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Drill Buffing Brushes

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High quality buffing brushes that can be attached to almost any standard electric or cordless drill. Save on time and elbow grease, achieve a better sheen and finish faster!

Choose from a range of high quality brush and buffing attachments to suite almost any job.

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Small Round Buffing Brush.

A conventional buffing brush with a diameter of 100mm. Round in shape, with a bristle length of 45mm, making it ideal for getting between spindles, slats and carved wooden areas.

Large Round Buffing Attachment.

A round brush with a curved underside making it ideal for buffing flat and moulded areas on the same piece such as a wardrobe. The buffing brush has a diameter of 145mm and a bristle length of 30mm.

Cylindrical Buffing Attachment.

The shape of this brush resembles that of a toilet brush! When used with the drill on its side, the bristles go in the same direction as the wood grain, making this brush ideal for large flat areas. This brush has a diameter of 100mm and a length of 125mm, bristle length is 22mm.

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Drill Buffing Brushes reviews - Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 16 reviews.

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K Greenwood

 Small Round
Perfect for waxing the wooden stairs
The brush is perfect for waxing the wooden stairs and is the right size to get into the joints.
Kevin Murphy

 Large round
Ok but.........
The first item sent to me broke within an hour of being used. The simple (and presumably cheap) method of holding the nut to the body just sheared off after minimal usage.It was quickly replaced (and full refund issued) and the replacement was up to the job.
Our feedback:-
Apologies for the faulty brush
John Buckley

 Small Round
Works very well, but does shed a bit
The brush was very effective for buffing a wax finish but it did shed quite a lot of bristles, even after multiple uses. Nonetheless, a good product, and decent value.
Ken Newton

 Small Round
It works very well and saves a lot of effort
When faced with a lot of hand polishing it was useful to find this drill brush which would take a lot of effort out of the job. I have nearly finished now but would be no where near that position or quality of finish without the brush
Neil Grimston

 Small Round
It does the job as stated and saves a lot of elbow effort!
For me this brush is excellent at polishing long flat surfaces. I've also used it on shaped items of wood, where care is needed due to the speed of the rotating brush. For me this was an excellent buy and I recommend it to anyone who is in the business of furniture restoration.
Frances Peacock

 Small Round
Takes a lot of the hard work out of finishing
This brush produced a lovely silky finish on a stained & waxed door. Initially I was a bit worried it would scratch the surface, but comparing a hand buffed area against a brushed one, the brushed area was much better.
Alastair Palmer

Excellent buffing brush for a large area
Much quicker than trying to polish by hand, this drill attachment gives a good finish and is easy-to-use. (although it does look like a toilet brush :)
K Lang

 Large round
Good price, does the business.
I have nothing to compare this against, however, when i got this item, the bristles were squashed due to the packaging, so i had to straighten it, which required little effort. As for price, it's one of the cheapest out there i could find and frankly, i can see it lasting for a decent amount of time.
Peter Warren

Average to Good
Good for large areas, but probably wants something smaller for the more tricky pieces
Andy Pope

I have been looking for a replacement for a long time, and now I have one!
Great brush for waxing reclaimed pine. Recommend!
Lesley Murray

 Small Round
Makes waxing so easy
Excellent product

Good quality brush
excellent buffing head for the price, good finish achieved on Briwaxed pine, shaft could be thicker as has a tendency to bend if dropped, although that's only user error!
M Stelmaszek

 Small Round
Really easy to use
Works extremely well with Briwax polish
Debbie Hammacott

 Large round
A really useful, versatile product.
The brush saves hours of effort and produces a really professional finish. Buy one!
John Betterton

 Small Round
Easy to use and achieves a speedy finish.
A real time saver.
Mr Bruce Perkin

Buffing Brush
This was a great buffing brush, easy to use and very durable.

  • Attach to any electric drill
  • 3 Different shapes
  • Save on elbow grease
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