Ronseal High Performance Decking Cleaner Sachets

  4.7/5.0   68 reviews
You'll need enter area above for 1 coat (Usually sufficient)
You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Sometimes necessary)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • Concentrated dissolvable cleaning capsules for exterior decking and timber
  • Suitable for bare and treated surfaces
  • Removes dirt and grime
  • Kills and removes moss, mould and algae
  • Opens up pores of the wood for better penetration and adhesion of oils and stains
  • Convenient pack size for easy storage - no large tin or container
  • Pack contains two sachets making 5L to treat up to 24m²
Brand Ronseal
No. of coats 1-2
Coverage Up to 4 per litre
Drying time hrs
MPN 36438
GTIN 5010214864386

Ronseal High Performance Decking & Garden Cleaner is ideal for cleaning moss mould and algae from wooden garden decking.

To prepare decking or other garden wood for cleaning with Ronseal Decking Cleaner, first remove any debris including leaves, twigs, soil, weeds and large amounts of moss and mould using a stiff brush. Do not wet decking.

Always do a small test area before beginning any project to assess performance and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packet at all times.

Initial Procedure

  1. Remove the cleaning capsules from the outer packaging
  2. Cut the inner case to remove the capsules - be careful not to pierce them if you use scissors
  3. Place one capsule of deck cleaning solution into 2.5 litres of warm water or two capsules into 5 litres of warm water (Warm water will allow the decking cleaning capsules to dissolve more quickly)
  4. Stir and leave the capsules to dissolve for 90 seconds (3 minutes in cold water)

How To Clean Algae From Decking

  1. Once diluted, apply to areas needing treatment using a watering can, Ronseal Sprayer or a decking brush
  2. Allow to dry fully
  3. After 2-3 days any green appearance will have disappeared
  4. Clean the wood after application by using a decking brush to clear away any remaining dusty deposits

How To Clean Moss and Mould From Decking

  1. Apply the cleaner with a watering can, Ronseal Sprayer or a brush
  2. Scrub the deck well with a stiff bristle brush and leave for 10-15 minutes
  3. Wash off with a brush and water, or hose down decking, ensuring all residues are washed away

Please Note: When using this product, take care to protect plants, fish ponds, rivers and drains from contamination. This product may remove partially deteriorated or flaking coatings when applied to clean decking.

Once fully dry, wooden decking is ready to be finished with a decking oil or decking stain.

Q. Can I use Ronseal Decking Cleaner to remove the old decking stain or decking oil from my deck?

A. Unfortunately not. This product has been designed to clean and remove mould, algae and fungi. If you want to remove an existing decking stain or decking oil, you will need to jet wash the decking or use Ronseal Decking Stripper, which was made for the job.

Q. Is it safe for my plants?

A.This product is hazardous to plants when wet, but safe when fully dried.

68 customer reviews
Good stuff by Irene Ward

Sprayed this cleaner onto decking, 2 days later I used a pursued washer. All green mould was gone.

Reviewed on: 25/04/18
Delivered along with other items in less than 24 hours (free) all the way to Scotland First class service by Rufus Ross

Had trouble finding a rain free day! Once a dry day arrived I followed the clear instructions and left it on for 3 days before hosing off to completely clean the decking, looks like new and is ready for Ronseal Decking Oil now.

Reviewed on: 14/04/18
Used in the past and very impressed by Carol Williamson

First used this 2 years ago to scrub up old algae covered decking inherited on my bungalow. The guys who used it said it took a bit of scrubbing then power washing but it worked a dream.

Reviewed on: 31/03/18
Brilliant by PATRICIA

Cleans decking like new without effort, excellent product.

Reviewed on: 25/10/17
Convenient and it works by Michael Lynch

Used to prepare decking prior to oiling with coloured oil. Cleaner sachets dissolved as claimed, I used warm water, and applied using a watering can. Stiff brush over did the rest.

Reviewed on: 17/10/17
Excellent product by David Kelly

I used one sachet at a time brushing on with with a Harris brush. I left it 15 minutes and brushed (scrubbed) again. Worked well and left the decking ready for staining.

Reviewed on: 29/04/17
Very satisfied by John Paintain

Used in my decking, applied by watering can, left on the wood for one week. Hosed down and the deck looks like new and ready for oiling, very pleased with this product.

Reviewed on: 28/04/17
Product for deck cleaning by Mrs L Corke

Used this to remove mound it worked and gave a good deck clean

Reviewed on: 28/04/17
Good by Mr James Casswell

good product price and delivery what more do i want

Reviewed on: 05/04/17
Does the job by David Munro

this contains phase-transfer surfactants, and is very useful in situations where acid-based algicides might cause corrosion on adjacent surfaces

Reviewed on: 26/03/17
Have used for several years prior to using oil for decking, very good results by Sue.Caldwell Shot

Have used for several years prior to using decking oil and very pleased with results.

Reviewed on: 07/03/17
A nice finish after a good scrub by hand for grubby decking by Adrian Ling

A nice finish after a good scrub by hand for grubby decking

Reviewed on: 24/09/16
Easy to use Certainly shifted the dirt and algae by Mrs Morag Skene

Worked very well. After using, decking was completely free from dirt and algae, ready to be oiled.

Reviewed on: 18/09/16
Good by Chris Moore

Cleaned the tired old wood nicely ready for oiling.

Reviewed on: 09/09/16
Again very easy to use by Mr R Huckfield

Cleaned NEW decking I thought was clean already?

Reviewed on: 20/08/16
Excellent product which cleans weathered and greyed wood especially areas which have been prematurely exposed due to wear especially on horizontal areas of decking by Mr E Goble

Easy to use and thoroughly recommended for use prior to Ronseal decking oil especially on weathered timber.

Reviewed on: 27/07/16
Better than buying the tins by Philip Asselin

Cheaper than the 5L containers and was very easy to use. Definitely worth cleaning the decking with this first as a lot of grunge came up.

Reviewed on: 23/07/16
Nice item by Kuljit Jaye

Cleans well. Read the instructions carefully. Works best if you leave the cleaner for a couple of days for it to work in to the molded area.

Reviewed on: 09/07/16
Brilliant easy clean by Ged Cook

First time I've ever used this product very easy to use and comes up really clean

Reviewed on: 04/07/16
Good Cleaner by G Knight

Used it today and it cleans really well, would use again.

Reviewed on: 29/05/16