Morrells Cellulose Thinners 5L

  5.0/5.0   24 reviews

A high grade cellulose thinner for use with the Morrells Pre-cat Lacquer ranges as well as solvents and stains. Ideal for thinning mainline products or for cleaning brushes and spray systems.

Brand Morrells
Drying time mins
Size 5L
MPN 2007/000B
GTIN 5055923200711

Morrells Cellulose Thinners should be kept in its original container and stored in a well ventilated place at all times. Keep away from sources of Ignition.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes, wear protective gloves and eye protection at all times. In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Show label or tin when seeking medical treatment.

24 customer reviews
Great thinner used for Morrells products by Zoltan Erdei

You will need a professional spray gun though.

Reviewed on: 07/09/17
Great by Tom Feeney

Love it and a reasonable price compared to other makes.

Reviewed on: 29/05/17
Cleans my spray gun and equipment perfectly! by Frances Dent
Reviewed on: 06/04/17
Great by DG Trading Limited
Reviewed on: 05/01/17
Goes well with Morrells lacquer by Barry Primrose
Reviewed on: 26/11/16
Does what it says on the tin by Karl Clarke

Ten out of ten

Reviewed on: 28/09/16
First class product by Victor Reed

The perfect accompaniment to the base and top coat laquers.

Reviewed on: 03/06/16
Spay laqure you spray it by TeePee

Makes wood look good if you know what you're doing

Reviewed on: 20/05/16
Excellent by Hugh Coulter

This lacquer is so easy to use, after spraying it dries very quickly allowing you to sand for your next coat. After several coats the finish is superb.

Reviewed on: 26/03/16
It goes with the laquer by Malcolm Griffiths

Good stuff!

Reviewed on: 15/12/15
Excellent! by Paul Jenkin

My favourite brand. I will only use Morrells. For a thousand years!

Reviewed on: 27/08/15
Excellent by J Theobald

The product was good. Did what it said on the tin, so to speak.

Reviewed on: 15/08/15
Morrells Cellulose Thinners by HASSAN

Good products when using with Lacquer....

Reviewed on: 01/02/15
Well satisfied have used this product before by T Smith

recommend this product, always gives good results.

Reviewed on: 03/01/15
Nothing else would do by Rick Knowles

Dont skimp here with cheaper re constituted thinners.I learnt the HARD way with ruined "Master pieces" to prove it !!! This is is the ONLY product to use with the Morrells Base Coat and Lacquer. Whichever way you decide to go.

Reviewed on: 23/12/14
Value for money by Ian McLean

Good description, excellent delivery and value for money.

Reviewed on: 11/12/14
Excellent product by Derek HALLIDAY

Use to thin cellulose paint and clean up

Reviewed on: 06/11/14
Excellent product by Rickards Brothers

Performs very well indeed. Everything a thinners should be.

Reviewed on: 27/06/14
Product is precisely what I need by Adrian Campbell-Burt

Hello WoodFinishesDirect I have been very pleased with the service you provide - in the most recent purchase you helped with your prompt, speedy, deliver to help me out of a hole I dug for myself, many thanks. Your delivery service is on a par with Apple i.e.. purchase and delivery - exemplary. Hope you take that as a complement - high praise! Regards Adrian CB

Reviewed on: 26/07/13
Super stuff by John Bottomley

Cellulose or Lacquer thinners are ideal for thinning Tamiya acrylic and Humbrol enamel paints for airbrushing- my main use. They are also great for cleaning paintbrushes when I get badgered into houspainting !

Reviewed on: 12/10/12