Osmo Floor Applicators

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  4.5/5.0  (152)
The finest natural hair bristle and tough beech wood design make for a long lasting professional floor applicator.
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Available in 5 9/10" (150mm), 8 7/10" (220mm), 15 3/4" (400mm)
For applying oils or wood cleaners to wooden surfaces. Designed for use with the Osmo Floor Pad Holder.
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A mop set for optimal cleaning of wooden floors. For use with Osmo Telescopic Handle.
Can be used to clean, resurface, colour and refinish floors with Osmo wood finishes and floor buffing machine.
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For rubbing in Polyx and Hard wax oils, or cleaning deeper stains and dirt. Attaches to Osmo Floor Pad Holder.
  4.0/5.0  (1)
A lightweight applicator with swivel joint for use with Osmo Floor Superpads.
A replacement microfibre mop head for use with the Osmo Floor Cleaning Kit and suitable for stone, linoleum and wooden floors.
For applying Osmo oils or Intensive Cleaner. Attaches to the Osmo Floor Pad Holder.
Practical Double Blade Scraper for the professional application of Osmo floor oils and stains.
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Available in 270mm
A replacement Osmo Active Fibre Cloth for the Osmo Floor Cleaning Kit that's suitable for applying Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner.
Replacement Dust Mop head for the Osmo Floor Cleaning Kit for the effective dry cleaning of laminate, vinyl and wood floors.
Replacement Nozzle for the Osmo Midi-flow Gun
Osmo MS Applicator Gun for use with Osmo MS Advance Sausage 600g and other compatible flooring adhesives.