Manns Water-based Wood Dye

  4.7/5.0 (79 reviews)
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

Manns Water-based Wood Dyes provide a range of concentrated colours for interior use only. Quick, easy to use and almost no odour.

Can be used to tint many water or acrylic-based coating systems, or can be applied directly on to bare wood to then be overrated with either a wood oil or clear varnish to seal the colour in.

We also provide a range of Exterior Wood Stains for garden furniture, fences and decking.

Brand Manns
No. of coats 1-2
Coverage Up to 10 per litre
Drying time hr
Size 100ml Sample, 1L, 5L
GTIN 5060403896568, 5060403896575, 5060403896582, 5060403896599, 5060403896605, 5060403896612, 5060403896629

Overview of Water Based Wood Dyes

This product is low odour, easy to apply and dries in 1 hour. Can be mixed with Manns Water Based Clear Varnishes if required.

Normal application is 1 coat but 2 can be applied to achieve a stronger, darker colour or to help give a more consistent finish if the first coat looks uneven or patchy. Take care to not dislodge the first coat if applying a second.

New shades can be created by inter-mixing the colours. If a more diluted colour is desired, add water and stir thoroughly to evenly distribute the colour pigment with the newly added water.

Note: If colours are mixed to produce a unique colour it's important to ensure that the mixture is well stirred before and during application. The various coloured dyes have different densities and these can separate in the container over time. As an example, the white dye has the heaviest pigment and will sink to the bottom of the container more than other colours in the mix. Manns Water Based Wood Dyes are designed for interior use only.

Need to know how to dye wood? Black wood dye and white wood dye finishes are becoming increasingly popular. There are some great tips and guidelines to help you create the black and white wood finish you want in our blog.

Note: Always do a test area.

Wooden floors and surfaces to be stained must be bare wood and free from surface dirt, debris and other contaminates. White spirit is an excellent degreaser and can be used prior to staining to ensure a more consistent finish.

The final wood dye colour and finish may vary depending on the wood type, age of the timber and other factors. Always do a test area before starting the main project.

Manns Pine Wood Dyes are quick and easy to apply with a brush, lint free cloth or foam sponge. Thoroughly work the dye into the surface of the wood taking care to remove any pooling or runs with a cloth or sponge.

This product must be overcoated with a suitable wood oil or varnish to seal the wood dye colour into the wood.

Manns Water Based Wood Dye colours can be thinned for a lighter more translucent shade by simply adding water and stirring thoroughly.

Application brushes, rags and sponges can be cleaned with water.

This product keeps at temperatures above freezing for up to 4 years in a sealed, air tight container. Avoid air in the container by decanting into smaller containers as the Wood Dye is used.

Manns Concentrated Water Based Wood Dyes dry in around an hour. Room temperature, humidity and the type of wood being dyed may affect the overall drying time.

79 customer reviews
Easy to use and nice, vibrant colour by Chris Barton

I used this to dye a pine guitar body. Very pleased with the 100ml sample. I bought 2 to be on the safe side, and didn't need to open the second as I got a good, even finish using just the one. Easy to apply using a paintbrush. I used it undiluted as I wanted a deep, rich colour, but I'd recommending diluting it 50:50 to start with if you're not sure

Reviewed 100ml Sample, Blue on: 15/08/16
Good quality product easy to apply and looks good by Julie Cammann

Good quality product easy to apply and looks good. I like that fact that it is waer based and brushes are easy to clean.

Reviewed 100ml Sample, White on: 04/08/16
Beautiful blue for my guitar by Jenny Boddington

Excellent rich colour built up over 3 coats on a tulipwood guitar. Small container ow effect, still,plenty left over

Reviewed 100ml Sample, Blue on: 20/07/16
Very bright by Mary Corker

Lovely, bright colour. I love this, don't need such a bright colour very often but its so easy to use. I put it on using a cloth, a small amount goes a very long way. Lovely sheen.

