Cuprinol Wood Finishes for Furniture

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Wide range of attractive colours that provide long lasting protection for all types of garden wood.
  • 2 coats
  • Coverage: 10m²/L
  • 1 hr drying time
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Available in 50ml, 1L, 2.5L
An easy to use gel that removes the grey, weathered surface of wood to reveal the natural timber colour.
  • 1-2 coats
  • Coverage: 8m²/L
  • 16 hrs drying time
Provides long lasting colour and lasting weather protection to all types of wooden garden furniture.
  • 2-3 coats
  • Coverage: 20m²/L
  • 4 hrs drying time
A high performance treatment for teak and other hardwood garden furniture. Special formulation that provides longer lasting protection than traditional Teak Oil
  • 2 coats
  • Coverage: 24m²/L
  • 24 hrs drying time
Effective formula that prevents re-infestation and ensures effective protection for years to come.
  • 2-3 coats
  • Coverage: 3.5m²/L
  • 48 hrs drying time
Offers a natural finish for teak and similar hardwoods. Protects and enhances the wood by replacing the natural oils lost through weathering.
  • 2 coats
  • Coverage: 24m²/L
  • 24 hrs drying time
Specially formulated to remove dirt and grease from the wood prior to treatment or throughout the season.