can use a Hair dryer or lighter to melt the wax stick, ensuring that you take care using a naked flame. Only a small amount of heat is required to soften the Wax and then using a filler knife you can smooth the Wax into the area required.

If you would like any more advice please feel free to call us on our free phone number 0800 7818 123
Peter Pearse
 Antique Pine
Did what I wanted.
Used to fill a gap in pine bookcase. Almost invisible now.
Dean Harris
 Light Oak - Beech
Did exactly what I needed it to do
Good product
 Dark Mahogany
The wax filler sticks are very good,but the wrong choice this time.
The wax filler sticks do exactly what they are meant to do when heated and can be rubbed into the area that needs filling.Not quite right for the job I had to do this time though! I still have one stick, which might come in handy on the right surface. It's a good idea.
Gary Middleton
 Dark Oak - Macassar - Wenge
Great for hiding nicks and scratches
Fantastic product, I use it to repair nicks and scratches in wood or laminate flooring

2 mins
dry time
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