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Fiddes Floor Wax

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This floor wax polish is ideal for replenishing the lustre and sheen of your flooring. It's thick custard consistency makes it quick and easy to apply, drying to a clear finish which can be buffed to a high sheen.

Our floor wax polish is perfect for wood flooring, concrete, quarry tiling or vinyl.

Can be applied with a floor finish applicator for large areas or stockinette cloth for smaller areas.

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Liquid floor wax can be used on many floor types including hardwood and softwood flooring where it enhances the grain and natural colour of the wood. Will revive old or tired looking floors.

Our Liquid wax floor polish can be applied over most pre-finished floor and finishes including water stains, solvent stains, oils, french polishes and varnishes or it can be applied onto untreated floors or bare wood. Liquid floor polishes and are also suitable for awkward interior wood such as stair spindles, chairs, etc.


Prior to the application of the floor wax, it's important to ensure that all surfaces are dry, clean and free of dust and dirt.

Application of Floor Wax

Apply the liquid floor polish sparingly, working on a manageable area at a time. The minimum recommendation on bare floors is 2-3 coats or 1-2 coats for pre-finished floors although any number of additional coats can be applied if necessary. It is normal to re-wax wooden floor surfaces every 12-18 months, although many people re-wax more often than this, especially in high traffic areas. Additional coats will offer an improved patina.

Large floor areas can be applied with a Bona Floor Mop or use Stockinette Cloth for smaller areas.


Store Fiddes Floor Wax away from all sources of heat sparks and exposed flames. Keep in dry, cool, ventilated storage. Keep containers tightly closed.

Drying Time

A thick coat of floor waxing polish will dry within 30 minutes, a thin coat of wood floor polish will dry in around 15 mins. These times may vary slightly depending on the environmental conditions and the type of wood being waxed.

Finishing the Floor with buffing

To achieve a deep lustre, buff the freshly applied wood floor polish with a stockinette cloth or polishing machine once dried. For buffing, there are also brushes available which can be attached to an electric drill which save on elbow grease and makes the process of polishing the liquid wax floor polish much easier!

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Fiddes Floor Wax reviews - Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 27 reviews.

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Glyn Osman

Great product to use.
This wax is easy to apply and easy to polish off after leaving for a few minutes. when polished it has a great warm feeling to the floor where it is a lovely honey glow from being freshly polished. Will buy again.
Nikki Brocklebank

Superb product! Would highly recommend to others!
Did exactly as they said it would. Easy to apply. Lovely sheen finish but non slippy! Makes old worn areas look revitalised - many thanks.
Peter Abbotts

Top drawer product
I was recommended to use the Fiddes wax and the product itself proved to be as good as the service I received from the company at Woodfinishes Easy to apply, dries quickly, lovely finish.
David Chapman

Need to keep it warm before application
Good product, have used another brand before but I think I will come back to this one
Simon Garrett

A very useful product
Very little change in colour of wood. Used on Honduras Pine.
Malcolm Hart

It is excellent and easy to apply
It was just what we were looking for and we have also applied it to our pine doors. The finish is excellent without being slippy
Catherine Syson

Lovely product. Simple to use and a beautiful finish
Haven't ever waxed a floor before, but this was so easy to use and not too strong smelling (a massive bonus for me as I hate solvent smells). Gave it a light buff by hand and the floor has a lovely sheen. A little goes a long way so we have plenty left for future touch ups. Is even standing up well to our cats and sausage dog running around on it!
Carolanne Walters

Excellent and easy to apply
A little goes a long way. Its easy to apply and then buff. and produces a real deep shine, which I'm presuming will deepen and richen over time and further application. Don't expect a homely wax smell off it, as its petroleum based, but that odour quickly goes when it dries. A first rate product.

Easy to use, good results
I've never used floor wax before but my bamboo flooring was looking a little tired so thought I'd try this. So far, I have done the entrance hallway and the kitchen: both look shinier, are a little slippier (but not dangerously so). I polished by hand which was quite hard work but gave my arms a good work-out and saved the money from hiring a floor buffer!
Jim Khambatta

East to use and good results
Unlike most waxes, this is really easy to apply. It dries really quickly and is easy to buff to a shine. Even better, when shined it is not slippery at all, which is a great benefit, as well as a surprise.
Mary Tyrer

Easy and quick to use.
Easy to put on and clear marks. Soon dries and polishes to an easy to maintain shine.
Jacqui Laity

Very good product
I have oak flooring in my kitchen/diner, utility room and lounge and it's under constant attack from children and dogs running in and out of the house. I wash it frequently and wanted something to replenish the wood to a nice sheen which Fiddes Floor Wax does. It's still a 'work in progress' but I now hoover it and then buff it up with a polisher to a nice finish without having to wash it quite so often.
Andy Buie

As an another supplier says 'Does what it says on the tin!'
Great web guides which helped me decide on the product and fast delivery. Spot on did the job in double quick time. Floor looks great. Thank you
Janet Train

Does what it says, easy to use
Service was excellent and delivery fast. I contacted them by telephone and found the staff knowledgable and friendly. I would recommend.
Jocelyne Cherkaoui

Easy to use and a brilliant result.
I have saved myself so much money and hassle by simply washing and waxing my floors. They are now totally in keeping with the rest if the house and I managed to do it all myself with nondescript of the mess associated with sanding.
Michael Johnson

Really excellent
I couldn,t believe how good this product is & so versatile ilove using it.
Heather Hodgkinson

Easy to put on and really works
Our pretty little church ,which is closing for the winter needed the wood polishing also the wood floors . It now looks beautiful , and the wood well fed . Thanks
Rachel Nash

Easy to use
Much easier to apply than a wax paste,polished up beautifully with an old floor polisher!
Samantha Marcussen

Great for wooden floors.
Good product and service. Only complaint is that it was described as suitable for tiles, but after such use my mother slipped on them and hurt herself.
Doreen Oakley

Practical and efficient
Easy to use, fast drying, as stated, and produced a lovely deep shine on my parquet floor.

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15 mins
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