Bona Cleaner Concentrate

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You'll need enter area above for 1 coat (Recommended)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • An everyday concentrated floor cleaner for all types of interior wooden floors
  • Ideal for daily maintenance and deep cleaning
  • Dries to a smear free finish without the need to rinse
  • Water-soluble, streak free formulation
  • Leaves no surface residue to dull the appearance
  • Efficient, low-foaming, non-abrasive formula
Brand Bona
No. of coats 1
Coverage Up to 2000 per litre
Drying time 20 mins
Size 1L, 5L
MPN WM760013001, WM760020001
GTIN 7312792932258, 7312799956424

Bona Cleaner Concentrate is best used on wood and laminate flooring that has been varnished, lacquered or oiled.

This concentrated floor cleaner can be used with either the Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop or Bona Floor Mop once diluted to the required strength.

Remove all traces of loose dust, grit and dirt using a vacuum cleaner, scissor mop or sweeping prior to cleaning.

Always do a test area before starting any project to check suitability and compatibility. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the container at all times.

Dilution Instructions

  • Dilute 100ml of concentrate per 10 litres of water for regular, everyday cleaning
  • Dilute 200ml of concentrate per 10 litres of water for deep cleaning


  1. Clean the floor using a Bona mop or an auto scrubber equipped with a white or tan pad
  2. Take care where the floor has open gaps
  3. Replace the cleaning water periodically to avoid streaking

Please Note: Excessive use of water may damage the floor. Always keep the amount of water used to a minimum.

Regular Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning and/or dry sweeping regularly will help to minimise surface scratches and damage. To maintain the look and condition of the floor, clean as and when required with Bona Cleaner Concentrate.

Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning, simply double the consistency of the concentrate, as stated in Application above.

42 customer reviews
Fantastic floor cleaner by Kevin Picton

cleans and shines the wood floor brilliantly/

Reviewed 1L on: 13/12/17
Cleans my floor nicely by Peggy Archer

I would definitely buy this floor cleaner for my wooden floor

Reviewed 1L on: 20/07/17
Works fine, and very economical by John Brightwell

This floor cleaner does just what it sets out to do: it cleans and then leaves a polished finish when dry. It is hard-wearing and needs doing only every month or so, depending on use.

Reviewed 1L on: 28/06/17
Effective and quick by Linda Camp

Good product for cleaning grubby, dull, wooden floors.

Reviewed 5L on: 26/04/17
Backup by Caroline Duncombe

I have not yet used this product but will happily do so when needed.

Reviewed 1L on: 28/03/17
Excellent cleaner for wooden sports floor by R Peter Silveston

This wooden floor cleaner not only effectively removes the dirt/grime but it leaves the floor with a lustre finish.

Reviewed 5L on: 14/12/16
Excellent product by Raymond Lavis

Does exactly what it is says it claims.

Reviewed 5L on: 18/10/16
Excellent by David T Underhill

It gives an ex ellent finish to the floor and I'd easy to use.

Reviewed 5L on: 25/09/16
Concentrated- so will last a long time- good value by Julie Boxall

Double the concentration of the kahrs own wood floor cleaner, so very good value for this larger size.

Reviewed 5L on: 19/09/16
Great Product it does exactly what it says by Dena Manson

I bought this product on recommendation from our wood floor supplier, it is very easy to use specially with the correct applicator, very effective, and great value, you need to dilute this product 1dl:100dl i.e 1;100 that means 5 L will give you 500 L equivalent of cleaning fluid. Not Bad at all. The price was good here and arrived much earlier than expected.

Reviewed 5L on: 12/09/16
Wood floor Cleaner by Lynne Bothamley

Will use this to maintain the floor. Looks like a good product but haven't used it yet.

Reviewed 5L on: 21/08/16
Effective, easy to use by Jan Lunsford

Best product I've used on my wooden parquet floors

Reviewed 1L on: 10/03/16
Excellent product by Shirley Park

Excellent product, cleans wood floor beautifully never leaves any streaks just a lovely shine.

Reviewed 1L on: 12/10/15
Great value by Paul Kelly

This is the best way to buy this product - concentrated. And at this price you can't complain!

Reviewed 5L on: 13/09/15
An excellent product by MARGARET EASTWOOD

Being a concentrate this is very good value. It is the only cleaner we use on our Parish Floor along with the spray mop. Could not be better.

Reviewed 5L on: 09/07/15
A product that does what it says on the tin by Stuart Courtney

Used in a high profile residential property, Bona Floor cleaner does everything that we need it to do.

Reviewed 1L on: 01/06/15
Seems to be cleaning bamboo flooring pretty well by Philip White

I purchased this cleaner for a property with over 80m2 of bamboo flooring. Given the cost per m2 with other wood cleaners this was the obvious choice, as it is diluted 200:1 so works out quite economical. I use an E-Cloth mop for the job - immerse in a bowl of diulted Bona, wring it out, clean a single small room (or area of a larger room), wash & rinse the mophead, and repeat. Floor looks good, and you can see which areas have been cleaned this way.

Reviewed 1L on: 12/04/15
Dries very quickly and does a great cleaning job by Debbie Scott

All our floors are oak and this cleaner is easy to use and dries as they say without smears in a couple of minutes.I find because it is so quick and easy my floors get cleaned more often and do look so much better.

Reviewed 1L on: 09/03/15
Quick, reliable and efficient by Julie Foster

Found the staff helpful and they did what they said they would. Item was delivered. Excellent service

Reviewed 5L on: 28/11/14
The best for the job by Carole Cowan

This product does what it says on the tin.

Reviewed 5L on: 20/10/14

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