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Bona Traffic Anti Slip

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Bona Traffic has been used on over 100 million square metres of wooden floors since 1999. It's reputation speaks for itself and now it is available in the much awaited anti slip formula.

This product is suitable for both commercial and residential areas and is certified with an R10 classification making it ideal for schools, nurseries retirement homes and much more.

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This 2 pack, polyurethane varnish comes supplied with the required amount of hardener and is ideally suited for those areas where excellent durability and anti slip properties are required. It is water based and contains a low VOC content with very little odour.

Originally designed for use in bust commercial areas such as shopping centres and other public locations this easy to apply lacquer is equally suitable for use on stairs and in retirement homes and even areas wetted with water become more resistant to slipping.

This new product from Bona offers good wear resistance and levelling properties whilst being applied and is currently available in a matt finish.

Floors that have been previously finished in a polyurethane varnish can usually be over coated with this product but a test area for compatibilty is important. If polishes or waxes have been used on top of the existing polyurethane varnish then they need to be completely removed prior to finishing with anti slip. Floors that have an existing Bona varnish on them (like Mega or Traffic) can be overcoated with this product. If Bona Polish has been used for maintenance then Bona Polish Remover should be used before an application of the Bona Prep which helps the Bona Anti Slip adhere to your existing Bona Varnish.

The classification of R10 is a German standard. The test involves a person being suspended on a 'wire' who then walks on a ramp that has been coated with the anti slip varnish. The ramp is set at different angles and the person walks on it until they slip and require the wire to hold their weight. In this case the angle achieved was between 10 and 19 degrees which means that it is incredibly efficient and preventing slipping in commercial and residential environments.


Shake the container thoroughly and add the supplied hardener at a ratio of a part hardener to 9 parts Bona Traffic Anti Slip (or 10% of the whole mix). If stored at a temperature of 20 degrees C the mixed varnish and hardener will last for around 5 hours in its liquid state before it will harden although we recommend that you mix enough product to last you 3 hours to play safe. Higher temperatures shorten the pot life.

A Microfibre Roller is ideal for applying this product. Apply evenly taking care to avoid any build ups of the finish. Do not allow the room temperature to fall below 13 degrees C during application and drying.

Drying Times

3-4 hours per coat at room temperature (approx 20 degrees C).

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Conway Riley
No problem applying this product to a laminated foor
Having sanded the area of floor mixing the product is very easy and applying it with a foam roller to the area prepared was very easy and it dries in 4hrs,we are going to apply a 2nd coat later and it is anti slip and I recommend this product .
Peter Fox
Expensive - but a quality product.
It actually works. My oak staircase can be walked on in socks!
Barrie Charlesworth
Spend a little more for a big benefit
Even the Restaurant customers noticed what a difference to a floor. We listened to the Wood Finishes Direct customer adviser. I wanted the most advertised-on-TV product but it was suggested that Bona Prime Traffic Anti Slip would be better, especially if primed first. It's early days yet but it is definitely non-slip and looks as good as the day after it was applied. Thanks for a good lesson. Even the damaged table leg does not scratch it.
Peter Heasman
Does what is promises to do
Simple to apply and does the trick on an internal wooden painted staircase

per litre
2h 30m
dry time
  • Certified to R10 classification
  • Excellent wear and chemical resistance
  • Highly protective against scuff marks
  • Non Yellowing

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