Ronseal Total Wood Preserver - 5L

  4.9/5.0 (115 reviews)
On-screen colours may vary according to different screen calibrations. We therefore always recommend applying a test area.
1 coat = Standard Protection
Total: enter area
2 coats = Best Protection
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • A highly penetrative, solvent-based wood preserver for exterior timbers
  • Perfect for use on garden sheds, fences, joists, doors and window frames
  • Prevents rot and decay whilst protecting against woodworm infestation
  • Provides long lasting protection
  • High V.O.C
Brand Ronseal
No. of coats 3
Coverage Up to 8 per litre
Drying time 24 hrs
MPN 37664, 37658, 37659, 37661, 37660
GTIN 5010214876648, 5010214862771, 5010214862795, 5010214862818, 5010214862832

Ronseal Total Wood Preservative has been formulated to provide long lasting protection against woodworm attack, prevent rot and decay and also provide protection against blue stain fungus. To kill existing woodworm infestations, use Ronseal Woodworm Killer then treat with Total Wood Preservative when dry for additional protection.

Ensure all wooden surfaces to be treated with Ronseal Wood Preserver are dry, clean and free from dirt, debris and other surface contaminates.

  • Areas that have been affected by mould, algae or fungi should be treated with an exterior mould and mildew cleaner prior to preserving
  • Any surface coatings such as paint, varnish or stain must be fully removed
  • Wood that has decayed should be removed and replaced prior to application of Ronseal preservative
  • Cut out an area of at least 45cm beyond the area of damage

Always do a test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times. Shake or stir well prior to and during application, more so when using the coloured version of this product to ensure a consistent colour.

Total Wood Preservative can be brush, dipped and spray applied with a suitable solvent spray system. Please Note: If spray applying, use a coarse spray and avoid misting. This product is not compatible with Ronseal Spray Systems. Avoid contact with bitumen, bitumen felt, mastics and plastics.

  1. Apply Ronseal Preserver to wood surface using your chosen method
  2. We recommend applying at least 2 coats, 3 for best protection
  3. Leave 24 hours between coats
  4. Where possible, end grain should be dipped or given extra coats to ensure the best possible protection

Clear Wood Preserver

The clear exterior wood preserver in this range does not contain wax so therefore only provides limited waterproofing protection. To add weather protection to a clear coat of Ronseal Wood Preserver, use a suitable wood oil or decking oil.

As an alternative to oiling, the clear version of this product can also be over-coated with a paint, stain or varnish if required, after 24 hours, when fully dried.

Coloured Wood Preserver

The coloured versions of Ronseal Total Wood Preserver contain a small amount of wax that provides some water repellency and weather protection. For added protection and weatherproofing, apply an exterior wood oil once the preservative has fully dried.

Please note: Because of the wax content in the coloured version of this product, it cannot be over-coated with paints, varnishes and other coating systems.

For wooden surfaces treated with just Ronseal Total Wood Preserver, and not over-coated with anything else, a fresh coat can be applied as part of an annual maintenance program, or as required, by following the above 'Preparation' and 'Application' instructions.

Surfaces treated with Ronseal Preserver, and over-coated with a wood oil, paint or varnish do not require a fresh treatment whilst the top coat is maintained and remains intact.

115 customer reviews
EXCELLENT by Cheryl Lowes

As described, very good product

Reviewed Clear on: 21/02/17
Ideal for the job by Allan Robinson

I use this Total Wood Preserver on all my outdoor buildings, from sheds to stable doors and windows. Two coats every year keeps it looking good and problem free. It also comes at a cost that is reasonable compared to other established names, where you can double the cost of this and then add some more, just to get the same quantity.

Reviewed Dark Brown on: 31/12/16
Not a bad replacement for 'good old creosote'!! by Clare Dickerson

Does what it says on the tin! A good timber treatment, but do miss the proper old creosote for protecting our shed, fences etc..

Reviewed Light Brown on: 02/12/16
Ronseal, does what it says on the tin excellent product, fast delivery, good price !! by Mark Butler

Excellent product, fast delivery and a good price, what more do you need , one of the most recognized names, one you can trust and no more expensive than than the "Budget" range.

Reviewed Clear on: 26/11/16
Good by Jane Davis


Reviewed Clear on: 25/11/16
Excellent to use and seals by David Barlow

Nice colour more a shabby green effect I like it

Reviewed Green on: 18/11/16
My regular Ronseal Wood Preserver but at a better price by Irene Melia

Cheaper than in the shops by half price so a great deal as I buy so much for the big decking area in my garden. It arrived before the delivery date packed well and courteously carried into my hallway. Altogether really good buying experience and will shop with Wood Finishes Direct again.

Reviewed Clear on: 17/11/16
Used this preservative to protect my garden fence by Roy Owen

Had a new garden fence erected round the garden a couple of years ago. The guys that did the job told me to give it a coat of decent wood preservative within the next couple of years even though it was already treated. I have applied the preservative with a brush and it seemed to go on really well just making it look slightly darker than before. I feel well pleased with the end finish and confident it will help protect the fence for years to come.

Reviewed Clear on: 04/11/16
At this time this product seems to have been a good purchase easy to apply and delivered on time by Pete Symes

Purchased this wood preservative to try and lengthen the life of weather beaten faded oak. Very easy to apply with a brush and soaked in very quickly enabling me to apply a top coat of a different product. I would buy it again. It was packaged very securely and arrived promptly. Good stuff.

Reviewed Clear on: 04/11/16
Did what it said on the tin by John D Bowley

Needed a preservative but with a colour so fitted the bill & at £22 delivered it was a good price for the quality.

Reviewed Green on: 04/11/16
Happy with the finish by Mrs Grieves

Good product wood looks good

Reviewed Clear on: 02/11/16
First time users by Pete Sellers

It coats really well and brightens up the shed. After drying time it doesn't leave any residue on the hands.

Reviewed Clear on: 01/11/16
Used before and will use again by Nick Templar

Ideal for beehives as long as you let the components air well after application.

Reviewed Clear on: 22/10/16
Excellent product easily applied by Terence Palmer

Researched many products, but came to the conclusion that Ronseal Total was my best option. Talked to several local joinery shops regarding my choice, and they all confirmed that Ronseal Total was an excellent product. Very easy to apply so giving my timber an annual treatment will not be a major chore. So pleased, I bought a second 5L can.

Reviewed Light Brown on: 21/10/16
First class product 'fit for purpose' by Jim Sleight

Well formulated and just what i needed to brighten up the tired woodwork around the building

Reviewed Green on: 21/10/16
Easy to apply and covers the area well by D Angier

Very good preservative. The Dark Brown makes the wood look a rich colour, which blends well with the overall look of the property.

Reviewed Dark Brown on: 19/10/16
Good preserver at competitive price by M Brown

Pleased with the finish with this Ronseal product. Easy to apply and my new fence looks even better now.

Reviewed Clear on: 15/10/16
Excellent, does what it says on the tin by R J Mansfield

Makes the summerhouse look great.

Reviewed Light Brown on: 15/10/16
Great product by Ian Taylor

Very good but needed quite a bit more than the coverage estimate

Reviewed Clear on: 15/10/16
Does what it says on the tin by David C Wolff

I bought this product to colour some decking planks that were not used as decking but for other outdoor use. Applied several coats as per instructions and now have some lovely coloured planks. Looks better than the water based stuff that obliterates the natural grain.

Reviewed Light Brown on: 12/10/16
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