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Manns Water-based Wood Dye

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Give furniture and flooring a new lease of life with a colour makeover. Our water based wood dyes are also ideal for wood crafts & other wood working projects.

Quick and easy to use, concentrated wood dyes can be mixed with just about any water or acrylic based product such as water based stains and water based lacquers/varnishes.

We also provide a range of Exterior Wood Stains for garden furniture, fences and decking.

This product works as a colourant that then requires a top coat to seal the colour in such as a Wood Varnish, Wood Oil or a Wood Wax.

Concentrated wood dyes can be mixed with just about any water based or acrylic wood finishing products such as wax stain & water stains and water based lacquers. Wood dyes are very concentrated so only a small amount needs to be added to wood stains and water based varnishes to achieve the desired effect.

Simply add the required amount of wood dye to the wood stain or lacquer, thoroughly stir then apply. As with any wood finishing product, it is always recommended that a small test area is treated first to check the end result before starting the main project.

Wood Dye Tips

As these wood dyes are so concentrated, it is recommended that an accurate measurement of the ratio between wood dye to the receiving wood finishing product is kept, this will help if additional batches of the same colour are required. For accurate measurement, we recommend that a baby syringe or something similar is used. Alternatively, a bottle cap or similar can be used but this won't be as accurate as a measured syringe or container.

Water based dyes should be lightly sanded (de-nibbed) before applying any top coat(s). A finishing pad or steel wool is ideal for this purpose.

Wood Dye Colours

Available in a range of colours that include black, blue, brown, orange, red, yellow and white, wood dyes can be mixed to make almost any colour or shade that may be found on a wood dye colour chart.

Wood Dye uses

Concentrated wood dyes can be used on floorboards, furniture, kitchen unit doors, wood craft and much more. With an almost limitless number of achievable colours and shades, it's the perfect way to give old furniture and floors a unique look and a new lease of life.


If you're looking for 'rainbow colours' that will give a wash effect on wooden furniture, floor boards and wood crafts as opposed to a wood tone, here is a quick guide to mixing the correct shades.

It's normal to dilute concentrated wood dyes by about 4 parts water to 1 part wood dye, much higher concentrations can be used depending on how much wood grain you want to show through and how vibrant the shade should be.

Wood dyes are translucent in nature and will not cover over the wood grain, this said however, the white wood dye is semi opaque meaning that it will cover the wood grain slightly more than the other coloured wood dyes.

To achieve some variations to the standard colours that are available, here are some mixing options to try.

  • Dark Red - 9 parts red to 1 part black.
  • Light Green - 7 parts yellow to 3 parts blue.
  • Dark Green - 7 parts yellow, 3 parts blue, 2 parts black.
  • Dark Orange - 7 parts yellow, 2 parts red, 1 part black.
  • Dark Blue - 7 parts blue, 3 parts black.
  • Grey - 2 parts black, 1 part white.
  • Purple - 1 part red, 2 parts blue.

Different shades of a colour can be achieved by varying the colour mix, as an example, browns are made from red, yellow and blue but can be altered by changing the colour mix.

For a cold brown add more blue, for a warmer brown, add more red, golden brown, more yellow, dark browns, add more black and for tan and creamy browns just add more white.

Manns Water-based Wood Dye reviews - Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 40 reviews.

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Vaughan Granfield

 1L, Black
Good quality product and prompt service
I like this product because its easy to order and the stain is fade resistant it also has quite good stain penetration there are better stains but they are much more expensive and this does 90% of most types of work I do
Fred Watson

 1L, Red
Mixes well, good coverage
I was disappointed when I bought some red dye and found it was not nearly the same tone of red that I had bought previously. I needed it to match another piece of elm. However, I bought some brown dye and found that I could make a good match by mixing them.
John Jordan

 1L, Blue
Excellent product and first rate service
high quality product, good coverage and very good finish. Good price and prompt delivery.
Ian Langley

 250ml, White
Good dyes in a small bottle excellent if you don't need much
Used to dye selected floorboards in daughters bedroom and combine with brown dyes to make lighter colours to produce Good effects
Jakub Bienczak

