Fiddes Floor Wax

  4.7/5.0   50 reviews

You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Good protection)
You'll need enter area above for 3 coats (Excellent protection)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A versatile liquid wood wax for interior wood flooring
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Does not crack, flake, peel or blister
  • Easily maintained and restored
  • Dries to a clear finish
  • Can be buffed to a high sheen if required
Brand Fiddes
No. of coats 2-3
Coverage Up to 10 per litre
Drying time 15 mins
Size 1L, 2L, 5L
GTIN 5060147671308, 5060147671803, 5060147671780

Fiddes Floor Wax can be applied over most pre-finished floors and finishes including water-based and solvent-based stains, wood oils, french polishes and varnishes. It can also be applied to untreated or bare wood floors and surfaces.

Ensure that all surfaces to be treated are clean, dry and free of dust, dirt or any other surface contaminants before applying Fiddes Floor Wax.

Pre-finished Wooden Floors

  1. Clean wooden floors with Fiddes Floor Surface Cleaner
  2. Allow the floor to fully dry before applying Fiddes Floor Wax

Bare Wood Flooring

  1. Bare wood floors should be sanded with a 120-150 grit abrasive
  2. Remove all traces of sanding dust with a vacuum

Always do a test area before starting any project to check suitability and compatibility. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times.

Please Note: The consistency of this product can vary from liquid to thick custard depending on the temperature.

  1. Apply Fiddes Floor Wax sparingly, working on one manageable area at a time
  2. Large floor areas can be applied with a Bona Floor Mop
  3. For smaller areas, a stockinette cloth may be used
  4. The minimum recommendation on bare floors is 2 - 3 coats, or 1 - 2 coats for pre-finished floors, although any number of additional coats can be applied if necessary
  5. To achieve a deep lustre, buff the freshly applied wood floor polish with a stockinette cloth or polishing machine once dried
  6. There are also brushes available for buffing which can be attached to an electric drill to save time and make the process of polishing floors much easier

Regular Cleaning

For day to day cleaning, surfaces treated with Fiddes Floor Wax can be dry wiped, swept or vacuumed.

Deep Cleaning

To clean surface scuffs, marks and stains, use Fiddes Floor Surface Cleaner and a slightly damp (not wet) microfibre cloth or mop.


It is normal to re-wax wooden floor surfaces every 12-18 months, although many people re-wax more often than this, especially in high traffic areas. Additional coats will offer an improved patina.


Patches of wear in high traffic areas can be easily patch repaired by simply re-applying some floor wax to the worn, tired looking area.

50 customer reviews
Great product by AlexJones

Easy to apply and gave a really nice finish.

Reviewed 5L on: 14/12/17
Very good product! by Mrs G Whitlock

Follow the advice and you can't go wrong!

Reviewed 2L on: 29/11/17
Easy to apply and gave a great finish to our wood floor by S Craven

A good quality wax that gives a shine to wood floors in just one application

Reviewed 1L on: 09/11/17
User friendly! by Norfolk Wood Interiors

Extremely easy to apply, dries quickly and polishes to a nice sheen.

Reviewed 5L on: 05/11/17
Five star product by John

Having tried several different waxes, this is great because,'s a liquid so fills all tiny imperfections, can buff it straight away, don't need to wait 2 hours, 3.natural ingredients. Very good helpful delivery service too, thank you!

Reviewed 5L on: 03/10/17
Tried and tested product I have used successfully for years by James Reid

An excellent product: nothing fancy, just does the job well.

Reviewed 5L on: 30/09/17
Very good quality for my oak floor in the dining room and a well trod kitchen by Sheila Brown

Buffs up easily with my machine yet surprisingly seems to shine better after a couple of days

Reviewed 5L on: 16/05/17
Information was easy to understand by Sandra Martin

This product is superb, It does what it says on the tin wonderfully and is easy to use

Reviewed 5L on: 06/04/17
Great and easy to use Parquet floor now looks fantastic by Philip Harris

Used this product after sanding back herring bone parquet which was damaged and dirty after 60 years of use. Sealed with shellac sealer. Quick and easy to use and the floor looks fantastic and keeps it original charm. It is a polish so is slippery when walking in socks and rugs need rubber under matt to keep steady but this is as an old floor should be! Would have given 5 stars if the 5 litre container had an easy pour top. Instead comes in a metal tin and wax slops everywhere when pouring. Improve this and it's spot on!

