Manns Coloured Varnish

  4.9/5.0 (24 reviews)
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2 coats = Good protection
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3 coats = Excellent protection
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • The look of paint but the strength of varnish
  • low-odour and versatile water-based finish
  • Suitable for all bare interior wood projects
  • Offers a professional opaque finish within 2-3 coats
Brand Manns
No. of coats 2-3
Coverage Up to 10 per litre
Drying time 2h 30m
Size 1L, 5L
GTIN 5060403890269, 5060403890276, 5060403890252, 5060403890238, 5060403890245, 5060403890221

If you are looking for a strong, clear finish we recommend the Clear Extra Tough Varnish.

This Waterborne varnish is easy to use straight from the tin and can be applied with a good quality paint brush or roller. Apply 3 even coats for maximum protection. Coloured varnishes are not generally considered to be durable enough for a floor although areas with light to moderate foot traffic typically wear well.

Colour Matching

For best results we recommend using a white coloured varnish primer which provides a neutral base or 'blank canvas'. It will also fill any minor scratches, dents or imperfections making the surface easier to sand prior to the application of the top coat(s).

Applying coloured varnish to bare wood

Please be aware that the overall colour will vary a little depending on the colour of the wood being worked on. For example, mahogany will add a reddish influence, whilst pine will have a yellowish influence.

Your wood kitchen surfaces are looking awful! How do you make them look beautiful again? Try our blog post about cleaning and refreshing them?

24 customer reviews
Very good by William Short

The job I bought the varnish for turned out better than expected. Our rather tatty dining table now looks prison again. I was dubious about a water based varnish but it worked well.

Reviewed 1L, Black - Satin on: 17/07/16
Overall very happy by Jonathan Horwood

Was advised to get this after chatting to someone from customer services about my project I was working on. Very happy as always when shopping with wood finishes direct.

Reviewed 1L, Black - Satin on: 04/05/16
Excellent product & covering power by William Dick

Excellent product & covering power,

Reviewed 1L, Black - Satin on: 09/03/16
Excellant finish by Nicholas Cushing

Only 2 or 3 coats need for a lovely deep glossy finish. Used a gloss roller . Quick drying. Easy clean up in water.

Reviewed 5L, Black - Gloss on: 19/02/16
Gives me a great Black! by G Fisher

Very good, deep Black with just one coat.However, I give a second coat, diluted 1/1 with polyurethane, this gives me a "sealed", slightly deeper black, whilst still letting the grain of wood just show. If you do not want the grain to show, give it two, undiluted coats. An excellent product.

Reviewed 1L, Black - Satin on: 11/01/16
Perfect sheen matching by Sarah Ware

Very nice product and a perfect match of sheen and colour for my restoration project

Reviewed 1L, Black - Satin on: 05/01/16
Exceeded my expectations by Trevor Brown

I am renovating a piano and I was dubious using water based varnish. but it is a great product and such a smooth finish. Would definitley recommend.

Reviewed 1L, Black - Gloss on: 26/11/15
Excellent finish by Simon E

This product was used to paint the hand rail on our home staircase. The look and feel of the finish was excellent. I would definitely recommend this product.

Reviewed 1L, Black - Gloss on: 14/10/15
Easy to apply Good drying time by Michaael Barfoot-Franks

Easy to apply and dried fairly quickly. Perfect for this particular job.

Reviewed 1L, Black - Satin on: 14/03/15
High quality finish for less expense by A Bradley

This product is high quality and easy to use. Me and my wife managed to get are item finished to a very high standard using this.

Reviewed 1L, White - Satin on: 26/09/14
Great product just as described by Ken

Goes on so esy and drying times are great. Second coat time being so short you can finish your job very quickly. Covering power was great. I was sceptical about how far it would go but if anything the estimates on the pack were low. Looking to use some of the white on the staircase handrail as gloss doesn't last long.

Reviewed 1L, Black - Satin on: 05/03/14
Lovely product transformed my furniture May not be too strong but easy to touch up by Janice Bowles

A good sanding before use improves product greatly. To use is simple and finish is amazing. Do not think it would be too strong if not treated carefully but can be touched up.. All friends think my furniture looks great.

Reviewed 1L, Black - Satin on: 22/09/13
Easy to use by James Keers

Like most Manns products it performs very well, I will be using more of it.

Reviewed 1L, White - Matt on: 25/06/13
More than satisfactory for the purpose by S Tudehope

Very helpful advise led me to try the acrylic pigmented lacquer. Very pleased and will use it again

Reviewed 5L, White - Satin on: 23/06/13
Good product by Neve Cunningham

Certainly black and matt and very quick drying

Reviewed 1L, Black - Matt on: 17/04/13
Brilliant White by Kirstie Davis

This is the 1st varnish I have ever found that keeps your whites white. It does not yellow after a few months. Have & will continue to recommend this product to others.

Reviewed 5L, White - Gloss on: 05/04/13
Good coverage quick drying by Margaret Murphy

I only use this a little but am very happy with it.

Reviewed 5L, Black - Matt on: 11/03/13
Great water based varnish by Philip Threadgold

Great product beautiful finish, easy to use and clean brush and roller after use.

Reviewed 1L, Black - Satin on: 19/02/13
Quality product by Tim

Excellent , easy to use and great results , gives good coverage ,and high opacity . I did find I got a better finish using a brush than a roller ,as you get more working time before it dries.Highly recommend !

Reviewed 1L, Black - Satin on: 07/11/12
Excellant by Kirsty

On wood - usually you use a brilliant under coat and then a dull gloss or even a clear varnish that stains. This product is as brilliant white as any undercoat. I have already ordered more and recommended it to friends who have bought it.

Reviewed 1L, White - Gloss on: 04/10/12

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