Ronseal 10 Year Exterior Wood Paint - Gloss

  4.7/5.0   70 reviews
You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Recommended)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A quality water-based exterior gloss paint for wooden surfaces
  • Ideal for both bare or previously painted exterior wooden surfaces
  • Durable and drip resistant
  • Provides excellent coverage and protection
  • Expands and flexes with the wood, meaning it won't crack or peel
  • Ensures paintwork isn't spoiled due to changing weather conditions
  • Brushes out smoothly and evenly
  • Maintains gloss levels longer than traditional gloss paints
  • Comes with 10 Year Weatherproof Guarantee
  • Weatherproof in just 1 hour
  • Low odour
  • Low V.O.C content
Brand Ronseal
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 12 per litre
Drying time hrs
Size 750ml, 2.5L
MPN 36471, 36541, 37045, 36473, 37470, 36470, 36472, 37469, 37668, 36478, 37692, 36477, 37693
GTIN 5010214864713, 5010214865413, 5010214870455, 5010214864737, 5010214874705, 5010214864706, 5010214864720, 5010214874699, 5010214874682, 5010214864782, 5010214876921, 5010214864775, 5010214876938

Ronseal 10 Year Weatherproof Wood Paint is perfect for use on a wide range of exterior wood surfaces, including wooden doors, window frames, cladding, soffits, fascia boards and more.

Ensure surfaces to be painted are clean, dry and free from traces of dirt, dust, grease or any other surface contaminants.

Bare or New Timber

  1. Lightly sand to remove any loose fibres and remove all traces of sanding dust before painting
  2. Wood can be degreased by wiping clean with a lint-free cloth dampened with white spirit
  3. Fill in any small holes or surface defects with Ronseal Multi Purpose Wood Filler, or Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler for larger repairs
  4. Treat any wood knots with an appropriate knotting solution
  5. Remove any mould growth with a mould and mildew cleaner and leave to dry
  6. For the best results, apply Ronseal's Super Flexible Primer and Undercoat before applying Ronseal Weatherproof Paint

Previously Painted Timber

  1. Old paint that shows signs of cracking, peeling or flaking should be completely removed with a dedicated paint stripper prior to application of Ronseal gloss paint
  2. Paintwork in sound condition should be lightly sanded first to provide a key
  3. Ensure that all traces of sanding dust have been removed after sanding
  4. For the best results, apply Ronseal's Super Flexible Primer and Undercoat before application of Ronseal exterior wood paint

OId Timber

  1. Any instances of wet rot can be treated with Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener, and any existing woodworm can be eradicated with Ronseal Woodworm Killer
  2. Use a suitable wood filler to repair any damaged areas and replace any decayed wood with sound timber
  3. Then treat as 'New Timber' above

Always do a test area before starting any project to assess product performance and end result. Follow the manufacturers instructions on the tin at all times.

Do not apply at temperatures below 10℃ or in high humidity. Ensure good ventilation. Stir Ronseal exterior gloss paint thoroughly before and during use to achieve a consistent finish.

  1. Apply the first coat evenly with a synthetic brush, finishing in the direction of the wood grain
  2. Apply the second coat 4 hours after the first in normal weather conditions
  3. Treat all sides and edges (if exposed) and ensure the painted surface remains free from dust, dirt and contaminants until fully dry

For best results, use lighter colours in areas exposed to high levels of sunlight. The longevity of the finish will vary depending on the paint colour and the type and condition of the timber or existing paintwork. A South-facing position and the level of shade will also affect durability.


Inspect paintwork on an annual basis and immediately treat any areas of damage or wear with a fresh coat of Ronseal 10 Year Weatherproof Wood Paint or other suitable Ronseal product.

Q. Can I use the Ronseal 10 year wood paint without the flexible primer and undercoat?

A. To get the 10 year guarantee, Ronseal say you must use the flexible primer and undercoat. Plus it will make the top coat more durable and it will always give you a nicer finish.

70 customer reviews
Good product by Peter Jacobs

Does what it says on the tin.

Reviewed 750ml, Chestnut on: 22/04/18
Love this by Annabel Cookson

Am painting wooden dog agility jumps for outside use. It goes on great with just two thin coats. Great finish!

