Barrettine French Polish

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Barrettine French Polish is used to produce a high gloss, glass like finish on pieces of fine furniture.

Available in brown and white for different wood types, French Polish is commonly used on hardwoods such as Oak, Mahogany and Walnut. French Polish also performs well on soft woods.

Brand Barrettine
Drying time 24 hrs
Size 250ml
GTIN 5015861282200, 5015861302205

French polishing is usually performed by skilled furniture repairers and restorers to produce a deep warm finish that has a glass or mirror like finish. Applied directly over other wood stains, dyes and sealers, French Polish is used to obtain additional depth and shine on fine furniture.

The traditional French polishing method is to apply it with what is known as a 'rubber'. Although the term 'rubber' is used, the polishing applicator is actually made from a cotton material which is put over cotton wadding (cotton wool).

The 'rubber' is a great tool for controlling the distribution of French Polish on furniture and flooring as it can be squeezed or relaxed in the hand to release or pick up more polish on the surface being worked.

Ensure that surfaces to be treated are clean, dry and free from all surface contaminates. Open grain should first be filled with a suitable wood grain filler.


Always do a test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the bottle at all times.

Pour the French Polish on to the polishing 'rubber' (with a spot of Linseed Oil to aid application if necessary), work into surface in circular or figure of eight motions. Apply several coats sanding lightly between coats if necessary. Finish coat is best applied with the polish thinned with Methylated Spirit. For best results apply in warm, dry atmosphere, allowing 24 hours for the polished surface to harden.

Clean application equipment and liquid spillages with Methylated Spirits.

Always store in a well ventilated place and protect from temperature extremes of heat and cold. Store in an upright position at all times with the lid tightly sealed. Keep away from naked flames and other sources of ignition.

5 customer reviews
Excelent product by Brian Hannaford

This french polish is easy to apply and produces a professional finish. Will certainly buy this product again when required. The polish and other items were well packaged and arrived the day after the order was placed. First class all round.

Reviewed Brown on: 16/12/16
Easy to use,builds up nicely by Peter Bretherton

a good rich color, i found it was best thinned a little with methylated spirits. dries in minutes and a good shine achieved. good stuff

Reviewed Brown on: 29/08/16
Easy to use by John Lee

ideal for amateurs.

Reviewed White on: 27/05/12
Anyone who repairs furniture this is a must have by Tim Willocks

works on all sorts of wood finishes and gives a lovely shine.

Reviewed Brown on: 24/05/12
Vert good product by Matthaios Tsolakis

Pleased with the result

Reviewed Brown on: 24/05/12