Morrells Wax Filler Sticks 40g

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  • Morrells Wax Filler Sticks are made from a soft wax
  • Perfect for use on all wood types
  • Ideal solution for filling nail holes, splits and cracks
  • Ready to use for interior use only
  • Easy to apply
  • Different shades can be melted together with minimal heat for the perfect colour match
  • Each pack contains 2 wax filler sticks that measure approximately 6cm x 2.5cm x 1.5cm
  • Colour swatches and names are indicative only
Brand Morrells
Drying time mins
Size 40g
MPN 4198/121P, 4172/200P, 4181/200P, 4141/200P, 4181/107P, 4182/110P, 4198/120P, 4182/200P, 4172/201P, 4100/101P, 4181/114P, 4182/102P, 4198/115P, 4190/200P, 4141/201P, 4181/122P, 4182/108P, 4181/201P, 4198/116P, 4181/202P, 4188/200P, 4190/103P, 4142/200P, 4191/200P
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Morrells Wax Filler Sticks have been specifically formulated to repair small imperfections that may only become visible after the first coat of lacquer or varnish has been applied. However, they can also be used successfully prior to the first coat of lacquer or varnish being applied.

For multi patch repairs consider the Osmo Repair Kit which contains 6 miniature wax filler sticks of different colours and a battery operated wax melting tool.

Ensure that areas to be filled are clean, dry and free of any dust, dirt or other surface contaminates. If possible, roughen or scratch the inside of the area to be filled so that the wax has a better key to adhere to.

Always do a small test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the pack at all times.

There are 2 main ways that wax filler sticks can be softened / melted so that they can be used to fill the damaged area. Before handling the filler stick, ensure that hands are clean and dry as wax sticks easily pick up any dirt on the hands and this may discolour the wax.

Method 1:

  1. Scrape off slithers of wax with a filler knife or other sharp edged object
  2. Push wax into hole or damaged area to be filled with a plastic scraper or card
  3. Warm with a hair dryer so that the wax softens and sinks into the repair area
  4. Scrape off any excess from the surface or the surrounding areas with a plastic scraper taking care not to damage the wood or finish around the repair area

Please Note: If heating the wax in situ of the repair with a hair dryer, take care to ensure that the hair dryer isn't set too hot or used too close to the surface that it damages, melts or burns the wood or the wood finish around the repair area.

Method 2:

  1. Using an old mug, bowl or other heat proof container, cut off the required amount of Wax Filler Stick with a filler knife, and place into a container
  2. Put the container into a saucepan of hot water to melt the wax
  3. Apply the melted wax to the repair area with plastic scraper taking care not to damage the wood or finish around the repair area

Whichever method you choose, ensure that excess amounts of wax are removed and the surface is left smooth and flat. 320 grit paper can be used for this process.

Once the wax has dried, an appropriate wood stain, lacquer or varnish can be applied.

If more holes, crack or splits appear over time, simply apply more wax following the Preparation and Application instructions.

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