Sikkens Rubbol Primer Plus

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You'll need enter area above for 1 coat (Standard Protection)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A premium quality, solvent-borne primer / undercoat for interior and exterior timbers
  • Also suitable as an undercoat on suitably prepared and primed metals and hard plastics
  • Excellent absorption, adhesion and levelling properties
  • Dries to an opaque, satin finish
  • Provides a perfect surface for Sikkens Rubbol opaque top coat
Brand Sikkens
No. of coats 1
Coverage Up to 14 per litre
Drying time 18 hrs
Size 1L, 2.5L, 5L
MPN 5119174, 5114992, 5119175, 5114993, 5119176, 5119154
GTIN 8711115312125, 8711115309033, 8711115312149, 8711115309040, 8711115312163, 8711115312118

Timber surface must be abraded, clean, dry, and free from all traces of dust, dirt, wax and grease prior to coating with Sikkens Rubbol Primer Plus.

New or Bare Timber

  • The moisture content of the timber must not exceed 18% (This figure will be 14% or lower for interior timbers)
  • Any mould and algae growth must be eradicated using a suitable fungicide or mould and mildew remover
  • Degrease any exposed bare timber surface by wiping with a lint-free cloth dampened in a suitable solvent
  • Any hard crystallized resin at the surface of the timber should be removed with a scraper
  • Remaining resinous residues may be removed using a suitable solvent
  • Knotting may be used to reduce extractive discolouration, however, knotting is not always fully effective in sealing in resin, and the adhesion of subsequent coatings may be impaired
  • Where a superficial application of preservative to softwood and hardwood is deemed necessary, be sure to only use wood preservatives that do not contain wax
  • Preservative pre-treatments must be fully dry before the application of Rubbol Primer Plus
  • Do not use on substrates which have had water-repellent preservative pre-treatments applied
  • Where possible, the first coat should be applied all round prior to fixing
  • Only use non-ferrous screws, nails and fixings

Previously Coated Timber

  • Denib (lightly sand) using a fine grade nylon abrasive pad or a fine grade (P240 or finer) wet or dry silicon carbide abrasive paper, in the direction of the grain
  • Do not break through the surface coating, and remove any remaining dust after sanding
  • Where there is localised damage, or deterioration has occurred as a result of exposure of the factory coating for longer than 3 months, affected areas should be thoroughly sanded back to a sound substrate

Old Timber

  • All damaged or decayed timber must be removed and replaced, cutting at least 25mm into sound timber
  • When splicing in new sections consider whether the timber species natural durability is sufficient

Always do a test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times. Stir thoroughly before use.

  1. Apply one coat of Sikkens Primer Plus with a good quality, soft bristle brush
  2. Apply thinly and evenly, paying special attention to the end grain, tops and bottoms of doors, and undersides of window sills
  3. Allow 18 hours drying time before applying a top coat

Once fully dry, Sikkens Rubbol Primer Plus can be over-coated with Sikkens Rubbol XD Gloss or Sikkens Rubbol Satura Plus.

9 customer reviews
Good product, does what it says on the tin by Neil Gibson

I find this product gives good coverage and is a sound base for the top coat.

Reviewed 2.5L, Grey on: 22/11/17
Excellent and easy to apply by Karen Northeast

Excellent ! Will be using this again on my new gates.

Reviewed 2.5L, White on: 12/07/17
Good quality product by Micheal Goold

Easy to use, makes top coat easy to apply

Reviewed 1L, White on: 13/11/16
Great product for a professional finish by Imran Ahmed

Recommended to me by professional garage door makers. Make sure you treat raw timber with a non-water-repellent treatment.

Reviewed 2.5L, White on: 09/08/16
Good quality, nice to use by Biddy Wells

Adheres well to the wood, gives a good base for the top coat.

Reviewed 1L, White on: 19/02/16
Does what it says on the tin by J Galvin

Door manufacturer spcified use of this to comply with guarantee, so it must be good

Reviewed 1L, White on: 05/01/16
Excellent paint by Richard Harries

The Sikkens Primer is easy to apply and is the best primer or undercoat I have used.

Reviewed 2.5L, White on: 16/10/15
Excellent by Chris Richards

Excellent service and very good price for about the best oil based primer out there

Reviewed 1L, White on: 15/09/15
Good quality paint by Barry Livermore

Great can feel the quality as you paint it on,nice thick smooth consistency,great coverage and looks great!

Reviewed 1L, Grey on: 14/09/15
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