Reviewed 2.5L, Black on: 10/12/17
Perfect for my needs! by Richard Sutcliffe

This has been what I have needed to give my fence some extra life to it. Would love if Ronseal did this in a larger tin! Wood Finishes Direct are the most competitive website for offers on this that I have come across! Keep up the good work!

Reviewed 750ml, Chestnut on: 13/11/17
Definitely works but slightly sticky in application by Stephen Lunt

It sets quickly: don't go over it once its on; perhaps 3 thin coats is best.

Reviewed 2.5L, Black on: 04/11/17
Good product, time will tel! by Martin Gainsbury

Too early to say how good it is since it's a long term issue

Reviewed 750ml, Racing Green on: 01/11/17
Easy to apply by Les Plumb

The product is very good. I live in a wooden lodge that takes on all weathers. This product still looks as if I had just applied it whereas the previous product needed a re-coat every year where it had peeled. I am very pleased with it. The only downside is that the colours only come in small 750ml tins and not the 2.5ltr option that white had.

Reviewed 750ml, Chestnut on: 23/10/17
Ronseal 10 yeat External wood paint by Helen

Good price.Excellent paint, Delivery swift and as promised.

Reviewed 750ml, Dark Oak on: 09/10/17
Good experience by James Hall

Product arrived promptly. Easy to put on. Will have to wait to find out if it lives up to 10-year claim.

Reviewed 750ml, Pure Brilliant White on: 26/09/17
Would have liked the gloss to be better especially on the front door by Richard Hales

The gloss is not as intense as normal gloss paint, however it was brought to paint exterior wooden Windows hopefully it will last the 10 years as indicated on the tin

Reviewed 750ml, Pure Brilliant White on: 24/09/17
Great stuff by Jeff Hunt

Used on a log cabin, used with ronseal super flexible primer. Highly recommended

Reviewed 2.5L, Pure Brilliant White on: 17/09/17
Does not do what it says on the tin! by Maurice Fuller

Despite following all Ronseal's instructions including their primer/undercoat it took 4 coats of top coat to get a reasonable finish. Even now I can still see traces (streaks) of undercoat if I look closely. I used a top quality brush but the top coat was difficult to apply. It dried very quickly (so avoid over-brushing) but the coverage is poor - definitely not 2 coats as per the tin

Reviewed 750ml, Chestnut on: 15/09/17
A note from us...

Hello Mr Fuller,

I am sorry that you had a disappointing experience with his product, it is a popular treatment an with effective results can give a great finish.

From your description I believe the problems that you have had could be the result of the paint not being stirred effectively. If the first coats were a bit washed out this could show much of the pigment has sunk to the bottom of the tin. And if the last coat was difficult to apply, maybe because it was thicker as it had much of the unmixed pigment in it making it thicker.

Hopefully you were able to complete your project, and if there is anything that we can help with please do not hesitate to get in touch.

All the Best Samantha

Will buy this againand again by George Eleftheriou

Good price and good coverage for refreshing our Conservatory and wood around the garage doors

Reviewed 750ml, Dark Oak on: 06/09/17
Great stuff, even better price by Hertzog

Great stuff, drying very quickly. I'm using this paint for years and for this price it's absolute bargain.

Reviewed 750ml, Chestnut on: 27/08/17
Good stuff, does what it says on the tin! by Daren Lucas

good stuff, does what it says on the tin!

Reviewed 2.5L, Pure Brilliant White on: 22/08/17
Really good product by Mrs J Scott

Brilliant paint to use,really good coverage.

Reviewed 2.5L, Black on: 11/08/17
Fine by Robin Bullen

Dont paint it in hot sunlight and it's fine.

Reviewed 750ml, Racing Green on: 05/07/17
Excellent and easy to apply good finishing by Natverlal Patel

I have use it first time but looks brilliant for exterior wood protection it's cover like rubber.

Reviewed 750ml, Dark Oak on: 30/06/17
Good paint good price by Edward R Shaw

Quick delivery well wrapped good named product at a good price Thanks

Reviewed 750ml, Black on: 09/06/17
Great brand,great paint by Mr Smith Mckay

Applies well,finish is great and peace of mind not having to do it again for many years is the least you can expect from a trusted household name.

Reviewed 750ml, Country Cotton on: 30/05/17
Very good by Albert

very happy with the product I would use again in the future

Reviewed 750ml, Dark Oak on: 13/01/17