Reviewed 100ml Sample, Red on: 29/06/16
Poor by Wayne Oliver

not as good as other dyes brought from you

Reviewed 1L, White on: 23/06/16
A note from us...

Hello Wayne,

Would you be able to let us know why this Dye did not work for you, where others have. We are always keen to learn of any problems that customers have with our products or help to resolve any issues that arise. You can email me at

All the best Sam.

Does what it says on the tin by William Grill

Good product, but not what I was looking for in terms of colour, quite a dark/rich colour. Finishes well.

Reviewed 100ml Sample, White on: 10/06/16
Tried it Looks the same way as in the picture when applied by Dimo Grigorov

If you are looking for shabby-chick look that's for you! Very stylish result.

Reviewed 100ml Sample, White on: 17/02/16
Does exactly what its intended to do! by Simon Payne

I was dying dowels, 2 coats did the job

Reviewed 1L, Red on: 30/01/16
Very good product by Jackie .

Used it to dye my guitar was so easy to use and not messy

Reviewed 100ml Sample, Orange on: 30/01/16
Awesome effect on the wood Better than I thought by Caroline Roach

I wasn't sure whether I was ordering the correct dye. The website is very helpful and the fact that I could order samples was a positive. I will definitely order again as I am pleased with the product.

Reviewed 100ml Sample, Red on: 07/01/16
Have not used it yet by DUDLEY ELLIS

Would like to see a few more colours added to your range

Reviewed 1L, Blue on: 30/11/15
A note from us...


From the colours within the range you can mix to make a huge range of colours, you can also add water to lighten the colour. And we also have a huge range of colours avaialble in or stain ranges. I hope you manage to get the colour you are looking for and if you need any advice pplease let me know.

Regards Sam.

Worked well, nice colour by Jack Thomas

Colour was good, the dye was thick a bit like paint but this allows you to water it down quite a lot if necessary so you get a lot more use than you expect.

Reviewed 100ml Sample, White on: 15/09/15
Used on kitchen floor Perfect result by Neil Walshaw

Applied 2 coats to bare sanded floorboards in our kitchen. (very easy to apply) a dense deep black was achieved. Then applied 2 coats of satin water based varnish. The floor looks great and complements our new kitchen. Exceeded our expectations.

Reviewed 1L, Black on: 16/04/15
Very pleased with the product by Sue Walton

This is easy to use and you can vary the shade you want by dilution.

Reviewed 1L, Red on: 25/03/15
Good result but needs a seal on top of wood dye by Rod Jones

I used red Manns Wood Dye on kitchen chairs. Looked good but even after a couple of weeks dye was coming off onto hands and clothes. I used a liberal coating of bees wax polish and that seems to have sealed the dye. Chairs look great now !

Reviewed 1L, Red on: 24/03/15
Lovely white washed effect by Rachel Wilkins

We used one coat of this product (in White) on our sanded pine floor. It's coverage is quite dense but the grain is still visible. We used 2 coats the Oslo Polyx Oil Raw 3044 over. This softened the look, removing some of the pigment, bringing the grain of the wood out in a really lovely way. Would thoroughly recommend if you're looking for the white Scandinavian look without painting a removing the grain of the wood.

Reviewed 5L, White on: 22/03/15

Mixed with yellow wood dye to achieve desires colour.

Reviewed 1L, White on: 11/03/15
Brilliant product just what I needed!! by Mooq

Brought this product to replace a previous water dye. I must say I'm very happy with it! And would defiantly order more!

Reviewed 100ml Sample, Red on: 10/03/15

Very please with this dye. for my personal taste I applied 3 coats, then for the last coat used 75% of yellow dye mixed with 25% of white dye.

Reviewed 1L, Yellow on: 28/02/15
Great product, used to stain a guitar by Martin Murphy

Very happy with this, and the other colours I bought. Got them to custom stain a guitar.

Reviewed 100ml Sample, Brown on: 21/02/15

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