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Bona Mega Varnish

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Bona Mega is a clear, ready-to-use water-based varnish that offers superb durability on wood floors making it suitable for heavy traffic areas within domestic and commercial environments alike.

Manufactured as a 100% polyurethane varnish, BonaKemi Mega Varnish is very low odour making it safe, quick and easy to use, with a solvent content of just 5%.

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Bona Mega Overview

Easy to use and highly resistant to scratches, scuff marks and wear, it's easy to see why the Bona Mega product is a popular choice with DIY enthusiasts, hardwood flooring specialists and shop fitters alike.

  • Safe, quick & easy to use
  • Can be applied with a roller, brush or floor applicator
  • Highly resistant to wear, scuff marks & scratches
  • Bona Mega has very good chemical resistance


Surfaces should be sanded back to bare wood and be free of all sanding dust, grit, dirt, oil, wax and any other contaminates. The final sanding should be done with a fine sanding disk, screen or good quality sandpaper with a sanding grit of 120 or finer.

  • Previously waxed, polished or oiled floors cannot be overcoated with Bona Mega unless sanded back to bare wood
  • Bona will not guarantee good adhesion when overcoating non-bona varnishes
  • Apply Bonakemi Mega to a small test area to confirm performance and compatibility
  • For application to bare floors, a coat of Bona Prime Classic reduces recommended number of coats to 2, otherwise 3 thin coats of Bona Mega is advised


Ensure contents is shaken thoroughly and always apply to a test area first. Bona Mega is best applied in thin coats with a roller in a smooth flowing action and avoiding any excess. Ensure room temperature does not fall below 13C during application and drying.

Application to pre-finished flooring
Ideally floors should be treated with Bona Prep system in accordance with the instructions on the label. A sanding disc/screen or paper with a sandpaper grit of 150 should also be used. Apply the initial coat of Bona Mega with Bona Crosslinker.

With the Mega/Crosslinker mix, Bona Mega will normally have very good adhesion properties, however it is advisable to check the intercoat adhesion prior to overcoating. To check intercoat adhesion, apply a coat of Bona Mega to a small test area as described above i.e. sanded and clean, allow the coating to set for 3 days then scratch the treated floor surface gently with a coin. If the Bona Mega finish stays firmly attached to the test area, the adhesion is satisfactory.

Always thoroughly read the manufacturers guidance and instructions on the container or tin including any mixing and usage instructions on associated products.


Floors coated with Bona Mega can be easily cleaned and maintained with the Bona Floor Cleaning Kit or Bona Spray Mop.

For the best results, use Bona Floor Cleaner Spray or a damp mop. Never saturate wooden floors with water.

To restore the appearance of a dull floor use Bona Freshen Up from time to time. This will improve the appearance of the floor whilst still allowing further coats of Bona Mega to be applied at a later date without the need to sand the floor back to bare timber.


Bona Mega should be stored in a place where the temperature does not fall below 5℃ or exceed 25℃

Drying Time

Drying times may vary depending on room temperature and humidity - As a guide, In areas with a temperature of 20℃ and a humidity of 60%, allow 3 hours drying time between coats.

Floors will be ready for light foot traffic approximately 8 hours after the final coat has been applied. Bona Mega Varnish is fully cured in approximately a week and can then be cleaned using a damp cloth or mop with an appropriate floor cleaner. Rugs and carpet runners can also be laid after a week.

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Bona Mega Varnish reviews - Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 61 reviews.

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 Extra Matt
Easiest wood varnish ever to apply, drys quickly and clear with virtually no signs of brush strokes
Bought this product based on a family recommendation but double checked reviews online! You won't be disappointed, much better than other products which "do what they say on the tin!" With the Extra Matt finish, it is almost impossible to spot the varnish, even after 3 coats. Very pleased, we used it on our floorboards in the kitchen and didn't want a shine but wanted a high protection given the foot traffic in this area of the house. Friends can't believe they are varnished. It's left them looking really natural in colour.
Chris Upton

Excellent product
Reading reviews I decided to refinished a solid oak floor with Bona Mega and I am pleased I did. Absolutely delighted with the results, super hard, lovely matt finish with a slight sheen. The short drying time allows to get 4 coats in a day. Great product, easy to apply and I would recommend.
Susan Elliott