 250ml, Black
Can leave strong marks when dry.
Very interesting colour when used on pine. Other nice colours can be achieved when mixed with white stain.
David Taylor

 250ml, Black
High quality, does the job!
I used it on a guitar, and it worked perfectly well. Much better than the Liberon range.
Sarah Hughes

 1L, Blue
Easy to use,versatile and good value for money.
This water based wood dye was perfect for highlighting the grain on the birch ply shelves and units that my husband made for our daughter's room. Dilution was easy, application straight forward and the effect is very pleasing, very blue and easy to varnish over. A great way to liven up or update a tired item, with minimum expense and fuss. Thank you.
David Taylor

 250ml, Red
Easy to use, be cautious when mixing colours of different makes
Best value for money, I added a tiny bit of black to make it wine red, but found that when blending it on the wood (sunburst effect) the colour had a gold appearance - I think this is from the black dye that I used (Liberon) so next time I'll make sure I use the same makes rather than mixing them. Easy to dilute as it's already partially diluted (mix it 50% dye, 50% water) Will definitely use this if there's a next time.
Geoffrey J Prescott

 250ml, Black
Exellent product does what it says on the tin !
excellent product and a first class company to deal with .I have used it to bring back the colour of the hood on my 306 cabriolet , it did an excellent job . It was important to use a water based dye because of the material used on the hood . First Class results !
Nigel Cannard

 250ml, Orange
The best on the market
Tried all wood dyes in the past, this is by far the best I have used

 250ml, Blue
Great service - quick delivery
Great product - easy to apply - and even better can be mixed to create a whole spectrum of true colours - the perfect purple
DIYer Essex

 250ml, White
Safe and harmless. Easy to use
Trying to match existing oak skirting using brown, black, blue and white. Takes some experimentation on sample pieces but it didn't take long to find the right mix.
Jacob Holdsworth

 250ml, Red
Speedy delivery - good service
I ordered the Dye for my GCSE project as i was making a Guitar and wanted a nice deep wine red, after mixing with a little black the colour was perfect, and so easy to use.
Vasil Ingilizov 1875

 1L, White
That dye ROCKS
Just the finish my fussy client wanted ... amazing stuff when it comes to white dyes ...
Tiago Almeida

 250ml, White
Nice results
First I purchased the white, blue and yellow, and they work really well even mixed, so I decided to buy also black and red. With these colours I can pretty much get any colour I want. I'm very happy with the results.
Terence Fitch

 5L, Black
Worked great with mixing into waterbased sealer
We used this to coat an area of 300m2in Harrods and it looked fantastic mixing up a grey from the white and black
John Carson

 250ml, Blue
Easy to use with great colour.
This wood dye is easy to apply and dries to a consistent colour, I initially used a 50/50 water dye mix and a final 100% coat. The colour is deep and transparent under the clear lacquer coats.
Colin Smith

 250ml, Black
Excellent product
As a model boat builder I was looking for some wood dye to colour the hull. Found this web site and thought I'll give this a go!. It's the first time that I have tried to stain wood but what a finish!!!. It says to dilute it but I tried it neat straight out of the bottle. Deep vibrant colours and really easy to apply, I would recommend this dye and would be buying it from here in the future. This is very good stuff.
Timothy Prebble

 1L, Black
Easy to use and can be added to varnish to create extra depth.
The only thing to watch with this product is that as it's water based if the wood has any glue or resin residue it won't take!
Peter Van Hooff

 250ml, Red
Very easy to use
I bought both blue and red dyes because I wanted purple. They came with full mixing instructions which were excellent. I recommend the dyes are diluted by half with a water base varnish before use. The finish is great.

per litre
30 mins
dry time
  • Quick & easy to use
  • Mix & match colours
  • Use with water & acrylic products

Coverage Calculator

The area I need to finish is
Good depth of colour
1 coat enter area above
Enhanced depth of colour
2 coats enter area above

* Coverage can vary depending upon on the type of wood used and the amount of product applied. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not 'per coat' amounts.
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