Reviewed 5L on: 04/04/17
Amazing results by Geraldine Leitch

Having used a 'heavy traffic' wax for 11 years. I decided to use this floor wax. The result is amazing after just two coats on my solid oak floor it has put such an wonderful sheen on the floor as well as giving it a protective coat. Having three dogs and two cats the floor has maintained its shine and has been so easy to clean. Absolutely delighted I have used this product.

Reviewed 2L on: 24/03/17
Shiny by Barbara Mathie

My favourite of the three floor waxes I have tried - better to apply than the thicker version Fiddes also improves and easier to shine than the other make I tried. Buffs well. Needs three coats, however. Also dries somewhat quicker than the other make but still not the 10 - 20 mins suggested and closer to an hour.

Reviewed 5L on: 07/03/17
Kind of what I was looking for by Chris Doyle

I wanted to add a bit of waterproofing to a parquet floor that has been neglected for about 10 years. This product was easy to apply (albeit on hands and knees for a couple of hours) and I applied 3 coats. Doesn't seem to have made a huge visible difference, just hope it's added the protection I was looking for.

Reviewed 2L on: 13/01/17
Quick, easy, value for money by Kate Hallett

I bought this after reading a review here. I also have an ancient parquet floor and having used a particular product for some 20 years, I was disappointed to find it has been withdrawn from the market. I needn't have worried. The Fiddes product was easier to apply, dried quicker and was easy to polish. I've used it on my previously bees waxed parquet floor, and on my oiled floors in other areas. I put it on with a mop and shone it with my electric polisher. All floors have come up beautifully and the product was much easier to use with less of it.

Reviewed 2L on: 14/12/16
Hard wearing beautiful sheen by Philippa Royston

Gives a beautiful hard wearing finish on old oak floorboards by far the best floor wax I've tried

Reviewed 5L on: 24/11/16
Excellent product and easy to apply by Geoffrey Collins

Effective and leaves a nice, protective lustre.

Reviewed 5L on: 20/11/16
I love the furniture polish so this is perfect by Christine Moore

I love the wax for furniture i havent used the polish yet but im sure it will be great

Reviewed 5L on: 24/06/16
Looks ideal for my old elm floorboards by Juliet Edwards

Haven't actually had time to try it yet but reviews were good & it looked like a good traditional product

Reviewed 5L on: 12/06/16
Good finish, easy to apply by Will Davenport

Applied by machine and it finishes well, easy to get a good shine, restored a couple of patches where water damage and hard wear had damaged the floor. Pricey, but worth it.

Reviewed 5L on: 29/04/16
Does what it says on the tin by Glynis Myers

Just be careful of the wax leaving white marks.

Reviewed 2L on: 12/04/16
A note from us...


Thank you for your feedback, it is fair to say that the build up of this product in crevis's or in the grain can cause the appearance of white residue. A course brush such as the Manns Coarse Buffing Brush will help to prevent and remove this build up during application.

Wood Finishes Direct

Definately not non slip by Stuart Hicks

Easy to apply and shine up. Bought as non slip however, is like an ice rink in a bottle. Floor looks better as product seems to bring out the grain. Maybe more layers will help only time will tell.

Reviewed 5L on: 01/04/16
A note from us...

Hello Mr Hicks,

The Fiddes Floor Wax does give a really beautiful finish to wood, but on floors can be quite slippery. The more you wear socks on it the smoother it will get as the socks are effectively buffing the surface of the floor and the wax. Please let me know if you have any questions

Kind regards Sam.

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