 Silk Matt
Easy to use. Excellent result.
Wood finishes Direct were very helpful. Product was easy to use. Excellent finish.
J Mahon

Great product and great service.
So great to have a precise delivery time and to be kept informed of this. Appreciated. My floors look lovely - the matt has worked a treat.
Sethu Ganapathy

 Silk Matt
Goog Product
Really pleased with the final result Thanks Seth
Lauren Roffey

Easy to use.
Easy to use, clear instructions, really happy with result.
DIY Girl

I'll order flat matt next time as the matt finish has a significant sheen.
Not as impressed as everyone else seems to be with this floor varnish. I was disappointed with the matt finish as it was quite shiny. Also I ended up with stripes on the floor but maybe that was more to do with my technique, or lack of. It gives good protection from water though, as I discovered after a spillage!
Our feedback:-
Do give us a call if you would like to describe the stripy aspect of your floor so we can try to get to the bottom of that.

Regarding the shine, there's 2 things to mention. 1 is that Mega (and most products) become matt due to a matting agent being added. If the product is not well stirred (or shaken) then the matting agent can remain mainly in the bottom of the container and therefore the top liquid is shinier.

The 2nd thing to mention is that a varnish will appear more shiny on areas that are highly lit or on a hardwood (or the dense parts of softwood). For example a matt varnish will look more shiny on oak than pine.
Rachel Haughton

Prompt service and good product
Product arrived very promptly and was simple to use. In fact much more straightforward and quicker than i anticipated. Have never varnished a floor and was so pleased with the result. Lets hope it stands the test of time. My only negative comment would be the price-its very expensive, but if it lasts, then well worth the money. Am very pleased with the result.
Anthony Gilligan

Very pleased.It was precisely what I wanted
I was after a Swedish varnish as I'd used one previously about 10 years ago but couldn't remember the name. In the interim I'd used oil based varnishes on two other floors that I'd done in my present home but preferred the finish that I'd got with the previous water based Swedish varnish. Bona Mega lived up to the bill. It was as good a finish as I remembered.
Zep Birdsall

Great product - water based so dries quicker than solvent based. No toxic smells so that was good, very easy to apply, brush cleans easy in water. I applied 5 coats and the floor looks like glass! Only time will tell as to its endurance and possible yellowing etc.
A Marcham

 Silk Matt
Best varnish I've used
Refurbished parquet floor 13-14 years ago with this. Lasted until now with dogs and kids running around on it. Good stuff. Only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is cost.
Belinda Simmons

 Silk Matt
This varnish was simple to use and produced a great result
I would highly recommend this product but would say that the Silk Matt finish was shinier than I expected. If I was choosing again I would go for a more matt finish.
Pamela Ellis

Quick and easy to apply, no odor
This product is very easy to apply and leaves a professional finish. Have used before and would definitely use again.
Fabien Gueret

Painless floor varnish.
low emission. good coverage. didn't lift the stain too much.
Sally Hubbard

Easy to use, gives and excellent finish, and will be buying more for our hall and kitchen!
Great product and also bought the applicator which was brilliant. Really quick and very easy to apply.
Mike Quigley

Good quality product. Easy to use.
Product provided good coverage and finish. Dried quickly and really enhanced the appearence of the flooring.

Great product!
Used this to cover a sanded pine floor in the dining room and hallway. It was a pleasure to use, easy to apply, quick drying, didn't smell bad and has left a beautiful Matt finish (very slight sheen which is really nice). Seems like it will be hard wearing, time will tell. This is more pricey than stuff you might buy in the sheds, but having used ronseal stuff before I think this has given a much better finish which I think will wear a lot better.
Nicola Mallows

 Silk Matt
V good
excellent product /easy to use/ clean brushes/ apply layers/ apparently hard wearing. v efficient deliv service.
Samantha Cropper

Application, finish and drying time all great. really pleased with the result . would certainly use again.
So easy to apply - we just used a paint roller. One coat on before bed, another before work the next morning and another before bed. Couldn't have been easier and the result is excellent.
Terry Davies

Excellent tough finish
Expensive stuff but worth every penny. Company did a good price and excellent delivery service. Used it on a Canadian maple floor and it has been transformed - maybe invite people in now as the floor is good enough to eat on

per litre
3 hours
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  • Highly resistant to wear
  • Safe, quick & easy to use
  • Chemical resistant

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